improving execution

I know there are tons of threads regarding this topic but I still have to post this. I do my training mode sessions to improve my execution in USF4 but the input leniency actually makes me really mad. I mean, when I fuck up my U1 motion with Ken I should receive a punish for that. I deserve it for not Beeing on point. Instead I get a DP come out which saves my ass.

So I actually search for a game the forces me to perfect my execution by punishing me for fucking a qfc up.

I thought about Guilty Gear Xrd, because I heard it is technical. But I actually don’t know if it’s technical because you have to be on point with your execution or just because of the tons of stuff you have to learn.

Next option would the Third Strike I guess, but this game doesn’t have a lively online scene, at least here in Europe I think. This would take away some fun.

So, do you have any recommendations for anunforgiving, quite new game?

King of Fighters XIII should fit your bill nicely. It has relatively lenient timing on a lot of things, but you need relatively clean inputs to get special moves out. I dunno about how the online scene is(definitely dead on console, might still be people playing on Steam), but a couple of weeks with that game definitely helped me personally in leveling up my execution. It’s also really fun.

GGXrd isn’t really unforgiving. It’s not an easy game per se, but it has a very smooth learning curve. I think you need reasonably clean motions to do specials though, so if that’s the goal, then you might as well give it a go (you can also not get specials from negative edge in that game).

3rd Strike… just play it. It’s a great game for learning pretty much all the things, and while it’s not necessarily a game with high execution requirements, it does require reasonably crisp motions for specials. I’m not sure how the game is on XBL/PSN, but I do believe it’s not that hard to find people playing on Fightcade.

Oh, and ST (Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo that is) will kill you if you screw up a special motion, so that might also be a place to start. It’s a great game for learning everything besides complicated combos and airdashing too, and I’ve never had a problem finding europeans to play against on fightcade.

I play on PS3, nothing else available :frowning:

I guess I’ll try GG and 3rd Strike.

KoF is not my thing what I can say from watching tournaments. 98 looked great to me but XIII and it’s lengthy combos kind of distract me.

Or you could just grind it out in SF4 practice mode.
Learning these other games will not do much for you in SF4.
Just check your button inputs and if they’re not perfect slap yourself in the face or something if you need punishment that badly.

Learning 2xQFC’s in 3S does not do much for you in SF4, since in 3S 2xQFC supers also come out when you end the motion at downforward, while in SF4 the super will come out when you end the motion in forward.
Basically means you will most likely substitute one bad habit for another, especially considering that 3S:OE does not have an input display in training mode.

By all means play 3S though, it’s a great game but don’t think it will solve your bad execution habits since only hard work and observing yourself can solve that.

Learning a completely different game just to improve your execution is counterproductive.

Execution should be assessed on a per game basis. As long as you can do shit in one game, there’s no such thing as “poor execution”.

For example if you grind the perfect dp motion in sf2 for 5 years, your execution will be terrible in sfiv if you don’t take advantage of the crouching dp shortcut.

3s super input shortcuts are different than sf4.

Kof has peculiar motions and completely different shortcuts as well.

Really, if you want to improve your sf4 execution play sf4.

Play C.Viper. Using her will teach you anything you need to learn. Things such as DP motions, SJC (Super Jump Cancels), tiger knee inputs (adding up forward to the final part of a completed motion) and your classic Super/Ultra inputs. And look at your inputs, they’ll help you understand where you’re going wrong.

Well, I guess you’re right. I just keep on doing my training mode sessions to.improve y execution. It’ll come eventually. After all I just play for three months now.