Improving Ground Game

I notice when I play, the only way I close in distance is by jumping and get myself ready to parry an antiair. Problem is it gets deadly redundant and predictable and has givin me alot of losses. Ways to improve my groundgame in closing distance. Only thing I know of is Dashing. And I usually crap time that and get sweeped

with what character?

Usually Ryu, Akuma, and sometime Hugo.

Advive with Remy and Ibuki would be helpful as I sometime just throw them in


build super let them come to you

space out with your normals and start getting in close from there

rush down with akuma might help unless you get predictable with it

and empty jump in grab works sometimes too…with akuma it shouldnt be that hard to get in since he has the air fireballs,demon flips and divekick…if you cant rly get in after all of what i suggested then its probably cuz you’re just too predictable…it shouldnt be too hard to get in with any character anyways…if it still doesnt work just turtle then -__-

Try tapping down at a different time.

if you wanna be able to close on your oponent, you need to teach him that you can pressure on the ground with ur character, so he will have to guess wether ur gonna dash or mid pressure.

like ex fireballs, kens, ryus, goukis st.hp ( even though nobodu does that ) hugos slap, remys st mk.

stuff like that makes ur character more of a ground treat, so when u teach ur oponrnt that u can pressure and be a treat on the ground, you can more safely dash is.

edit: this will also make your oponent think twice before closing in to you as well.

Dive Kick even when Parried is safe. Correct? Cus I recall parry Dive kicks alot but never being able to punish

While Air Parrying? I can do that just fine

Thanks. good advice

if you are going to whiff moves make sure to look at the character matchup and see if the character you are fighting against can punish those moves. some moves are safe and lockdown effectively in the right range, others allow for a free whiff punish.
thats just the general concept to really know what to do your going to have to pick a particular matchup and study it.
the reason most people only have one main isn’t because of learning the combos its because the matchup knowledge is TONS to learn and really knowing it against every character in the cast is a big task.
i reccomend writing down how easy you think you can get in vs. each character in the cast with whoever your main is. then look at who gives you problems and look at match vids to see how the japanese avoid those problems directly. OR (and this is the trickier part) seeing how they control the flow of the match to the point where those problems never come up.

i’ve been watching allot of kuroda dvds lately and sometimes the trickiest thing to notice is that the reason he doesn’t get in a jam I might get into isn’t a direct solution to the problem but something he did like 5 steps before so that my particular problem would never even come up.
i dunno if thats clear or not but i hope it helps.