Improving in 3S


I’ve been playing 3S on Fightcade for a few months now, and I’ve played Akuma all of those months. Recently I’ve been picking up Makoto who I’m cheesing SO HARD with, I feel gross and I’m having a lot of fun with her, too. I plan to try and get a 360 or similar and buy 3SO, so I can practice with a proper training mode. The 3S Fightcade training mode hack is cool, but I feel like having a training mode that 3SO offers is going to be better for me as a player.

That being said, how can I improve in 3S? I feel like sometimes I get spaced too easily, or I get trapped by Oro a lot, etc. It’s just stuff I’m not sure how to get around, so how can I…well, get around it? Make smarter decisions, do better moves, etc.


That’s a really broad question without any single clear answer. You basically need to figure out why you’re losing before anything else. Identify situations you have problems with, then find a way to answer those situations.

If you have any video footage of yourself playing, I suggest going through that. You’ll almost always find something to improve upon.


First thing to do is to get that obnoxious gif out of your signature.


The best way to get better? Play. Fightcade has better comp than 3SO will, although I’ve heard good things about the 360 version of it. But using the training mode in 3SO to get the timing for parries and such is a great idea too.

But ultimately, 3s, like most fighting games, is all about experience. The more you know what each character is capable of and likely to do, the better you’ll be at seeing it coming, possibly parrying it, and reacting to it. And the best way to do that is to play a lot.


In addition to that, don’t forget to ask questions to everyone who beats you.

Most people are nice enough to help


Also best advice is find a local scene if at all possible. Online is something, but you learn so much faster being able to sit down and play 50 matches straight without worrying about lag and keeping up with chats and PMs.


This is easier said than done, especially with an older game like 3s, but if you can find some really great locals guys you can play on the regular, that’s better than anything.


If you ever see me on fightcade I’ll play you and show you stuff, while I may not be a top dog on there but I know a lot about the game and love helping people learn it.

There are others who are willing to help as well if you show them you are willing. Just ask questions and shit.

By all means, avoid the shit-talking scrubs and brazillian dudes.


Hahaha, most of the 3s room on FightCade IS shit talking. xD I just got back into FightCade, what’s your handle on there? Maybe we could play sometime.


It’s just koh on fightcade. I’m on right now.