Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


On the subject of system overhauls, alongside obvious stuff like multiple CAs and V-Triggers; I don’t remember mentioning this before, but an interesting addition to the system I’ve been thinking of since the beta would be EX V-Skills, consumes one bar of V-Gauge for an added effect. With that said, I am a fan of the idea of V-Reversals dealing white damage and sacrificing damage potential for better defensive options, so maybe the EX VS should deal white damage?

Examples of EXVS I’ve though of:
Ryu: EX Mind’s Eye: No startup, frame advantage on successful parry, still vulnerable to counterhit. OR similar to Omega parry, you get a parry into an automatic followup
Chun: EX Rankyaku: Faster startup, allows for bigger juggle possibilities (such as stomps out of CA)
Ken: EX Quick Step: Faster dash, stepkick followup is slightly safer on block, allows for some of those combo followups lost from the beta
Zangief: EX Iron Muscle: Absorbs an infinite number of attacks, causes a crumple if fully charged (similar to regular Red Focus Attack, but you cannot cancel into it)
Guile: EX Sonic Blade: Leaves the sonic blade in place for a certain ammount of time, effectively creating a wall and allowing for up to 2 Sonic Crosses to be thrown before disappearing
Birdie: Rolls a slow barrel that knocks down on hit, moves slower than the can, good for creating space and pressuring

Command: LP+MP+MK

So yeah, I wish to see more ways to make the V-Gauge useful, reaching V-Trigger should be a game plan instead of a given every round, I believe there’s potential in allowing for better meter management of the V-gauge, giving players choice of weakening the opponent’s pressure and threat of stun with the V-Reversal, A meter-burn improvement to their V-Skill or a full bar V-Trigger for major damage and change of game plan.


i think bison needs to be tweaked a little for the next version, he has dropped off so hard in competitive play. i dont know what he needs but he and gief should both be given a hard look for the annual update


Guard recovery and wakeup moves need to be able to be delayed by a specified number of frames in training mode.

It’s very difficult to test delayed moves in training mode right now.


I loved reading through the points above about the jab/AA stuff. It never fully clicked until now, but that’s the fundamental portion of my game that’s given me the most grief, I think.

I never completely adapted to the overhauled jump game and felt everything would just fall in line over time. I know this impacted my quest to lock down a new main.

I favored jump tactics in SF4 but seem to gravitate towards characters I naturally use in more grounded ways in 5, so I avoid playing like I used to. This topic puts it in perspective better.


Technically, it does since DLC exists in part to fund the Capcom Pro Tour. It’s just not quite as direct as you think.


Just a thought for story mode!


It needs to be more direct then. Evo’s prize money is weak. 5000 man pool, and winner only gets 50K? 9th-16th place not even getting anything?

Put out a special EVO exclusive $4 DLC item (costume, theme, stage, announcer voice, etc.) where 25% of the revenue goes towards the prize pool. If 50k people buy it, that $50,000 extra. Put out 5 EVO exclusive DLC items and people buy 2 on average, now you got $100,000 more for Evo. Now you can have more reasonable prize distribution.


Also a savestate button would be awesome… So useful. They need to just copy skullgirls training mode and get on with it.


Well capcom was pretty direct with where money to fund the tour comes from. Twitch subscriptions and CPT shirts help fund the tour. You are correct though they really need to put out dlc colors or costumes and say right in the store that this money will fund the scene directly.


It’s probably been mentioned (but I’ma mention it again anyway) that it’d be nice I could send a note when viewing an opponent’s fighter profile so I could give them a gg after a match.


Anti airs that are actually threatening would be nice. Command grabs not being terrible would be great too.


I’d actually like to see them changing jumping buttons…

I hope they change active frames of jump attacks to be counterhit state as well… would make jumping a whole lot riskier and therefore even out the risk reward.

Right now jumping has low risk and high reward because lights are generally most consistent for AA.

Making jump attacks crush counterable evens out the damage potential for both parties. And it would make the air counter mechanic useful.

And it would make sense because an anti air is technically always a “counter”.

Would appreciate any arguments against or for this idea


Just gonna post my thoughts on what I would like to see changed. Apologies if something similar to my thoughts have been posted, but I haven’t read the entire thread.
General Gameplay Stuff**

Less push back on block and slightly increased throw range.

More juggles on anti air hits. I’m fine with jab AA being a thing if you are unable to react with a beefier AA, but for the slower beefier AAs I want to see more juggle options afterward, I would like this to be especially true for air to airs.

Removal of backward quick rise or severe reduction in speed. It really kills a lot of the up close game mid screen imo.

Hard knockdown after a throw OR characters built for rushdown actually throw you at their feet instead of away from you.


I personally want to see V trigger gained more easily and be able to actively gain it rather than passively by taking damage (for most characters). I would propose that V trigger be gained when on offense as well as when taking damage. All connected normals would generate a small amount of v trigger, though damage and v skills would still generate it faster. V reversals may need to be adjusted in some way to compensate for more rapid v meter gain, but that would need to be determined later.


V trigger is fine the way it is IMO.


I personally dont like that you can read someone’s forward dash into normal throw with a neutral jump and depending on the spacing they can recover before you can punish. In fact in some instances they can whiff throw, then jab or even DP. You guessed correctly but got punished for it. This specifically annoys me for Necalli and Vega as they have ridiculously fast dashes anyways and if you stay still they can command grab you. If you do the safe thing and jump away, they’ve still gained the advantage as is most likely pushed you closer to the corner.

I also don’t think anyone outside of Alex needs a 3 frame normal. You could argue Rog but that’s it imo.

Also, can we finally fix the fucking animations. Half of your is coming out of the opponents asshole and it still doesn’t read it as a hit.



  • 0 frame command throws (because fuck you that’s why)
  • Nerf jab AA, but buff fierce AA, there is zero reason to use fierce AA because jab AA has more follow up options
  • Add guard crush meter like in Alpha 3
  • Lower input delay to 4 frames and fix the input drop from legacy controllers
  • Make mistakes/misreads more punishible, especially if baited and immediately punished. Nothing is more disheartening than setting someone up for a perfect punish only to have it fizzle out to nothing or you eat a big punish because of input delay.
  • Fix hit/hurtboxes, and add an option to show hit/hurtboxes in training mode
  • Get rid of 1 frame links, with 8 frames of input delay and online play that’s just silly.

Characters to Add

Characters not to add
-More Shotos/Sagat/



I think I’ve figured out a solution to stop rage quitters completely.

All Capcom servers has to do is NOT AUTO SAVE after every match. Just have manual save when the player wants to leave and end the session in the home ui screen by logging out. If they quit out by any other means the save file will revert to the last previous save state.

At the end of the game session it would tally up all the wins and losses from that game session and then apply them to the player profile.

all the game needs for info is the player rank info, win rate and character. these can be obtained from the recorded match anyways.

Sure, if the network crashes it would suck for players who had long sessions but if they quit and logged back in periodically it would save whatever progress they made with their rank if they were so uptight about it.

They could even have a grading system in place based on one session to the last so you could chart your growth if you had to manually save your wins and losses.

This would be a big annoyance to rqs having to save after every match by logging out and logging back in if they truly want to grind wins. While a player who plays normally only has to worry about the server crashing mid session. Logging into the server doesn’t take that long initially when starting the game up but it would become punishingly time absorbing to those who repeated the process to grind for easy wins.

More time those players are logging out and then back in the fewer times you’ll run into them if you just stay in the server for a normal session because they’ll be spending more time out of the server trying to reconnect to possibly a different server with each new log in.


Reduce input lag and do something about jab anti airs. There’s little no no risk in jumping anymore. It’s fucked up that you have DP characters who can punish jump ins and then the rest of the cast that just has to tick people off the air with a jab for like, 30 damage. Heavy AA’s are almost useless with the input lag.


Or give EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER a stupid ass easy peezy jab anti-air.