Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


Yeah, didn’t they let Prima write a frame data manual, and allow the authors to play the game in Capcom HQ before the game was released?

Seems like a procrastinator’s excuse to me.


They let prima do a a guide. Prima has always afaik had to manually count the frames. They usually aren’t being given them by capcom.

But capcom is inconsistent, another of its amazingly shit qualities. They said no to hit boxes for the longest time, but then released mvc3 for vita and included hitboxes for that, presumably as an incentive to buy that game on vita over the PS3/360.

I’m simply saying what capcom has said in the past. it is of course a stupid premise, pc can hack the hitboxes and the frame data and there is no good reason not to include frame data or hitboxes in a fighting game unless you are trying to hide some really bad hitboxes or frame data.


Yeah, “trade secrets” definitely must have been said tongue in cheek…

I get that they perhaps don’t want to clutter their pretty-looking game with that stuff, but it should undoubtedly be an option somewhere in training mode.



I want “TWO” favorite characters. Lets be real, sometimes subs are needed if you want to use more of the mid to low tier bracket. They do it in tournaments. Why not in other modes on the 2nd match choice?

and RANK should have seasons with rewards and reset every new season.
Example TOP 500 gets something really good. Animated EMBLEMS or new COLORS.
Each seasonal should end with fight money rewards based on where you ended. More fghter money the higher you go. Gold, Plat, Diamond, Master. Etc.
You should get bonus fight money and lp for beating WIN STREAKS or getting WIN STREAKS.

Profiles should look more like Overwatch with seasonal usage, hours played, other stats etc. And showing where you placed each season.

Game needs more customized options you can buy for FM. Fight Intros, Taunts, and Victory Screens. I’m sure people will gladly buy a new victory screen for Alex…lmao.
How bout some more costumes that emphasis creativity over sex appeal for women. And how about more costumes for the guys? Birdie for example? Does CHUN need 10 outfits? (exaggeration for those who dont understand sarcasm or hyperbole)

I have 3 ultra plat accounts on my PSN…and i did so primarily when learning new characters. I thought the climb was fun. Just diving in and not worrying about points loss… New seasons that correspond with character releases or for anyone wanting to learn a new char can just start with a new one each season. New seasons would bring back players who left. Or players who like the race. And it keeps people playing because they want the rewards…Or keep people engaged to try new stuff like trying a new character, like the example said earlier. Outside of Arcade mode the game is starting to get all the missing modes finally but sure lack some obvious things like a REGION FILTER. The other customized options is to help people spend that extra FM on.


How do you have 3 accounts on your psn?


Dunno if anyones already mentioned this but I would love if they could remove the stages that we arent able to purchase from the stage select screen.

Its like “you didnt buy? fuck you!” for the CPT and DLC stages. Shouldnt really be there if you cant obtain them. CPT stage at least.


I need in-game chat added so I can call out runners for being little bitches, even if their PSN settings are private.


PSN names free and unlimited with any email address. You can still log on with your original PS+ account and switch users. You stay online using your PS+ account. DLC is account lock tho…ugh.


Get stage music correct before release. Bring ALL original stages back. Fire entire staff and hire competent employees. Obviously Crapcom USA can’t handle this franchise. I pray that CC Japan makes every SF going forward.


Capcom Japan made SFV.


DIMPS developed SFV and Ono was the lead.

you’re retarded.


Nigga, Japan is the reason why this game is in a shit heap.

Jesus get some knowledge


You all know the girls running after you when you get knocked into the tunnel in the Brazil stage.

I’d like to see the exact same animation but with three new gals, this time in the Las Vegas stage.


I think Hillside Plaza is hands down the best song, and estate at noon without NPC’s the best looking stage.

Isn’t there a 2017 pro tour stage theme that’s coming?


Yes there is. I think you can find it on Youtube.

I’m really looking forward to it, and best of all - I’ve already paid for it so I’m gettin’ that shit for free.


Did DIMPS also develop USF4?


No idea if DIMPS had any work involvement in SFIV after vanilla release.


I wish for global, regional and character ingame chat with whisper option ty


So a lil’ trivial thing… “Reversal” is written in red and that’s good because it means stop and wait because it’s probably invulnerable.

But counter hit and tech have gotten mixed up. Counter hit should be green as it means “go, you got some extra frame advantage” and tech should be yellow and mean “hold up, back up”.


Well, after 4 years and multiple emails, Capcom;

  1. Fixed my name from a random string of numbers and also
  2. Told me they couldn’t fix it (ok…).