Improving composure


Nerves are just something that happen. Try not to take these so seriously to the point of where it’s like you are freaking out about it- it’s a game, a chance to simply test your skills (and luck?) against other folks but it’s not an exam/job interview or anything like that. View it as competition, but not with too much on the line- simply a way to pit yourself against any situation and see how well you can understand and abuse the system.

You really shouldn’t be freaking out/taking a game so seriously to the point of where you’re getting migraines and stuff about losing. It’s not like anything big is on the line, only enough to where you’ll care about the competition and trying your best for the win for the good reward.

It also helps to chill with people at the tournament who you don’t see too often, and just chat as much as you can- I see you usually just sitting around lookin’ real mad after tournies when the best cooldown is just sitting around hanging with people instead of steaming up with other folks who are super mad that they lost.

edit: Also, Hypersurge is an extremely good player with considerable tournament experience. He’s got a great combination of smarts, reactions and generally solid play that lands him consistent wins. Out of everyone in the DFW area that I play often he’s easily the most consistently good- he doesn’t really make big mistakes, and he’s about the same as Adnan when it comes to paying attention to the important details of your gameplan and adjusting to them as the match goes on.

edit 2: Viewing your opponents as equals is also very important. Playing safely and strongly is extremely important, and I hear things like “I’M JUST GONNA DISRESPECT HIM” real often when realistically you have an option that both mixes up, is safe and basically leads back into another mixup where you can then judge how much you want to disrespect a dude.

Pretty much tab hit the nail on the head, dont view screw ups as “OMGZ! THIS GAME IS SO ASSS!!!one1!!” and view them as a mistake, learn from it and keep on going. Also dont stress it too much, you said you woke up sick before every tournament; its pretty much a sign that you are thinking about it way too hard and letting it affect you.

Also view all your opponents as equals, you are not any better or any worse than anyone. That makes you play at your best, believe it or not, if you subconsciously believe that the other player is bad, you play worse, sort of going through the motions and getting caught to susceptible stuff (and especially in this easy game, its much more costly).

TL;DR version: Relax, dont think about it too hard and have fun. That is your ultimate goal. Winning is just an awesome bonus.

Down a couple of shots before a tournament, problem solved.

This is the last game you want to take seriously IMO. This game is not great competitively, it hardly symbolizes how good you are in FGs in general because of how random it is. This game is meant to be casual and fun, it is way to easy mode to take really serious and get super flustered over.

Honestly Ace I think you had the problem I had back in early vanilla, where you feel like mostly everything everyone else does is derp with derpy characters and everything you personally do is legit tactics with legit characters. So my frustration came mostly from the fact that I thought I as playing the right way and everytime I lost was basically just getting scrubbed out which isnt the case. This game from top to bottom pretty much is just flowcharty BS (easy left right + assist mixups from anywhere on the screen, crazy easy high low mixups as well, the list goes on) into easy ass muscle memory combos into win. So I was just as guilty of derp as the next guy.

If I were you I would take at least 2 weeks off from playing the game (just playing, not watching, posting about it on SRK… just playing) and go back and play some old games that you really love. Whenever im taking a break from competitive gaming I go back and play shit liek Super Metroid, Majoras Mask, RE4, RE5, or any other of my all time favorite games. It is really relaxing and stress free and before you know it you will get that itch again to get back to playing and grinding FGs. I just warn you when you come back to this game have a new approach. Realize what this game actually is and enjoy it for what it is, it will make the competition side of it a lot easier to deal with.


Real talk, I’m never not wearing my headphones again fuck hearing assist calls.

The best thing to do to regain composure IMO is to play a different game. It doesn’t have to be a fighting game(playing an honest FG on the side helped alleviate all the salt from this game though), but one that will calm you down. Also, find some music to listen to when you’re feeling salty about this game(Nujabes da bes).

Yeah, this game can be a vortex of randomness, but that’s precisely why you shouldn’t take it too seriously, because getting “randomed out” is just going to happen to everyone at some point or another.

First off, seems like you just need to take general steps to control your anger in general - not just in gaming but as a person. That person you quoted seems pretty convinced that your blaming things on the game etc, which is a sure sign that you are displacing your anger. But sadly, what you have to do to control that really depends on the type of person you are. Some people just have to think about things differently, some respond to putting themselves in the situation that makes them uncomfortable, etc. For this issue you really should just look up some information on anger management as that sounds like it will go far in helping your problems.

Second, you need to learn what your “ideal situation” for your mind state as a player is, and want to take steps to try to keep your mind in that situation. Kind of hard to explain and that may not make sense, so let me give you an example. I personally play best when I’m losing. Which is great because I tend to make a lot of comebacks, but it’s a huge drawback when I commonly have to fight an uphill battle. So the best thing for me to do is try to keep myself in the mindset that my back is too the wall and almost trick myself in to feeling like I’m in a “must-win” situation from the beginning. You need to find out what mindset is best for you and work around that.

Finally, I think you just need to come to the realization that as backwards as it sounds, “playing to win” or “be better than your opponent” is detrimental. Think about this. Even the best players lose. Look at what happened in MvC last EVO, many people were surprised with what happened with JWong, and look at the results of Wong fighting those same players since then. It’s far more important to focus on things other than winning. Again the best choice here is dependent on the type of person you are, but possibly playing for fun may work for you. Or possibly playing just to put on a good fight - which in general means more than winning unless you are in finals anyway. If you really need to play to “be better” than someone , it may be beneficial to focus on “being better” than yourself to force urself to improve. Or you may be just overtraining.

Don’t look at your opponents as weaker than yourself, because this will lead to making unnecessary risks. (A.K.A. Scrub Luck) Don’t look at your opponents as stronger than yourself, because this will lead to not taking the risks necessary for victory. (A.K.A. The Wong Factor)

That’s how I feel about it, anyway. Looking back, almost every match I have lost, I lost because I underestimated someone I didn’t know or I overestimated someone whose name I heard before. Heck, it even happened at my last tournament, so I’m still working on it myself.

I’m with what “the7k” is saying. Never underestimate an opponent, never overestimate an opponent; don’t estimate at all. Especially in the current Ultra/X-Factor era, comebacks are mandatory and at no cost. Keep your shit level and balance your reactions between hot and cold as the situation changes. Someone is going to lose, that’s the nature of competition. Just take your hits and keep moving forward. Win or lose.

Besides, IT’S MAHVEL BAYBEE!!! Game’s so ridiculous people can’t even be bothered to spell its name correctly.

Sounds like losing to the first guy frazzled you and your focus was broken and you focused more on not wanting to lose.

I think in Marvel more than any other game you have to eliminate the thought of “I’m better I shouldn’t lose”

Just relax. Take a deep breath and run that shit back.

My friend was mindfucked after losing to a guy 2-1 in sf4. He had the guy down to his last round and dropped 4 rounds straight. Real demoralizing. Just told him to step outside and relax.

Stepping outside for some fresh air or just to get away from the hecticness tends to help me. That and having a better player/bud analyzing after your head is clear.

For Mahvel Its either:
A) you fucked up
B) mahvel derp.

If you fucked up analyze and adjust.

If it’s mahvel derp “It’s Mahvel babeh!” and keep it moving.

It’s Mahvel. Everyone get salty. I know I sure as fuck do.

Nah man keep them on. I listen to music. That keeps me relaxed and prevents me from straying from the zone.

It helps me turtle for example.

At the end of it all the important thing is wiping the salt off as quickly as possible and getting back in there.

[LEFT]I would never play marvel without being able to listen to assist calls. My friend gets mad at me because the second I hear the assist call I just blow them up with a hyper or two. I’m surprised that we don’t see more headphones at tournaments to be honest.[/LEFT]

I don’t have any tournament experience at all. But I do play a lot with my friends and I’m really quick to get discouraged. My best advice if you want to take a break, which helps a lot more than you think, is play a single player game with like a long ass story. Like a Final Fantasy or something, or DMC if you want to keep your reflexes nimble. Just come back to the game when you lost your hot head, adjust your team if you have to or master the one you have, and try again. It’s not like Wong just woke up one day and said “Man I’m just going to shred though this tournament”. He lost a bunch of times until he finally got it.

Also don’t think to highly of yourself, take your friends advise in that aspect, especially if you’ve only been tournament playing for less than a year. Just chill out, remember it’s a game. Take advantage of every hit you get, and minimize the hits you take. That’s the most principle aspect as it’s core. So make love to that sentence or something.

This happens to me too bro. I actually get like this over things as simple as (and infinitely more random) beer pong LOL. I am hyper competitive, so it is just natural for me to get nauseous or to beat myself up. The ways I fix this include:

  • Stop telling yourself it is the games fault. This is a short term way to fix the problem, but in the long run it doesn’t help at all. It only makes you more angry at the game and at yourself for playing it. To add to that, it doesn’t help you improve.

  • Stay driven . It is okay to think you are better than someone, but stay motivated by wanting to prove it. Don’t settle for knowing your better through fundamentals, knowledge or analysis. Instead, you should look for results. Confidence is a powerful tool and being too humble is actually dangerous to success, but remember to be courteous and respectful. Basically, believe in karma. Maybe not in a supernatural sense but at least in a psychological sense.

  • Lastly, take a breath between defeat. Rushing back into the fight is always foolish. To minimize the loss (and your opponents momentum) you should break down what cost you the loss in your head. This takes quick, focused, detailed and analytical thinking. Practice this often because you don’t learn to think quickly very easily.

Remeber Ace, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Knowledge of the game’s fine properties is very important. You seem to be really upset when you were hit by bionic arm while so high above it. I wasn’t surprised in the least when the move hit you. I’ve played tons of spencers and I know the vertical range on bionic arm. When you’re up there you just gotta block. I’m not sure if you play online or not, but I really do think playing online helps out in this regard. Just by playing a bunch of games you come across things you wouldn’t of learned otherwise.

People generally call me names and shit since in every game I play, I pick the strongest characters. I have become the most hated(not hated per se but no one ever roots for me except when I bring my girl to meetups, and everyone always roots AGAINST me) player in Montreal because of this. In short, you can call me a tier whore.

Where am I going with this? People think I play top tier because I want to win. While this is true, it’s not the reason I play top tier. I specifically play the dumbest characters in the game so I can have no excuse when I lose besides me fucking up.

Now, you can’t just blame the game Ace. That is the easy(more like the pussy) way out. I would know since something similar happened to me in MvC3 at an out of town tournament we attended. I went 2 and out, losing against really average-below average players. It was my 4th tournament, and I had placed top 8(won 1) in 2 of those and top 13 at my first major ever(T12). That was when I realized I wasn’t as good as I thought. If you’re losing and attributing it to getting “randomed out”, you’re probably not as good as you think. It took me quite some time to recover from that. Montreal never passes up a chance to put me on blast so I had to hold on to my nicknames for a while. Casualchamp(since I only won in casuals…), armchairplayer, Fraud Heart and anytime someone went 2-0, it became “do the Nini”.

But still, I couldn’t blame the game. I just had to better myself, step up my tourney nerves(aka 3 daiquiris) and stop underestimating people. Thinking you’re better than someone makes you complacent and generally ends up in you getting exposed

As for getting sick before tournaments, I think you’re just really nervous/anxious. You’re just too scared of looking bad. This loss can only have been beneficial for you. After getting LIT UP like that and hitting rockbottom, you can’t get any lower than that. You are at the bottom of the barrel right now, the smallest, shittiest fish in the ocean. The good thing about this is that you can only go higher from this point.

Way I see it, every player needs at least one eye opening loss like this, if only you can get past the BS wall of excuses you have and analyze your game to see the holes in it that caused you to get blown up like that.

I think you won’t be as nervous in future tournaments since you’ve already been exposed once.

I know exactly how you feel. Although I did not expect to win anything, I did get put on stream against some good players at TNT. I did end up losing but not nearly as bad as I thought I would.

For me the best thing I did there was have fun with it. Try not to have too many high expectations of yourself, play the game, have fun, and work hard at it. I mean if you’re not having fun with the game, there’s no reason to play right? :wink: In doing this I did pretty decently, learned a lot, and had fun doing it. I already feel like a better player because of it.

Another way I think can help is to think of it like you’re playing online (lolwut). Imagine its just you vs someone you don’t know or can’t see. Focus on the TV screen, zone out the sounds around you and just focus on the game. If you don’t put a face to the opponent you’re facing you won’t get psyched out as much. This way you can play to your best and still learn from whatever mistakes you made. Good thread topic.

On the real though, UMVC3 is bull**** sometimes.

Really you should just not think about it when you make a mistake the minute you start to tink on thing’s your not planning ahead. if your losing to someone you think you can beat you got really flustered. If it becomes consistent then they found a way to really fluster you. i know from personal experience that anyone can beat you. To Improve your composure is hard though. maybe you should try putting yourself in bad situations then make a comeback out of it. dont let losing a char get you upset or not finishing a combo.