Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


Probably won’t, but you get new toys in the new patch.

My ideal “universal” mechanics I think they should add to SFV:
[] XX Specials (one per character, powered up ex specials that cost 2 bars instead of one)
] 2 V-Reversals (One deals white damage and the other is an evasive maneuver that repositions you safely and deals no damage- VRs in general buffed)
[] CA #2 (Purposefully done and functionally different than CA1, both available simultaneously)
] Taunts increasing opponent V meter
[] V-Recovery (Same as Alpha 3 Air Recovery but costs one V bar/ 3 variations neutral/back/front breakfall activated with F/B+PP or PP)
] Attack priority system for air and ground normals
[] More unique “resources” (Ibuki Kunai for example) or new types of buffs/debuffs (See Kolin VT or Poison)
] Overhaul some of the Vskills in the game by completely replacing them. Alternatively, give every character 2 V-Skills to choose during character selection (This makes the most sense as a a new V-system per character is too resource intensive).
[] Some more visually appealing target combos/command normals that open up new creative routes for combos.
] This one may be controversial, but after blocking a certain amount of damage in a short time period or after several consecutive blocked attacks you should get a tiny tiny amount of V-meter for your blocking efforts.


If Taunts add V-Meter for the opponent.
Give us at least more than once.
I miss it, in IV I spammed with Cammy “weak” , that was nice because it was a short taunt and she turned around while pushing her hip a bit forward.


I miss multiple taunts. Oni’s ‘bow to me’… sexy stuff


Watch them package them in 10s and sell them separately for each character for $1.99.


I want real inputs, get the cancerous rising thunder garbage out of here.


This is not even a legitimate issue. Especially not for one character. Especially when it’s possible that he’ll most likely have some executional techniques based on all the tapping and charging.


I understand if it was roster wide, but because it’s just Ed it really does give a unique aspect to his execution. He also has piano inputs, so it isn’t like he’s easily picked up at every corner. Piano moves are probably the hardest regular special move to master in SF, I rarely see piano players that are top class that aren’t piano specialists.


Make the damn game a street fighter game.

Anybody else feel that they should go back to its original roots? Third strike was its pinnacle.


The game already has a lot of elements from 3S. Fast, unreactable dashes, emphasis on one hit confirms for a majority of the execution, difficult links/combos being restricted to very specific juggles or setups, visual stun bar.

Really what people want is more SF2/SFIV in the game which isn’t happening at this point.


Is that so? Hmmmm


Yeah bro. Get your facts straight. Also 3S is as anti SF as it comes, so…


Anyone agree with these guys?


don’t say it should go back to it’s roots and then say 3S was it’s pinnacle


Why is everyone on 3s’s nuts, there were dumb option selects and the top tiers had similarly dumb shit to the top tiers in sfv, actually even dumber shit. You can mix up your opponent every time you jump by parrying anti airs. Outside ofnthe soundtrack and flavor, 3s is ass. It’s selective amnesia i tell ya


Wrong thread


Back to it’s roots, with 3S?
Uhm… is this hidden camera?
Back to it’s roots would mean SF2 or ST to be more precise.

Other than that the game is pretty much 3S, just without all the shit I hate in 3S.


On one side, fighting games aren’t for everybody, but thats what NRS is good with, they make fighters for everybody, by giving you so much Singelplayer content that you won’t care about Multiplayer as casual.

Beeing accesable and beeing easy are also two different pair of shoes.
What fighters try, mainly japanese fighters, is to become more accesable.
This is mostly done by making execution easier and combos easier.

ArcSys has this since a long time in their games, gatling combos, which are simply done by A-B-C or even Autocombos in games like Persona 4 Arena or UNIEL.
The drawback of this is mainly low damage, since these types of combos either deal low damage or scale pretty fast.

Capcom did it by putting a framebuffer into the game to turn these 1f links into 3f links.
I actually appreciate this, since I no longer have to practice 1f combos, that don’t work 90% of the time online, because the input delay changes every god damn match.
Anyways SFV was still labeld as to hard, because newbies don’t understand the complex aspects behind the game.
Combos are nice and all, but you first have to land them, constant jumping in, will only get you so far, especialy against better players. So the answer is to learn how to open people up on the ground, how to approche on the ground, whiffpunishs, spacing, etc.
These things can actualy be good explained via a good tutorial (or missions like in GG), with informations on how these thinghs work and when to use them. Skullgirls is a perfect exampel for this.

Maybe I particular agree right now, but I still think they’re wrong.


Speed up or remove loading screen when returning to training mode from a match.
No need to have the vs screen show.


change literally everything



So many of the complaints in this thread wouldn’t exist if there were any reason for attackers to fear the defender

RIP DPs s2

There are three types of games, defensive, UNGA UNGA, and guilty gear