Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


Dime you and I have said it’s “our character” far too many times to know that it’s never “our character.”

Welcome back though I guess.


Stubby normals are not fun and lead to screwed risk reward we have now.

Also either give everyone a braindead jab anti air or take them away and buff other antiairs. They are the fucking worst.


The stubby normals aren’t what makes for the screwed risk/reward.
They might play a part to it, but I doubt it’s a huge one.

Furthermore AA Jabs exist since SF2, SFV’s hit/hurtboxen lead to the efficience of these buttons for anti-airing right now.
You see most jump-ins in this game have huge hurtboxes in front of their hitboxes, if you have a Jab (or button in general) with a decent high hitbox, you will punch most jump-ins out of the air no problem.
The hitbox for Guiles J.Hk is at his knee, his hurtbox is all the way down to his foot as an example.


Honestly I think the stubby normals play a larger part in the game being a pile of dog shite in the mid range than people think.

Street Fighter V has almost every character boil down to ‘get in the other characters face and frame trap with mediums’. It’s boring.
Then certain characters get an anti air jab that is not only more consistent than their dedicated anti air buttons but leads to the perfect SFV spacing, right next to the other character so you can frame trap with mediums. It’s boring.

Then outside of that range Street Fighter V has ruined zoning enough to the point 99% of the cast want to dash past the range to once again be back in the stubby range to frametrap with mediums.

Increase the range of normals and increase the recovery and lessen the plus frames on block I say.
I don’t think it’s right for a Ryu (for example) to miss a sweep because you read the situation right and jumped over him to be able to recover quick enough to stand jab anti air and end up in a favorable position. It’s boring, it’s also pretty high on the fucking bullshit scale in my opinion.

I am but a scrub though, so yeah. In previous games I’d spend a lot of time getting hard links down or labbing combos or strange counter hits but that’s also not a part of SFV, it’s overly simplified, overly rushdown focused and scrappy. Hopefully AE turns out to be a revolution, I doubt it but I’m hopeful.



AE will not turn into SF4.


Doesn’t have to. It just needs to get what’s good about V and flesh it out a little. The current game isn’t ‘bad’ it’s just there is no room for individuality or a different approach. More options can only be a good thing.


You should try marvel


Actualy your post suggests exatcly this.
Not going to say what I don’t like about IV, the list is longer than Odins beard.
But your problems seems to b mainly that you need these hard links as satisfication factor.
The combos were great at lower levels, know what they were at higher ones?
Fucking retarded. Dropped a 1f link for whatever reason, random stutter, Stage having some framerate issues etc. etc. and your opponent was mashing his 50% Ultra because he relied on these little things to make you drop your combo. Thats what makes SFIV combosystem the worst in my opinion

I state my situations, I have 2 accounts one on PS4 with Ultra Diamond and one on PC with Gold.
The PC account has 3 purposes:

  1. Me fucking around
  2. Trying new chars out
  3. Play with friends.

The PS4 account is only there to play ranked and sometimes Lounges.

The thing is the gameplay varierty can differ vastly based on the rank.
While your discription fits mostly people on Platnium and below, I play at the higher ranks mostly slower games. It’s mostly about spaceing, footsies and getting into your opponents head.
It’s great.

He should.


But you had the option to experiment and create those combos. Doesn’t mean you had to use them.

I get what your saying. I really do, but the lack of depth is something I miss in V. Not being able to discover things or experiment. If that makes sense.

Marvel and me don’t mix, never has.


Yea marvel isn’t for everyone. Just with what you are lacking in 5, infinite does it better than any fg I’ve ever played. Im not a lab rat by any means and I spends hours in training working on stone/team synergy. The most open ended fighter I’ve played.


Might give it a shot over the weekend.


Capcom needs to lower the input lag even more. After that we can talk about everything else.


I realy have a super serious question to you.

How much worth had those Combos?

What have you seen 90% of the time in every match? People go for the most effective combos, that give them the highest reward for the lowest effort.
Especialy in enviormeants, with inconsistent matches, aka Frame Delay.

Never understood any fascination for stuff that has no use in a match.


That’s the SF4 generation, where doing extra-long combos is more important than a short and better one because ain’t swag enough. People felt gdlk in doing 1f combos even if they were unworthy most of the time. Now explain to them that’s not SF is kinda hard.


There’s plenty of stuff to lab outside of combos.


Isn’t that the problem with all recent FG’s?

I also would like to know now what they exactly mean with stubby normals.
I have the feeling people throw terms around since the beginning and don’t go in to deep.

I doubt they talk about the lack of range.


Sf4 was a great game. It has its faults, but it came closest to replicating the feel of sf2 aka the biggest fighting game there ever was.

People complained about sf2 as well, but that don’t make em right.





We must have played 2 different SF2 if you think SFIV replicated the feel in any way.
It did the exact opposit, it humanilated it, stomped it with it’s heel, laughed at it and burned the leftovers.

Alpha3 was closer to SF2 than SFIV could ever get.


In a cultural sense yes, SF4 was the SF2 of the 21st century and one could argue single handedly showed that fighting games can be relevant again in the modern era, reviving and revitalizing the genre. SF4 also swept up an entire new generation of FG players off their feet many of whom are still with us today. For these things, I am forever grateful for SF4 and will honor that contribution.

Gameplay-wise, it couldn’t be further from SF2.

SF5 is the first SF (and fighting) game I’ve played since CvS2 that comes remotely close to capturing the SF gameplay I grew up with.