Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


i don’t really think the problem with the game is really related to the lack of defensive options, when you’re getting up, you should be at a disadvantage and i think many sf games had that mentality.

What I always found was that the neutral game was very unpredictable, pretty random and generally chaotic, which leads to knock downs that were not always deserved. if the game was more reactable in the neutral department, and space control more doable with fireballs i think the knock down game wouldn’t be as problematic.


I think someone doesn’t know how many defensiv options exist in GG.
It even has one of my favourite mechanics of all time, Just Defence.

And what the heck is UNGA UNGA ?


Lol, this games has a huge amount of defensive options:

Throw tech
Invincible reversal
Backdash is throw invincible
V reversal
3 separate wakeup timings when getting knocked down

The problem with defense/neutral is that only a few characters have a really solid damaging AA while simultaneously having a really strong poke based ground game. Most characters don’t have AA’s that simultaneously cover both crossups and midrange jumpins, and it’s easier to get into crossup range.

The game becomes one where it’s very unfeasible to win from neutral alone.

Winning from neutral alone would look like winning from neutral poke damage and a solid AA into setting up more neutral.

Few characters can realistically do this. Almost every character is forced to try to go in and land a combo or 2.

This makes it easier to defend since you KNOW the opponent will be coming in eventually.

But AA’s tend to be slow or do very little damage.

It’s basically a game that has everything turned around ass backwards. Neutral should be the primary driving force of the game with the combos being secondary.

But this game puts hitting combos at the forefront BUT air makes it so that you have to be in telephone booth range to hit combos. This makes play very 3/4 screen or in your face… with little in between.

The few characters that are decent at the in between ranges tend to have terrible far ranges or terrible upclose ranges.

Birdies is great from midrange as an example but he’s kinda bad from far.


Juri’s fireball gives 2 stores instead of one, according to the strength
Light gives light and medium
Medium gives medium and heavy
heavy gives light and heavy

or make store being 2K and EX being 3K


i tweeted everyon on Capcom Uk, Fighters, Unity, Combofiend, Ono about how rediculous to still not have a Region filter. It’s the biggest reason i dont go to lobby’s when im not playing someone i know. Why is my loby selection filled with players from Japan and Uk, and all over the world where the lag will be terrible? There should also be a filter to show FULL lobby’s in case i just want to wait for one to open of a popular player, etc.

With that said, i think Rank/Casuals should let us pick 2 characters before playing online. Sometimes i feel more comfortable with a different character for some matchups. I mean tournament players WIN tournaments for these things…would be nice to not have to deal with terrible matchups but still want to play low/mid tiers for okay matchups.


Lol Nintendo is putting FREE DLC in their new IP ARMS that includes CHARACTERS, STAGES, MODES, and WEAPONS.


In addition to a shit load of game modes and options.

How is a company that just figured out what the internet was yesterday shitting all over Capcpom?




That capitalism going into effect. I figured someone would do this eventually as an enticement for gamers, glad Nintendo is that guy.

The goal should have always been to sell games. You make a better product you sell more games, simple.

These greedy developers nowadays have been trying to make worse products while spending less and charging to customer more.

Glad nintendo sees the bigger picture.

The game probably won’t be a blockbuster in its first version, but once people get used to its quality, when the second one hits t will be a major new ip, in the vein of Zelda or mario. Those games are huge because the quality is always great.

Maybe arms will do the same as well as reach out to the casual market for fighting games. Nintendo makes the best games anyways, always has, they just only make stupid kid games. If they ever get their shit together and learn to make more adult games… they will take over the world (again)


It’s funny, because those “kid games” have oceans of depth compared to something more “adult” like Injustice or lol SFV.


Yeah but that depth comes with the price of being cartoonish and lacking the imersiveness of an adult narrative.
I just feel like a child playing mario or something whereas playing a darker game, less so.


I like colors other than brown and grey in my games, so they work for me.




One thing that would be hype would be that for characters with various themes across games, you could select the version of the theme you wanted played. For example, for Ryu, you could select from a library of different themes like his Alpha theme or EX theme. Would be relatively easy to implement and give players a lot musical variety.

Obv not a big change to gameplay, but sometimes music can make a big impact on people’s perception of a game.


I remember Tag2 had this option, you had to purchase the music, but I loved nothing more than Yoshimitsus T2 Theme in the Arena you fight Heihachi and Jinpachi in.


Dead Or Alive 5 also sports this - you can select between DOA2, 3, 4 and 5 music if I recall correctly.

However, you can’t select the sexy & cool DOA2 announcer…


one improvement I’d like is…
being able to view the actual frame data in training mode!


Capcom has already said no to this. Something about not wanting to give up “trade secrets” they said the same thing about being able to view hitboxes.


Trade secrets, i.e. - special frame data info only privy to the “pro” players?


well Capcom should change their mind


Considering people already post frame data online, seems like a very poorly kept trade secret.


Yeah, didn’t they let Prima write a frame data manual, and allow the authors to play the game in Capcom HQ before the game was released?

Seems like a procrastinator’s excuse to me.