Improving General


EDIT: Decided to change the topic title, feel free to share any single way of improving you know. It can be nice to have a thread where people share some methods they used to get better.
If any of you have any question regarding how to practice something especific, feel free to ask aswell, we’re all here to help afterall.

So I was wondering if this is a good way to learn, lately I’ve been creating lobbies with no real restrictions, I put as description “Training Mode” and off it goes. Now, on these lobbies you will get people who are actually very skilled at the game, just recently I played a Top 20 Guy in the PC version, needless to say I got my ass handed to me in no time (and so did everybody else in the lobby).

The matches went so fast, just a complete roflstomp from wich I feel I learned nothing.

I was thinking on ONLY focusing on footsies when playing against strong opponents, I know I won’t be landing any combos, so I try to make them win without a perfect.

So the question is: What are ways to make the most ouf of such encounters?


Ask them for advice.


Forget it, everyone here says to play against much better opponents…
I think this is bullshit!
Ofc you certainly will learn very quick NOT to spam unsafe moves and certainly you will be the one blocking the whole time, so perhaps! but only perhaps your blocking skills will improve, but certainly also bad habits like mashing dp or ultra, because it seems to be the only way out and sometimes you will even hit with a mashed ultra, giving a reward and so teaching you bad habits.

I cant say it often enough, to play against massive better opponents is bullshit and doesnt teach you anything, you will lose very quick and very solid without a chance in no time, you will not learn ANYTHING there, because you have no opportunity to TRY anything besides blocking (yeah and mashing), because your opponent is controlling you completely, so unless you want to perfect your punching ball abilities, dont play massive better opponents.

Try to find opponents which are equally good or just slightly !! better. This makes fun! So you will play long and fun sets, and you get the opportunity to act! with your character, so doing (muscle memorizing) your combos, stabilize your setups, USE! and learn your punish combos (how would you learn them against a pro, where there isnt anything to punish at all lol). Then analyze the games, look for habits of your opponent, then THINK about how to punish and exploit them next time. Your opponent likes to backdash? “Hey, I will tra option selects next time” -> works, learned -> improved.

You will definitely not learn all these things by just beeing a punchingball.

A lot of advices are just bulls*** in this forum. Try to build up your own experience and opinion, dont listen to everything.


Oh I have, but eventually most of them will end up saying the same, “Remember to work on footsies and practice combos in training mode!” every now and then one will be nice enough to do some “private” games, but it doesn’t happen that often.


I may have just now jumped into AE, but from my experiences with Inustice and MK9, I always went in a faced low level players first just to help me feel a better hang on my character( I do this anytime I learn a new character). This helped me feel a bit more confident in my abilities and then I would face better folks. I always ask myslef how I lost, was lack of knowing the matchup, did I just throw down like scrub, or was it possibly something else. Above all I spend time in the lab, AE and IGAU have the best training modes I’ve seen in a fighter in a long time and thus far helped me become better more than facing randoms online.