I have been playing with Psylocke for about a month now, and I got all of her important combos down…I use her in the Mag Sentinel team because of her great assist support, and ability to combo, but I need more in depth strategy.

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a few cool things to NOT forget…

B+hk, forward… you roll through shit. I find that i get people a lot with this…

lp, lk, lp, lk (they block the string), b+hk, forward, throw, mixup as they land.

what are ur opinoins on her “instant overhead U+HK”

i find that it isn’t really practical, u have to be very close for it to even connect, if ur too faraway u get hit easy.

you can link it into a super, but it’s hard cuz you have to hit ocnfirm well.

psylock has a shit load of combos:
(cor.)lp.,lk.,lp.,lk.,hp.,dash,lp.,down-lk.,launch…starts(in cor.)then what ever u want i can just do lp.,hp. all day on sent.

i use her w/ cyc…and im

If you play Mag / Sent / Psy, or storm in replace of mag… most people would strongly recommend to replace psy with a better AAA (cyclops, cable, captain commando, etc). Its a good team, if you know how to play with it. If you can make it work, then it works. I use to play that team (but with storm) n people were telling me to replace psy but she’s such a fun & solid character to play on point, so I kept her. Here are a couple of tips

  • B+hk on incoming characters, really catches people off guard sometimes. Great crossup

  • On incoming characters, dash once, call sent drones, & immediately teleport behind them. Another great crossup

  • If your playing sent, go for the sent infinite (lp, lk, lk, hp, hk, or lk, lk, hp, hk) up to 35-40 ish hits. if i can remember correctly, it dizzies them out at 49-54 hits (random) (someone correct me if im wrong). When you reach 35-40 hits, you can finish it off with a special. Lp, lk, lk, hp+sent drones, hk, psyshot, drones hit, butterfly special (or launch into air combo)

  • Go for her air resets instead of her bread & butter air combo. It does some SERIOUS damage. launch, lp, lk, lp, UP+HK, double jump towards opponent (up-forward),lp, slight pause, lp (fall to the other side aka crossup, psyblast xx butterfly special


u+RH, normal jump U/F (call mags), lk, RH (land) launch

also dont underestimate the hitbox on this one, you can scoop them up from farther away than you think. Keep in mind her ground (low) pressure is enough to make alot of people block low all day.