Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


CCs are stupid because they were made without understanding how footsies are played. You get counterhit all the time playing footsies in regular SF games for a number of reasons. Taking a common thing and turning it into a 300 damage spectacle is awful design.


CCs are what makes SFV a realistic fighting game where there’s the constant risk of taking one on the nose or in the groin.

But the input lag really needs to be reduced.

In unison with the shoryuken nerfs I think it’s only fair that special moves or anything save critical arts don’t have frame 1 fireball invulnerability. I’m so tired of that…


I literally gave 3 separate and distinct ways to beat CC.


Well. Proactively, you can beat EVERYTHING in this game! I agree with you there.

But I strongly disagree with you, when you mention that Crush Counters are easy to whiff punish.
Especially when they are used as a defensive line.
And even on offence, with the current input lag, can be difficult.

Reducing the input lag helps. But I think redesigning Crush Counters, to have HUGE recovery hurtboxes would be ideal.
You know, so that even a 3 year old, can whiff punish them. =)


Making CCs unsafe on block would turn them into “once every two matches” gimmicks. They are like the only consistent way to do decent damage outside V-trigger. Anyone suggesting their utter nerfing better suggest other damage alternatives that aren’t connect multiple roundhouses during neutral footsies.

SFV already struggles at making character gameplays unique and adding a sweeping nerf that homogenizes the use of CCs across the cast won’t do it any favors. Some characters are bound to have better CCs than others and that means some of them are going to be top notch and that’s good. Urien’s has a unstable neutral and won’t be bulldozing his way in if you’re reacting with buttons at the right (and achievable) moments. St HP will get him some bonus damage but the rate of success is low enough the other player should be getting more damage consistently in the long run (at least until Urien gets V-Trigger but that’s another story).

Like the ONLY acceptable nerf to CCs would be to give them 2-3 more recovery frames with forward extended hurtbox but adding equal blockstun so on block you merely lose your turn but on whiff it becomes easier to punish with sweep or medium / fierce cancel into special.


It seems rather odd to suggest universal nerfs for CC’s. They’re normals that are unique to each character, with unique ranges, frame data, and so on. Adding to that, they play greater and lesser roles for each character (Ryu for example isn’t as big on CC’s compared to others imo). Suggesting that all CC’s have a certain negative on block amount, or that they should all have hurtbox adjustments is like saying that they’re all practically the same.

If anything, they should all be looked at on a case by case basis.


Nah that would require actually thinking and studying matters before taking selective action.

Let’s make sweeping generalizations and hope for the best instead.


Thats pretty much every balance (or change) suggestion for SFV this far since release.
I don’t think that this will change even a bit.

At least we can be happy that Dimes balance ideas will never make it into the game.


Dimes balance ideas have already made it into the game. Egg on your face, idiot :lol:


Explains why Season 2 is generaly considerd to be unbalanced and worse than Season 1.
Good work, your suggestion do realy suck.


The people that cry about season 2 are also the ones that cried about season 1. And their cries came through with the chun nerfs and everyone else buffs because that’s what the people asked for.

I wasn’t asking for chun nerfs or everyone else buffs so… try again! Have a nice day!

Also, you said my balance ideas will never make it into the game… when they already have! Then after being completely dead wrong, you try and save face by saying “oh well um… er… they were BAD IDEAS”

You are a dumb, ignorant child that can’t handle being wrong and not getting his own way and people disagreeing with him.

Sorry if I can’t take you or your insults any kind of seriously, you would have to at least attempt an adult attitude for that to happen.

You dc’ing all my posts is a badge of honor at this point because it means the idiot doesn’t agree with me.


So you basicly say your ideas made it into the game, by running with the masses?

Great option select.

Sorry but you lost the last creditability as you said I went for the insults, you’re the one who started with the insults.
I don’t think much about someone whos ideology is to monologe with himself, talk around the topic and make completly pointles suggestions for Balance.
Or even better trys sell what others wrote as his idea to make himself look better.

I mean it was hard to take anything you wrote serious after you said SFIV was a perfect recreation of SF2.

You play a decent game here, but this whole fassade is a joke, full of inconsistency and holes.
Anyways, I keep getting some laughs from your texts.
So keep enjoying these “badges of honor”.


So you’re why the game is shit? Wouldn’t be all that hype about that TBH.


It says something when the balance ideas of a super bronze become reality



Though, it is alot better than nibbling on your opponents health bar.


Sorry but the posting pattern shows that you were the one DCing all my posts with reference to balance, then you said as much in the general thread “this is why I automatically DC any of dimes posts on balance as a matter of fact” that’s an insult. All the DC’s are insults, “at least we can be happy that none of Dimes balance ideas will make it into the game” Is an insult.

So spare me your “bleeding-heart-fall-on-your-sword-you’re-the-one-being-persecuted-here” bullshit.

I speak my mind and you are free to speak yours and oppose me in whatever fashion on this forum you want that is within the rules I presume, but don’t expect me to be civil with you when you are the one that broke civility.

As for the game being bad now… y’all said the game was bad then. You will probably continue to say the game is bad in season 3. Idc, I say the game is bad as well. But I’m not a hypocrite about it. The game has good points and bad points.

As for me following the masses I was pretty much the only one in here pointing out the balance discrepancy between meterless and metered invincible reversals… I followed no one. Some people agreed with me, most didn’t. The developers obviously already had this plan in mind and it was easy to see coming if you looked at guile and rog.

But I think the developers listen to the people on Capcom unity at least a bit, and though I haven’t been there in years I’m pretty sure those people all want meterless invincible reversals back seeing as to how probably around 80% of them are shoto players.

So, if not this season coming, then maybe next season or the one after that, invincible reversals may be back in some way shape or form… and maybe not. I don’t know what Capcom is going to do so… yeah.

Don’t blame me, blame Capcom unity and kotaku most likely. Capcom listens to the masses when they bother listening at all.


Except she needs meter to do that. If you want to know how dumb CCs are, watch chun match footage and every time somebody gets counter hit by either her back fierce or standing fierce, that shit takes away a third of a life bar.


Then why are you acting like a I have stolen your lunch?

I just tell you, that your opinion is bad and you have to deal with it.
And now deal with it.


Except sfv does not build meter like sf3 to do that. The damage has to come from somewhere :shrug:


I’m fine with you thinking that way. I feel the same way about your opinions :slight_smile: