Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV


Notice in training mode, there’s

  • Record on guard action
  • Record wake up action

They should include

  • Record on Hit action

That and reduce input lag, too many fireballs become unblockable at closer ranges.
Forget about reacting with buttons, even if we could block instantly, the game and certain Zangief match-ups would become more manageable. This would be fair, considering, blocking incurs a grey life penalty.

So please bring back those INSTO-BLOCK-AMATIC products please!!!


The fight money obtained through weekly missions are still half of what they use to be. I thought Capcom reverted back to the norma amount received from completing missions.


Let’s get an option to choose between the menu themes - first SFV, the Arcade Edition, etc… :frowning:

I much prefer the previous UI. Same with the music, like old UI but new music, or vice versa… :+1:


Would love to be able to assign custom BGM to any stage. I love a few stages, but music from other stages or characters. Like Custom Character BGM, allow us to custom select BGM for each stage as well. thank you!

Some of the character themes from BGM Packs 1 and 2 are pretty bad ass and would love to assign them to my favorite stages.