Improvements You Would Like To See In DOA4

Since I heard the actual fighting system that will get the most work in DOA4, what do you think TN can do to make it a better, deeper game? Here are a few things Iw ould like to see…

Move cancelling like in Soul Calibur, I can’t express the need for this enough…

6 Way Counter System. The original DOA2 and 3 had jsut 3 ways (back, up back and down back), Ultimate added the forward counter for mid kicks, it would be cool if the added an up forward and down forward counter for high and low kicks, that would flesh out the system quite a bit…

Counter cancelling for not all but some counters.

And last but far from least, actually **make a balanced game ** where people can’t whore out a few high priority moves over and over.

I wonder, even if they do all this would people here ever take it seriously, or will they just bash it for having large breasted women performing martial arts that defy the laws of gravity… Anyway, let the DOA bashing begin because I know that’s all that’s going to happen on this thread…

He can make it better by not releasing it.


Bigger Boobs :tup:



  1. Make countering actually challenging, say less than 10 frame window at least, instead of the current ~60 frame window. Reduce the damage to a manageable level, theres no way a counter should do more damage than a throw.
  2. Remove ridiculous moves, such as Hayabusa up+throw (hop throw), moves with weird hit properties (low kicks that hit mid, high kicks that hit low, etc).
  3. Improve the wallhit tech system (you think tekken5 has nasty wall combos?!)
  4. Spend more time balancing the game and less time making the levels look pretty. Skip the story, no one’s buying it, don’t even fucking try, you have no chance of passing it on as plausible.
  5. Probably 50 more I could list, haven’t played the game in a while.

Actually that’s been around since DOA2 at the earliest, hell I think DOA1 had it too. lol

Anyway DOA4 should just be what DOA should really be, and that would be hardcore porn. :tup:

I heared this game will actually have a physics engine, supposedly there isn’t a fighting game out there with one. Sounds interesting.

Itagaki talked about the possibility of 6 or 7-point counter system. Plus, he confirmed counters would be “follow-up” counters now - meaning the counter itself wouldnt do damage, you would have to do a second command aftet the counter (that happens a couple times in the DOA4 trailer). He made it clear every character would have that kind of counter now, but wasnt very clear if regular counters would disappear completelly.

I hope they don’t repalce the countering system with a parry system… Now there is less of a reason to use Lei-Fang and Gen-Fu…

Doa4 should improve on the game’s strenghts, since the weaknesses are so bad improving them would simply not work.

So, Nudity, lesbian sex, and boob physics that need a full gb of ram to run.

Shows how little I know. shrugs

Hot chicks. Porn Fighting.

Well thank you Time_Stop for being hte only one here to seriously talk about the topic. If This had beena topic about any other game (say, tekken for example) and I had made any of the following stupid comments I would have like 7 more neg reps, but that just shows how baised and retared this site is…

There’s some truth to this. With each new iteration, they get progressivley smaller in a desperate attempt to give the game some modicum of credibility. I say go with your strengths and add new features like torn clothes and nipple twisters. :clap:

That’s good to know. I wonder if you can still use counters during an opponent’s “combo.” That has always bugged me. Any sort of ground chain was worthless in DOA2/DOA3 (other than baiting for throws I guess). You had to float the other player or use a limbo stun move (like Ayane’s b+F+k) to have guaranteed damage.

DOA should take a few hints from VF4. Maybe characters such as Lei Fang and Gen Fu can reversal different types of moves (such as flipkicks) instead of just passing through them like the rest of the cast. Or maybe they won’t have inashis in favor of more damaging counters. shrug

Just include a couple of hentai dojin with every purchased game.

The new counter thing sounds interesting, if they make it so it’s no more of that “whoops I accidentally countered the move by mistake and took a third of your life” bullshit. Make the frame window smaller. For all the bitching and trash talking people make about Bloody Roar, when it came to the fast evade system, it was precise and you had a small window of dodging attacks, which took skill. if they make the countering system like that in DOA4 it would help a lot.

Also tone down environmental damage, it’s fucking annoying getting knocked into a wall or off a cliff and taking tons of damage. Tone it down so it won’t be half as bad.

Or better yet make a couple of plain ass levels with no type of obstructions. The best thing in the past was the beach and it still had trees, boats, etc…

Really? You can make the girls naked in the previous games? The DOA1 girls are so un-lifelike, I wouldn’t even have wanted to look at them nude. I remember when you took just a single step forward, the boobs start moving up and down in a wave motion for a good three seconds or so. Much too tacky for me to enjoy looking at it for any purpose other than to laugh at how stupid it looks.

I don’t remember DOA2 or 3 having an MA rating though so I’m pretty sure you’re making up lies. As for DOA4 though, get rid of the fighting game altogether and implement girl-on-girl kissing and I’ll be sold.

Make command throws breakable, so I don’t have to use JOP’s 30-minute Bass again.

If Itagaki doesn’t do that, I guess you can turn it into cheesecake.