Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


point machine broke



Some fellas and females.
I’ve been away for so long without playing SFV. Been playing a lot of USF4.
What’s happening in the V camp?


They should reverse Alex’s legs in his standing stance, would look much better. He’s a character I really like, but I can’t look at him without raging because of this…

Edit: his hyper bomb (the EX one) animation is also very ugly. The way they flip makes no sense at all.


Let there be an option to set up the dummy to wake up/get out of block stun with a reversal or a delayed move. If you choose reversal, a list of every move of the character comes up and you can pick whatever you want without needing to input it yourself (useful with weird motions like birdie’s ex bullhorn, mika’s long vtrigger, or rog’s taps higher than one). If you choose delayed, the regular menu comes up


More combos… I don’t know how anybody can play characters like necalli and Karin… the same linear combos setups… puts you to sleep.


Karin has more combos and options than you think, the problem is the same linear combos are also the best Capcom give her. Blame them not the character,same story for any character in the game.


People likely won’t agree, because they like turtle stuff, but something I’d love to see taken out of the game is throw protection on hit and block. Wakeup throw protection can stay… even be buffed imo. But throw protection on hit and block is really stupid imo.


Care to elaborate @Dime ?

I assume you don’t mean removing it to the extreme, because then you could just cancel into command grabs (for those few that can) on block and have it always hit. Do you want KoF style throws? Blazblue maybe, where you can throw on hit/block stun but the tech duration is longer?

If you’re simply referring to the few frames of immunity after blocking/being hit, then I also wonder. Throws are so slow in SFV, is it even possible to tick throw so fast you whiff? This is common in other games where throws are 1-3 frames, but I don’t remember ever running into that issue when I played SFV.

Interested to know.


Rage quitting should do something scummy on the dropper’s next match, like starting each round with only 25% health.

“Welcome back you big jerk. Don’t do it again and at least you’ll start with 100% health and get another fair chance again”




Marvel’s netcode.




Sorry, I’ve stopped playing this game and following this forum and didn’t realise you had mentioned me:

Yes it’s totally possible to throw so fast that you wiff the throw on your opponent.

Not only is it possible, with some ticks it’s probable, this gets even worse for CH.

Some people don’t notice this because they tick throw slow enough to where even on CH their tick throw will connect.

The reason why this isn’t good to do is because you leave an imprecise amount of frames between when you jab and when you throw. So you never really know the throw tech window that you are forcing on your opponent so it becomes much harder to do something such as frame trap your opponents tech attempt… and shimmies only go so far.

Take a fairly common frame situation in sf5:

Jab = +2 on block +3 on hit.

In this situation, assuming that you don’t have to walk forward to throw, you can tick your opponent as fast as possible on block, but if you use that timing on hit your throw will wiff because the opponent is immune to throws for frames 4 and 5 and your throw will make contact on frame 5.

So some really good tick throw setups are from moves that are +1/+2 so that even if the move hits, you still are able to throw the opponent as fast as possible.

But those kinds of moves are few and far between in sf5 while still leaving you in position to throw without walking forward, and even the few that are, if you get a CH instead of a regular hit then you still can’t throw as fast as possible because the CH will put the opponent into an unthrowable state for the next 6 frames which overlaps with your 5 frame startup throw.

I just think it weakens throws way to severely tbh and it’s one of many things I really hate about sf5. Even the stupid throw system makes you as an attacker have to guess various states of your opponent rather than just being able to capitalise in your good position that you earned with a nice, easy tick throw/frame trap mixup.


Ex version of vskill. Done by pressing vskill plus one other button. Something like red focus attack.


Every V-Skill should be usable defensively as well as offensive. Offensive V-Skill should also work as a possible combo finisher for almost any combo.


Hope to see some improvements to the game to make characters feel more enjoyable to play
SFV is already a very simplified game and playing with a character like Karin makes it even more prevalent.

Side note Give Karin a fucking Plus frame Ex special move already! She’s one of the very few characters that don’t have one!


Heard it’s not looking good.
SFV is on life support.


You want to give a character who can throw you 4 + ob normals in a row in the face a + on block special?
Sure, lets give her one, at the same time, pls give Cammy a SPD and a Sonic Boom.

You heard wrong.


Most of the character(Not all) has at least one + plus frame Special
Ken has some throw loops, but still has his Ex Hadoken which is +1 (+3 when v-trigger is active)

Since you want to mention Cammy. She has EX Razors edge slicer which is +3