Improving Ken and Ryu rundown?


Well I made a post before about improving. Just want your guys opinions on how to improve further. I’ve mained Ken but have been messing with Ryu and even Sakura lately. Which one do you guys think I’m better with and have a chance at getting really good with.

Also I have a question for you guys. I can’t seem to link my crouching medium kick into a combo without putting that button on turbo. For instance I go into training and try crouching light kick crouching light punch crouching medium kick into hadoken or tatsu., but the medium kick does not come out. It shows I pressed the button on the screen. And my button isn’t broken. But setting up combos I always seem to mess up the medium kick. It shows I press the button in training mode but the kick never actually comes out. People call me a scrub for using Turbo but there’s no other way I can link combos if the damn medium kick doesn’t work.

Anyway here’s some of my latest matches with Ken Ryu and Sakura.

[media=youtube]1_Mjy-VT7kI]YouTube - SSF4 - Ryu [StricKeN86[/media]

[media=youtube]lWQ-vW5t6oo]YouTube - Super Street Fighter 4 Sakura [StricKeN86[/media]

[media=youtube]gduzQ-WKF2E]YouTube - SSF4 Ken [StricKeN86] vs Cody online ranked [Cody gets destroyed[/media]

[media=youtube]e2OeQfDWiyE]YouTube - Super Street Fighter 4 Ken [StricKeN86[/media]


If I’m not mistaken, cr. jab -> cr. forward is a one frame link. In other words, you have to hit the combo on the exact 1/60th of a second your jab recovers.

You can try double tapping the move or plinking it (there should be plenty of guides on plinking around these parts), but I never found the combo to be execution intensive enough to warrant plinking. The other thing is that I rarely use crouch forward combos off of hit confirm anyways. Usually players will typically go for a tatsu or even shoryu combo if they see their jabs hit. Forward xx fireball is more for pressure, which doesn’t even require specific timing since you’re doing it on block anyways. Not saying you shouldn’t learn the combo as it has its uses, but I’d be more worried about linking your Shoryus off of jabs and finding ways to hit Cr. Fierce xx Tatsu.

One aspect of your game you might want to try to improve is asking yourself why you’re using the strings you’re using. I only skimmed the videos but for the most part I just saw a whole lot of random jabs into the occasional crouch forward. You also tried the sweep combo which doesn’t even work with Ken. If you want counter hits set up those throws. And when you get the hit confirm, you have to know whether or not you want the hard knock down, the corner carry, or the raw damage from the Shoryu.

Otherwise you’ll get random spasms all the time that don’t really lead to anything.


Couple things.

1st, I’ve always been of the philospophy that you should pick a character you feel comfortable with, and stick with them. Get competent with that character before considering changing your mains. I don’t mean to offend you, but I would not consider you competent with any of the characters you were using in these vids. You can definitely get there, though.

Second thing: just from what I saw, you might want to stick with Ken or Ryu. If you’re looking to just shore up your fundemental knowledge of the game, I always recommend Ryu to people. Once you get a good grasp of the fundamentals, you can transition to Ken with little difficulty (to a much lesser extent, this also applies to Akuma, but he has a much, much steeper learning curve than Ryu or Ken for numerous reasons).

Third, I’m gonna come right out and say: stop using turbo. If you want to ever compete in this game or any other, you need to consider it off-limits. That’s like… entering a crotch rocket to the Tour de France. You’d get disqualified on the spot and laughed out of the race.

As duck said, the reason your cr. Medium Kick is not coming out is because the timing to link it from a cr. jab is SUPER strict. For Ryu at least, linking a cr. Medium Punch after two jabs is MUCH easier than cr. Medium Kick, and it does the same damage as well so it’s a much better choice as you have less chance of it missing or otherwise not coming out.

Watch some videos of high-level Ryu players doing some combos to see about what the timing should look like, and just hit the training room untill you can do them in your sleep. This will help up your game tremendously.

I also recommend reading Maj’s Footsies Handbook; it’s a terrific basis for having a solid game.


I never found cr jab, cr mk to be hard as you guys make it sound, it feels ever so natural to me.

Why the hell do you need all those stupid tags that don’t even relate to that video?

Yeah, read up basics… forget combos and random specials. you haven’t understood the big picture yet… Maj’s Footsies Handbook. Get to it :slight_smile:

  1. turn off turbo
  2. training mode for cr.jab
  3. see this?!%20ken%20ken_flowchart%20street_fighter.jpg
    don’t do that
  4. Maj’s footsies handguide
  5. learn matchups. Example: go after Sim’s ass when you knock him down.


SMH @ this thread.

Ryu/Ken have average pokes at best.

Learn to play footsies/rushdown with characters that EXCLUSIVELY rush down, or have a excellent footsie game (Rufus/Fei/Cammy for rush, Bison/Chun for footsies). See what makes these characters tick, then apply it to your shoto game. I guarantee at least sitting down with these characters will not only help your matchup knowledge against them, but your footsie game in general.

As for turbo, though it pretty much inb4’s learning to execute, its still tournament legal (afaik). It’s there for a reason right? Anyway I would suggest moving away from it though, just gradually.


Uhh, most tournaments I know of ban turbo. Just learn to play without turbo.


c.lp -> is actually pretty easy. I don’t even have to PLink it but that’s going beyond the scope of this thread.

At any rate, I just watched your ryu vs sim match and I can already see a lot of problems in your game.

1st off, stop mashing/using turbo jabs. You seem to have an idea on simple bnb’s with Ryu but they aren’t there yet. I would use over as long as they’re in range simply because the timing isn’t as strict.

Jumping into sim is a gamble in itself because he has so many options that can stop you but that sim was hands down terrible and you could have ended the game in like 12 secs.

Try and punish his jump ins with normals of your own. You don’t need to do anything fancy. If you counter enough of their hits, it should go off in their head that you’ll punish them on every jump in.

You should also invest time into training mode. Like a lot of time. Rushing and turtling come in time and you don’t know the basics enough to start rushing down an opponent when you don’t have a game plan. Practice your links and bnbs so that they will hit 9x% of the time. Cross up every now and again. Use some tick throws. A good c.roundhouse is always good from time to time.

The thing with rushing down is that you have to guess correctly a good chunk of the time, you have to adapt to your opponent quickly, and you have to be able to keep the pressure going. Once you’ve established the pressure, you can start doing gimmicks.

There’s a bunch of things you can do but research your character more and watch high level match videos from top Ryu players such as Daigo, Alex Valle, Air, and etc. Watching combo videos will get you nowhere.

And check out Maj’s Footsies Guide. It’s a great read and it’ll help you out a bunch. I know it did for me. You seem pretty new so here’s a link

Maj’s Footsies Guide


Theres really no point in learning c.jab > with Ryu, hes got a shit ton of better combos. But after watching those videos you are very far away from understanding situational combos much less performing any.You are at the stage where you should just be playing, watching videos of GOOD, well known players and spending 15-30 minutes of practice time with simple combos here and there. Thats it. You have a long way to go.



Oh after you mash your way to a shit ton of points like most people with a lot of bp do hit me up so I can take I mean help you, in ranked.


I watched a couple videos and I have to say, it was painful. You’re dropping all your combos and doing wake up reversal SRKs, jumping back and forth.

Work on execution.
Turn off your turbo, it’s not going to help you become a better player.
Don’t use jumps as a way to move around, stay on the ground.
Stop mashing jabs, or maybe it’s your turbo.