Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


I’m fine with you thinking that way. I feel the same way about your opinions :slight_smile:


You ever tried to jump over Necalli st.HK? You will notice immediately how different is from doing the same over Karin st.HK in example. Jumping forward will whiff because of Necalli forward momentum during the CC move,jumping neutral requires good timing or you get AAed pretty easily. Some characters don’t even try to play footsies because a good range CC normal it’s enough to fill the midrange. Too often punishing a random CC move don’t give enough reward for the player who played footsies well.


I’ve never had problems with necallis, mostly I just block it, though I’ve jumped over it quite a bit as well.
Granted I’m not playing against the best players by any means, but I also played a local offline necalli a long set and though he was beating me on average 2-1, he’s a 15k lp player so, no slouch though necalli was his secondary not his main. I also played his Akuma and wrecked shop, though that was like his 3rd or 4th string character.

Most neutral crush counters don’t give me trouble. I tend to get CC’d much more waking up by things like Akuma cr.hp and rog

Not that I never get CC’d. Funnily enough the only time I remember getting salty being CC’d was playing against some Juri that had some kind or impeccable timing or read on mine and was hitting me with like 3 CC’s a round… I was trying to learn necalli at the time though and didn’t have his footsies down at all.

So I do understand the plight of the stubby normaled ones… but that’s why I only use characters with range. Stubby normals are asking to get blown up by CC. That’s just how things work.


Is anyone else having server problems since the last update? I’m constantly getting disconnected from the server and even things like loading replays are failing or taking an inordinate amount of time. The game is barely playable as it is now. Am I alone?


Even characters without stubby limbs gets CCed by random CC. A friend of mine just do st.HK with Necalli 24/7 and if he has meter sometimes he goes for ex dp when blocked. Even if it’s straight up stupid that guess works. That’s the point,he could go for it because his CC is hard to punish. Why he need to stop doing it if the opponent can’t punish hard and properly? That’s the point.


Kinda sounds like every SF I have played with a strong tool(s)…


Thats exactly it. If you cant stop it, then they shouldnt stop doing it.

What character do you use in this matchup? Whats your cfn?


Before Zeku I was on Karin, but that MU wasn’t a problem for me. Karin could punish Necalli st.HK easily with her V-Skill out of Necalli range.
The CC spam in neutral becomes a general issue, not mine. Isn’t casual how this thing was discussed even in other sites. Whatever, we’ll see what happens in a week.

@Dime my cfn is the same as my nickname.


Anyone knows if there’s PS4 pro support? I really hope there is.


Almost certainly not.

I have a ps4 pro though, I can tell you boost mode on the ps4 pro cuts down loading screens by a decent amount but that’s the best you gonna get.


Get rid of one-frame links. Most fighting games utilize negative edge, where proper input counts, even if it’s early. I find one-frame combos to be alienating.


There aren’t many true 1 frame links in sf5. The input buffer is held for 3-5 frames so even if your input is 5 frames early you still get the combo. 1 frame links in this game are easy peasy unless it’s a charge partition link or a walking link, which there aren’t that many of at all and most aren’t really needed.


Yeah you’re misunderstanding the 1f links, they’re not present in basically any standard combo

The only 1f links use microsteps forward and nobody uses them.


-remove quickrise. when you knock someone down; the reward is you push them in the corner. seeing the same shit into the same oki over and over was stale in 2016, and it’s a zombie in 2018.
-remove CC on throw techs, it’s better to just take the throw most of the time, esp. with “throw-loops removed”.
-remove CC on sweep, the reward for a sweep either a conscious decision to take the oki or be pushed into the corner, just like in 3s

-c.grabs are hilariously useless unless it hits halfway across the screen into 50/50 oki over and over (gief), give them a tangible reason to exist aside from just having more range than a throw

s3 isn’t bad at all, but now the CC system sticks out even more as stupid


I would prefer focus attack comeback over the cc mechanic.



I’d like Ryu to stop talking so holier than thou.

He’s a Miss Universe judge when he talks about true beauty to Vega, and he’s a cook when he’s talking about a special ingredient to Urien.

Probably it’s the translations…


-This game needs not only player-specific but also character-specific league/league points.
-Replay function has still alot of room for improvement.
-Loading Screen for training mode should be changed.
-Fight Money should be called Zenny.


I agree with you bro. I want parries!!!


I think that adv./disadv. frame data thing from training mode would be very useful when watching replays.