Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


Most of the character(Not all) has at least one + plus frame Special
Ken has some throw loops, but still has his Ex Hadoken which is +1 (+3 when v-trigger is active)

Since you want to mention Cammy. She has EX Razors edge slicer which is +3


Infinite rematches in Ranked but introduce a decaying LP gain so that it can’t be farmed.


You mean this move everyone sees coming and takes forever to come out?
Yeah, thats so bad balanced, better make it - on block, because of what an immense advantage it creates.


Karin is good at she is, the only thing I would improve of her are the antiairs. She don’t need an EX dumb move to spam like Rog EX Dash Punch or Urien EX Shoulder before the update. I think Capcom gonna fix even those moves if they want to stay loyal to their commitment motto in SFV.


Doesn’t matter whether you deem it to be useful or not, It doesn’t change the fact that she still has it lol

Anyway, fuck Cammy my only concern is Karin :slight_smile:

Capcom had every opportunity to fix Rog’s Ex dash straight with both balance patches, but they didn’t
which leads me to believe they probably won’t change it in the next balance patch either.


Who cares? Karin don’t need a plus on block special, that’s it, her pressure game it’s already top notch. I mean,getting closer with her is pretty easy,with her normals you could stagger the opponent all day, if he missed the counterpoke Karin can drop a CH combo who generate a shitload of damage if she has meter. Cammy and Rog aren’t that strong on the ground like Karin, fact. Cammy EX RH is easy to stop,Rog EX Dash Punch could be normalised in the next patch,especially if the UE4 running SFV gets the update (less input lag, more possibilities to react to those moves).


One simple improvement that needs to happen IMO. Any air-to-air hit should NEVER result in the successful attacker being crossed up. Sick and tired of correctly predicting an enemies jump and hitting them only to land AFTER i hit them mid air and get mixed up. Air to air hits need to fall slower so its either neutral or the attacker gets the mixup. Trades should obviously result in a neutral. And before anyone says it, if you’re at an awkward angle and can’t DP/normal, air to air SHOULD be viable. I mean we have stupid ass jabs still anti-airing people. I mean if we can leave that in, I’m sure we can fix air to airs right? Yeah I’m salty as hell.


I wonder what could the SFV team do to improve different playstyles in the game.

I’m nowhere near good (I’m a filthy casual), but I’ve been tired of esports SFV for a while now, mainly because all matches feel generic, always the same routine.

In SFIV, players seemed to adopt new ways to open up the opponent every round (Bonchan’s Sagat vs. Alex Valle’s Hugo is a great example) to mix things up a little and make sure the opponent didn’t have time to adapt. This could happen because characters were multidimensional, but it doesn’t seem to be the case so much in SFV (example, Valle’s Abigail vs. Stupendous’ Zangief; might not be the best example at all, but I had a few Valle matches in my YouTube history).

I think this could be improved a lot by adding more defensive options:
[] defensive air options: SFA3 had air blocks, Third Strike had air parry. I feel being in the corner limits options a lot in SFV, and having defensive tools to risk jumping around the opponent could help mitigate that
] the difference in use cases between crush counters (great to capitalize on the opponent pressing buttons to defend (like when being cornered)) and whiff punishing is way too big in SFV, to the point where, from what I see, risking crush countering moves is more rewarding than whiffing them is punishing. I don’t know how this could be fixed though, but TS had red parry to force the opponent to respect your defense and find new ways to open you up. Was still hard to pull of though
[*] no uniform universal defensive option besides blocking. V-reversal vary wildly across the roster, which in my opinion forces a specific use of the feature instead of allowing for different follow-ups and tactics

What I propose to fix this:
[] a uniform universal defensive option (“uniform” in the sense that ALL characters can use it, and it behaves the same way): something like a V-repel that pushes the opponent back, probably usable during blockstrings only, to push the opponent back at the cost of some V-meter, to gain space / stop pressure / open up to zoning, could also deal gray health to force respect
] a uniform universal combo escape, at the cost of some V-meter
[] air blocking. Not sure about this one, but it might help creating another playstyle of bait jump-ins to punish
] air specials during neutral / back jumps, mainly for zoning and creating space. I don’t know why they removed them, but I think it would be great being able to use Ibuki’s kunai for zoning or Dhalsim’s Yoga Gale. I wonder if new specials being added for back jumps like Cammy’s Canon Strike would help leading to more playstyles
[*] less startup, more recovery. I think this has been requested a lot for punishing whiffs

Note that I don’t think they should add ALL of these options, but some could make their way into SFV to mix things up a bit.
Also, these ideas may be too reliant on V-meter (because I needed a trade-off).

The thing is, the point of adding more defensive options is, IMO, to be able to crank up the craziness in the offence department, unhinge offensive options. With more tools to defend, you can also add more tools to offense, such as:
[] a V-cancel tool to manually cancel specials to allow for longer combos; this would work nicely with the “uniform universal combo escape” as you can trade some V-meter to pressure your opponent into using his, or use it as a comeback tool by dealing high damage in a single instance
] more specials, or more “effects” added to different versions of the same special, such as hard knockdown or juggle or something. Having tools to escape combos or reduce pressure with this feature would allow for more V-meter economy, as you’d have to make sure you have enough meter to avoid being stuck in a long combo, or go all-in and use your V-meter to increase pressure / damage / combo strings

These ideas might also be a subtle nerf to V-trigger though :confused:

I don’t know.


My mind is made up, SFV needs:

Second V-reversal and improved V reversals. The two reversals need to be functionally/purposefully different.

V-Air Recovery that costs 1 bar of V gauge. (See Alpha 3)

Improve or replace all the shitty V-skills in the game.


SFV needs MAJOR balance adjustments, voice chat, streamlined UI, more classic characters from SF2, and more stage transitions, just to start.


V already got every good character from SF2, the only one who would be worth returning is Fei Long.
Sagat comes with Season 3 anways, Blanka,Honda,Deejay,Timmathy Hawk can stay in the trashbin they’re currently in.

I want to hear these major balance adjustmeants, so I can dismiss them as bad.

Fuck voice chat, the last thing I want is people crying over a microphone.

Stage transitions are the only good point in this comment.


You sound like a little punk so I’m not gonna waste effort engaging too much with you. Don’t pick characters you don’t like, disable features you don’t like. As far as balance goes, I’m more intelligent than you, and so therefore your dismissal would mean less than nothing to me as I’d certainly do a better job balancing a game than you would. It’s as if a cripple were to think himself a better runner than the average man; it’s laughable but also somewhat sad…


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Let’s please get rid of all the frame 1 projectile invulnerability… :anguished:

It doesn’t make any sense to always run the risk of getting smacked the f** on the face for throwing a hadoken.

It’s completely moronic.


Those moves are there to force the zoner to not throw fireballs mindlessly, so you have to get gud at zoning. SFV isn’t SF2 or SF4 where zoning was a thing, that ain’t going to change.


Hey nephew.

No they really need to fix this… :anguished:

SF4 zoning was no different than 5 by the way, in my opinion. Still Zangief waiting with that damn EX ka-pow, and Cammy with the same shit she has in 5 and so on.


SFIV and SFV zoning have a lot of differences.

It was a lot lot lot lot lot easier in SFIV duo to a shitload of things.

Hell Guile mains from SFIV complained that Guiles Sonic Booms need now commitmeant in SFV.
If that isn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is.

I personaly love zoning with normals:
This is my dance area, this is your dance arena, now try to step into mine.