Improving my Charge


Somewhat of a noobie here, I’ve been playing Street Fighter 4(PC) for a while now, and I’m loving it and I really want to improve my game.

So, I’ve learned most of the basics for most of the characters except for charge characters. They always baffle me for some reason, but I really want to figure out how to use one well. I love M Bison’s personality, look, and like how all his moves look and flow together, so I really want to try him out, but I can never seem to get the hang of the mechanic. I know that one diagonal back charge trick which helps so that I can actually perform some of them, but that wont help me get into a competitive playstyle with him.

So can any of the players here on Shoryuken help me out with some tips/tricks that you’ve come across while being large and “in charge” for your past few street fighting years?

Any help is appreciated and thank you for anyway who helps, in advance. =]

EDIT: Also for added info, I’m using a 360 Madcatz SF4 fight pad if that helps (usually sees this question)


Learn hit confirming and always keep a charge while doing so


Well, I’ve been reading around a bit more on here, and realized that charge characters rely more on normals than the instant input characters, and instead use their specials for well…special situations or powerhousing(ie getting out of being stuck in a corner), is that about right?

And I keep hearing “charge partitioning”, what exactly does that mean?

Sigh, sorry about all these extremely nooby questions. I’m really at the bottom of the barrel with these chargers…got to start somewhere though


For the most part this is true, with the majority of charge characters you don’t want to randomly throw out your specials as most if not all are punishable on block by many characters if not used right. An obvious exception would be charge projectiles.

However, you don’t ONLY want to use them for “special situations”, almost all of charge characters’ combos will end with a charge special, the whole point of using your normals to hit confirm is so you can combo into a special and get some damage done.

I don’t even remember what charge partitioning is sorry, if I recall correctly I don’t think it’s even possible in SSF4, I think it’s a SF2 thing, I could be wrong there though.

Also, stick is far easier than pad for charge characters due to square gate, because using your thumb to hold down back and hoping it doesnt slip out of place isn’t fun.


Oh, I see. Thank you very much for your input =D

So I guess the next thing I should ask is how exactly do I combo them xD
I mean, I can full well do a crouch attack into a charge special but lets say…for one of Honda’s normal trials, its jumping kick, heavy punch then charge left-right punch

how exactly am i suppose to do that exactly, or do i just have to figure out how exactly to time a standing charge right?


Charge partitioning is not in SF4 and it can be quite complicated. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Charge characters still play just like command characters except you’re forced to not throw out random unsafe special(not that people don’t still do it with charge characters).

When I play Ken I’m going to hit confirm into a HP shoryuken because otherwise I might miss it and take some serious damage as a punish.
It’s no different if I’m playing Balrog. I’m going to hit confirm into his headbutt because otherwise I might miss it and take some serious damage as a punish.

During your combo (the hit confirming part) you’re gathering your charge. Because you can charge during your combo there is no reason to sit on down back and you are free to move around, just as command characters are.

Once you get used to them you’ll realize they really aren’t that different, it’s just another way to perform special moves.


Right after you press up (or up-forward to jump), start charging back while you do the other stuff. You just need to get into the rhythm of charging while doing other things.