Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


I need some cool wind physics on the airplane stage.


1-input lag
2-limit the Crush Counters to AA situations and DP punishes
3- get rid of the turn based nature of the game,too many YOLO dp’s to keep up the attacker turn.


Remove CC on back dash. Literally that’s all I want.


I was actually going to type this yesterday, but then got sidetracked… I agree, this is my largest gripe.

I would also like to see jumps, throws, and command grabs get one or two more startup frames in lieu of reducing the input delay.


I like the crush counter nature of the heavy attacks. Because big reward entails big risk.
Except, that crush counters need to be less safe when misused. Hence, they can live up to their risk/reward nature.

You know, you can stop back dashing right?
It really is that simple. And you won’t get counter hit or crush countered.

So you want them to make the game more responsive, and then compensate by making the game less responsive?
A more responsive game is a good thing.
If anything, they need to shave off more frames from moves once the input lag is reduced. The slow overheads come to mind.


Perhaps, I worded it poorly. What I meant is that if they can’t (or won’t) reduce the input lag any further (which is preferred to me), then I would like to see an extra startup frame or two added to jumps, throws, and command grabs, just to allow for a little more reaction room for the other player… This should make AA’s, and throw techs a little easier.

Granted, this isn’t the best solution, as it will hurt in other areas as well (such as jump-kicking an opponent who throws a fireball), but I think it would be an improvement, if they don’t change the input delay anyways.

I do agree about over-heads. Right now there is, I think, a perfect amount of time to react to them, but yeah, if 1 frame of delay is taken away, then I think that 1 frame of startup should be taken away from OH’s as well.


You still think they will reduce the input lag?
I doubt this will happen, it has to be intentional at this point.

Deal with it, input delay reduction will never happen, same as Arcade Mode will never happen.


Well, we’re praying for input delay reduction.

But I wouldn’t bet against Arcade Mode, considering the real possibility of Super Street Fighter V.

Oh, Please make Gill the boss. Frustrates the shit out of new players. And killing him twice is rewarding ~ RESURRECTION


Namco Bandai needs to absorb Capcom


Capcom is fucked regardless of who runs them, you can see in their games that the people working on them lack any drive or passion. Shows in the aesthetic of their new releases, they all look devoid of any artistic inspiration and they’re rushed to boot


Burn it to the fucking ground.


Bit of a sweeping statement there IMHO - what about RE7 for example - generally considered excellent and a success.

I agree stuff desperately needs fixing in SFV but Capcom still wins on a few qualities: I much prefer the animation and pace/feel compared to Injustice 2 for instance. That stuff doesn’t get good without some sort of drive or passion.


Sorry, I should specify this is the department that runs fighting games specifically. Their internal structure is a myth to me so…the team who work on any FG projects are soulless and devoid of life right now.

Monster Hunter and RE7 are still great fun.

  • Seasons with points reset
  • All ranked matchs should be FT2
  • Possibility to exit the match if both players consider it laggy
  • Region lock
  • Flags should be automatic and not user defined
  • In game chat, I want some salt
  • In vs mode, the player who loose should be able to go back to select screen.


I think it would be kinda cool if during ranked, it was more like a tournament. that being, if a person loses, they can change characters.


I want the ability for the players to create trials and upload it to the game. Not only in SFV but in all FGs. So that people could share tech in game not on YouTube (or here if that matters).
It doesn’t even feel like it’s hard to implement - trial mechanism is already in the game.

With that trials could become really useful in learning the game. You could make trials for optimal combos, optimal punishes for all chars, setups and oki, confirms, interrupts and v-reversal places, whiff punishes, anti-fireball tech, etc.
Developer would never have the capacity to do all that - it’s too much work and meta is always changing. But community already does that, on youtube and forums. Crowdsourcing is real, it makes things done. Ask wikipedia if in doubt. All we need is a good platform for that.
In game it would be more accessible and uniformal. You could add ranking for trials and moderation so it would not get out of control.
They could add incentives to create trials and complete trials. Like give fight money, unique titles, uniques cosmetics etc. That would be a much better way to farm fight money that survival or arcade mode. And useful.
They could even create a survival like mode for trials - like complete that trial 10 times in a row without a mistake and get a reward. Or create training plans for characters, for matchups etc.

I think the biggest problem in FGs is how hard it is to collect all data and then to invent ways to train it. Not to actually train it. We all used to do it but for beginners it’s way harder. I remember how i was starting and it was slow, despite the internet and despite that i grasp new concepts really fast. And most fun of playing starts when you have knowledge and can execute basic things, upon which you can implement your gameplan.
Developers are trying to shorten that learning period by simplifying the game. And i do like simple effective things but i don’t think it’s the solution. FGs will still be vast and hard. It’s what makes them fun and longliving. What we need are ways to help people learn in a very easy way.


Also specifically in SFV i wan’t training mode to be tweaked.
Ability to record action for any situation when dummy lost control and when regained control. It’s needed for testing resets and training punish of whiffed jump in.
Ability to play as player 2 in training.
Random amount of resources when you reset training. To train resources awareness during combo training.


Ability to set a secondary character for ranked/casual in run backs.
So if you lose one game in ranked the options will be
Rematch with secondary character

Also support for PS4 pro.
And a countdown timer to next match for ranked/casual will be nice.


animations should match hitboxes and frame data much more closely. specials that are really good that are safe on block should be tweaked.

stop making so many ways around projectiles. they already suck plus are easy to punish.

AA specials without invincibility should not trade or lose to stupid braindead jump ins. speaking of which, lower the hit/block stun on air normals so they have to do them deeper in order to combo from them or be plus enough to continue pressure. this will automatically fix shitty AA.

get rid of Bison’s stupid invisible dash that isn’t truly representing when he dashes. ie, his dash animation comes out way after the dash input so you’re always reacting to it late and are just guessing.

and last but not least, bring this game down to 4-5 frame input delay. if none of these can be implemented, SFV should burn in a fiery hell for the rest of eternity and the responsible fucks at the company should get AIDs.


Game needs more blackjack and hookers imo