Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


I like how meterless DP is like 4 times in that list… :smiley:
And cammy for example got most of this stuff too, so does Necalli. This has nothing to do with “shoto defending”

And yes, ryu’s got tools for every scenario… that’s the point of the character…

And if you constantly get AA by jabs, you’re misplacing your jumps.
Why are you even jumping in scenario where the opponent has the opportunity to punish it?
As I see it, if your opponent got a overpowered weapon, it’s best to give him no chance to use it. Likewise if you dont jump in like a fool AA jabs are of no concern.

Juri, as she was your example, probably has no reason to jump at all in that match up.
Her fireball travels past ryus, she can cancel fireballs with stocks, her mp stock release also cancels fireballs, as does her hk release and she’s got hazanshu to quickly get over them and punish. Oh and her charged vskill goes past fireballs too and switches sides.

See? On paper I can make juri look just as broken as you’re trying to with ryu.
You honestly want me to believe you’ve never won against a ryu?
In a match, your opponent wont ever play a perfect game. What you’re doing with your jumps is HOPE your opponent is asleep and you get annoyed when he isnt.

But to end with more than just empty paper talk. You want to jump? You know what juri can do with her fireball negating moveset? Force a pattern out of ryus. Play the fireball game, discover a pattern anf then punish the fireball with s GOOD jump in. There is no jab anti air if your opponent is stuck in recovery frames

And yet, I dont want to “defend” AA jabs, they ARE annoying to deal with at first but each tool got a counter, the counter to AA jabs is one valuable skill to have; the patience not to jump.

And instead of crying for 12 months straight we voiced our opinion and now can we please PLEASE carry on and learn how to deal with it?


I think what he rants for is the disparity of treatment between characters. Obviously Juri has tools to fight Ryu,but no chance in hell she’s a character at the same level. The AA jabs/jumpins feud never-ending story is part of this,saying “adapt,git gud” isn’t totally correct. Every character can use the AA jab,but only few of them are really godlike including Ryu one because of a different hitbox. Some characters have other normals who work similar (Karin st.hp), but still aren’t that good. Capcom definitely need to give a look on that. Ryu in some matchups could even dgaf about his opponents AA options because of hi who isn’t supposed to work like that. You give a look on his hitbox? As a Karin player myself I can only try to dash away from it,because every normal I have lose clean to it and my ex dp often whiff. I can’t imagine that move against those who don’t have answers to that.
A jump in means ALWAYS taking a risk, but the risk is lower when the AA works badly for some characters. If every character get a good reliable AA nobody gonna ask for the jab AA removal.


Agree. I just dont understand the “nerf” mentality that’s breeding in this thread.

I’d much rather see capcom buff normal anti airs then to nerf AA jabs.

I’d much rather see low and mid tier characters put up to the lvl of chun/necalli/ ken, then to see them dismantle those characters…

All capcom has to do is make jab aa NOT the best available option, but rather a last resort if you missed the good option.

I already vouched for it a couple of times but I’d MUCH rather want jumps to be regarded as counter hit state, which makes anti air heavies automatic crush counters, I mean, if you hit someone out of the air it technically is a “counter hit”, right?

Along with some hit- and hurtbox adjustments, I think it could work out just fine… maybe a little too extreme though, would need sone testing obviously


I’m sorry but doing a crossup on Ryu’s or Necalli’s wakeup while he’s on the floor and trading with an AA jab is NOT misplacing my jump, its a broken button for them. Unless you’re saying attempting any kind of crossup against these characters is misplacing my jump? In which case I guess never go for crossups on either of them right?

The nerf mentality is there because these buttons seem too good to be what was planned. It doesn’t mesh with the rest of the game and the rest of the characters. So few characters have them and use them to the extent that Ryu, Necalli, and Chun (sLK in her case) can that it seems like Capcom forgot those 3 had the button in the first place.

Buffing some of the mid and bottom tiers may push them to too good levels and it once again skews everything. Nerfing top tiers down to the lower levels is much easier as their unbeatable or godlike tools are already identified. In addition the Top 8 of the cast don’t have any 7-3 matchups with anyone at the bottom of the list as far as I know. Conversely someone like Zangief for example suffers against most of the cast, but if we buff him his 8-2 winning matchup against Laura now becomes 10-0.

I thought it was established long ago that nerfing is much easier than buffing? Are we still trying to convince ourselves that buffing everyone at the bottom level is the way to go? Even as a Laura player who is arguably lower tier, realistically I don’t see her being buffed to Ryu levels.

Also you are pretty much contradicting yourself here. You say you want the jab AA to not be the best available option. That good sir would require a nerf. Because right now, it is the best available option. If you even dare buff say Ryu’s DP to compensate for a weakened jab AA, the DP becomes broken and we’re at the same spot again.

In the end though I agree, some hitbox and hurtbox adjustments need to be made. Hell I’d be ok with Ryu keeping that jab hitbox so long as he TRADES if timed improperly and the hurtbox is extended.


I agree with a fair bit said since my post.
Just to say though, I wasn’t talking about the matchup, or how Ryu was “overpowered” or broken or whatnot.

I was just pointing out that the and lp antiair hate is there for a reason, and yes, I did this by saying how I think they are pretty stupid. I got picked up as whining and tried to explain but meh. There are no safe jump ins. That’s normal, everyone knows to time a jump, but… I already explained that and my ressons for thinking that they will be nerfed. I just don’t see those two buttons surviving as they are. Those buttons being godlike light antiairs on characters where they are an unneeded crutch or just out of place, and that jump lk.

If that leads to characters getting buffs to counter them then happy days. A hurt box extension on Ryus nerf or a hitbox extension on Juris stand HP buff, who cares.

What I really care about is the damn netcode. It’s shit. I just had a birdie grab me out of a St.HP I was using to punish a blocked CA. That’s him at -30… I mean. FFS. That makes it pretty pointless to be playing online at all.


Arcade Mode Concepts

Arcade Mode Plot - I did a concept of Arcade mode with a plot is never a big leap into the timeline because it will be a loosely interpretation of the Cinematic Mode so it won’t bring complication and misunderstanding because it’s from the same time line but mostly every encounter is based on what if events.

Bonus Features - I would also like to add a game mechanic that is embedded in all matches in Arcade Mode that works very similar to KOF 13’s system called Target Actions because it’s like a mini quest within Arcade matches that will add fun factor much more.

Target Action: (A Similar System)
"<n>" = is a randomized number 3 to 5
[] Perform <n> number of jumps.
] Successfully block <n> number of hits.
[] Successfully land a <n> combo hits.
] Hit (block or unblock) your opponent with <n> Normals
[] Hit (block or unblock) your opponent with <n> Special Moves
] Do <n> number of dashes.
[] Do <n> number of V-Skill.
Functionality: Differ from KOF 13’s Target Actions.
] Every random task expires within 10 seconds and will be replace by a newer one.
[] Each succession rewards you with a random 5,10,15 and 20 percent fill up of the full 100% of the EX-Gauge.
] After succession will be given a another new task.
[] Does not give V-Gauge bonuses
Sample Task: appearance on screen.
] Perform 5 number of jumps.
[*] Bonus 10% UP in EX-gauge.

Arcade Matches Flow

Secret Challenger/Mid Bosses - typical anti-heroes
[] Necalli
] Juri
[] Viper
] Nash
Default Boss - is Fang powered up version( Unli V Trigger and Ex-Gauge)
Secret Bosses - are like condition of God Rugal and Shin Akuma in CVS2 or Athena and Red Admerer in SVC Chaos
[] Bison (Unli V-Trigger and Ex-Gauge) - why? to reveal that he will come back but not to emphasize his defeat from finishing the mode.
] Urien (Unli V-Trigger and Ex-Gauge) - where? he is somewhere exploring the whereabouts of Shadaloo or SIN laboratory Experiments…


I did a concept that enhance the Story Mode by merging great ideas from World Tour to work as one without the complication and bringing out the best of the best. It’s like Story Mode with a randomized Daily Challenges that works in random but the challenges are alike World Tour.

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

The more I play this game the more I realise how much the lag affects my ability to whiff punish. The recent patch definitely helped being able to react to dashes, but it’s still not enough. There’s so many moves in this game that have deceptively short recovery times. Maybe some recovery times should be switched to coincide with how the animation actually looks.

I really notice some really weird but subtle stuff going on when I play cross platform matches. What’s the difference between PC/PS4 in terms of the input delay these days? I still feel like good PC opponents are able to react to stuff faster than me. Shit like I can’t react to Zangief doing ex run grab but on the same connection he can jump react to me throwing an ex boom. The type of thing that I start questioning whether I’m playing someone using macros or even a bot. Of course it could be something simple like them having a faster monitor (I currently have a tv with gaming mode), Maybe I’m imagining it but I don’t think I am.



I’ll welcome ANY further reductions in input delay, but I think frame data may be the bigger problem at this point.

Don’t expect Capcom to fix anything though. :frowning:


The best thing about the recent posts saying “exploit Ryu’s weaknesses” is that they don’t seem to have a single one listed.

Oh shoto lovers, you guys are awesome.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: Kolin is COLD HEARTEEEEEEEEED!

Please list Ryu’s weaknesses.


His midrange is butt



His Mixup/trap game is bad.
Overhead is slow, looks like he has arthritis.


Ryu’s mixups may be average but his frame traps are good and he has fantastic oki by SFV’s standards.

But I still stand by the fact that his midrange is garbage. If you stopped jumping at him for 2 seconds and actually tried playing the ground game you would realize this.


I play cammy for reference but Ryu has short stubby normals, and average pokes at best, hes good up close and solid from a distance but due to his only average walkspeed, the fact that he has to use his fireball as a poke in the mid-range (which is not something many ryu players know how to do effectively), he can be exploited pretty simply. The only thing saving him from being God aweful in the midrange is his good dashing and the fact that he has a pretty good dash-throw mixup- game. He has more strengths than weaknesses for sure and I agree that certain chars are in better position to take advantage of it, but he’s very manageable and also a predictable character. I imagine most of you have a very good idea of what Ryu wants to do. While I main cammy, I sub-main Laura and Alex and I approach that matchup up the same way for all three characters…I have the hardest time doing that with alex but it’s just because he gets steamrolled when you knock him down. @zecktback why do you feel that match is so terrible…I do think laura has some struggles but I don’t feel them that strongly in the ryu matchup…Laura can very effectively play the mid-range game against ryu. There are also a lot of examples of good laura players displaying how that match should be approached.


I don’t main ryu at all I just don’t feel the game is in such a sorry state balance wise…I honestly think cammy’s easiest matchup is alex because he honestly struggles horribly against divekicks…however I’ve lost to good alex players that are really conscious of there positioning and don’t make a habit of being in divekick range. Also his damage output is nuts…and cammy’s damage/stun is always an issue you have to keep in mind (shes good but not a comeback character…she kind of needs to keep the match even for most of the round or just steam roll you ) so hes always a guess or two away from winning.


Huh… I would think Cammy’s easiest matchup is FANG, with Sim as a close 2nd. Why do you think Alex struggles so much against divekicks? All I can think of is that he lacks a DP and he’s slow… but those problems are hardly unique to Alex. On the other hand Alex has a great AA jab and being a grappler he is well equipped to punish poorly spaced divekicks. Like you said Cammy is made of paper so being -2 vs. Alex is pretty terrifying for her.


Because once you establish that Alex can’t anti air her effectively his ground game starts to fall apart. He has to be very aware of spacing and all that to deal with dive kicks which means if he’s focusing on dealing with dive kicks, footsies start to become easier for her.

Either by the use of footsies or a combo from dive kick, she will get in and do what she does best.

I’d imagine cammy’s easiest matchup is fang or sim as well.


I honestly forgot about fang lol yeah that matchup is easy but I don’t play against fang but every blue moon…and its mainly because I beat all alex players the same way…if I knock them down I’m almost sure they will never recover…and I just feel its so easy to establish dominance versus alex. Sim is slightly in her favor but that’s only if you play a predictable sim…its a fun matchup for sure but she only wins when she gets in…and usually that requires sim to do something silly like sit back and let me whiff punish for a free way in…if the sim player is smart then he knows I don’t have a really good way in until I get meter for ex divekick and the best option for that is to just v-reversal it. I only know two sim players and they are both very familiar on how to deal with cammy so while I do feel she has the advantage my experience isn’t that the matchup is free. On the contrary that as I stated earlier cammy sim is a matchup I love to play because I have to think a lot and take my time and be patient. I don’t play many sim’s so maybe someone that doesn’t know the matchup and lets me whiff punish for free…and ex-dive without challenging with a v-reversal would describe why my experience is different than other cammy players.


@Quark your also absolutely right about being minus two next to any grappler is bad…but Cammy’s as a whole are getting a lot better at using there divekicks…and generally I don’t get too many that are even -1 they are usually 0 or + on block. It’s not the easiest tool to use anymore but the ranges are coming together and you will start seeing better divekick use with time. Alex is 5-5 with cammy or maybe even a little better while they are both on the ground standing up playing neutral…however his wakeup is abysmally bad…plus his wide body makes him great divekick bait. If alex knocks me down I have to guess but cammy has a lot of options on wakeup…(3frame jab, backdash, jump-back Os, block, meterless dp) so its trickier to steam roll her…where as alex has more trouble getting away once he gets knocked down. Also I don’t know the data but I feel like his command grab is worse than geif’s or birdies…as I think more about getting grabbed in those matchups.