Improve and Perfecting Execution


I spend a lot of time in practice mode and I know combos for my character (I play KI and use Thunder) but when it seems to be a Ranked fight or even fighting the CPU my brain just goes to meltdown and I just end up mashing buttons like a child.

Does anybody have tips or advice that would help me improve my execution and remembering the combos that I spend hours practising.

Any advice, big or small would be a massive help. I wanna progress in the FGC but it’s things like this that make me doubt myself


Try doing the combos calmly and cleanly in training so that you’re relaxed instead of tense when doing them. You need far less force to get the stick to move fast than you might think, and there’s far more time to do things than you might think.
Then do the combos again. And again. And again ad nauseum.

Also practice hitconfirming into them - set the dummy on random block, do a couple lights and only continue into the combo proper if the lights hit. (the purpose of the light moves is to give your brain time to recognize whether the opponent is blocking or not - human reaction times are far from instant).

If you practice those things a lot, the rest is just about getting used to doing them under pressure, which again comes with repetition. Just set it as a goal to hit the confirm into at least part of the combo at least once a round, winning or losing be damned. There’s no magical shortcut to it, just work. Just remember that it’s entirely humanly possible to do, and the difficulty is more about you being unfamiliar with doing it than it being superhumanly hard to do. So get familiar and start wrecking other newbies >:)


this will happen in all fighting games. all because you’ve done it in practice doesnt mean you’ll be able to use it right away. there are plenty of reasons why doing it in training mode is different from doing it to a computer (hard) or a player (even harder). when you’re combo isnt automatic your focus is split between doing the combo and playing against the person. in training mode all your focus is just on the combo. another thing is the other player is punching back.

here’s how i practice combos:

  1. practice in training mode w/ autoblock until you get the whole thing pretty consistently
  2. practice w/ random block (if it’s a hit-confirm combo)
  3. practice against comp/player and dont worry about winning losing. just make sure you can actually do it vs a moving opponent.