Improving my ibuki (help needed)

hey guys, new to the forums and just wondered if any of you could help me improve my ibuki, here is a video of my last fight, not the best quality as it is recorded on my phone but nevertheless constructive criticism would be helpful. I started ibuki about a week ago and my gamertag is perrywinkle jr if anyone wants to spar sometime. [media=youtube]UgNZ66hhaiQ[/media]

I saw a few things you shouldn’t do anymore. Empty Neckbreakers are incredibly punishable, probably an execution mistake but instead if you want to hit low start with a punch or something. Another thing is jumping in with LK, then doing st.MP. There is a very huge gap between the block-stun made by j.LK and the active frames of st.MP, that Ken could have been mashing throw to hit you.

You did LP MP cr.HK to start Ibuki’s Vortex. That does a lot less damage than LP MP HP Tsumuji/Neckbreaker.

Please refrain from doing wake-up Hashinsho entirely, =). You’ll notice when watching that that Ken player was very careless. If you had grasped that in the first round, you could have played defensive and punished him everytime. At the end you could have just blocked and won the round, Hashinsho wouldn’t have beat his Ultra.

thanks for the advice, that wake up hashinsho was accidental, i wanted a tsumuji (shoryuken kick) if thats the right name for it but i never learn and always by reaction do that input instead

Gotcha, we probably have played before. Many, many Ibuki players get Hashinsho by accident because they use a 3K button.

never use that TC to start the vortex. it is a techable knockdown ( even tho u get a sweep animation) neckbreaker is untechable and you can control the timing. Also, you do a lot of random neckbreaker.

i was actually trying to launch him with a ST. HK after but lag kicked in and the combo didn’t carry on so i tried to make the most of it, and yeah at long range i have a tendency to do the neckbreaker

I suggest using the crossup a lot. It’s been helping me a lot and I’m still a noob with Ibuki xD

EX Neckbreaker > HK Dash > Perfect crossup

uploading 2 more videos now, i’ll edit this post, please guys criticise as much as possible i need the help
i just got an arcade stick so some combo dropping is due to getting used to that, and the random hashinsho’s :slight_smile:
thanks for everything so far guys.

Learn to walk and play footsies. I see you doing a lot of random neckbreaker, command dashes and regular dashes to move around. It seems to me that you need to work on your fundamentals more than anything.

really, these matches are sloppy as hell, everything you do is very random. You need to learn to think about situations rather than just do whatever…fundamentals

Luckily, the people you are playing against also kinda suck

Yeah, you’re doing way too much of everything for no reason. Also, do you have turbo on Jab or do you just mash it that fast all the time?

@op: stop worrying about what you wanna do (which seems to be only one thing: land a combo) and instead worry about how you can counter what your opponent wants/tries to do. As others have said, you’re hella random, in the bad sense. You seem to just push buttons just cuz you feel like it. Stop that. Think first, act later.

And holy hell stop mashing jab. You’re Ibuki, not Boxer.

thanks for the criticism guys, i’ll try some more matches just reading and countering my opponent, oh and the jabbing is just when my mind goes blank and i cant think what to do, bad i know :confused:

edit: right i’ve started focusing more on countering people instead of going alll out offense but after countering something they usually block (obviously) any advice on getting in to damage them back instead of me basically turtling?

That’s when matchup knowledge and spacing comes into play. As well as a little bit of footsies work.

Your first goal should be learning what your opponent’s effective range is. For example, if you were playing against Chun, you’d want to stay outside of her cr.HK range. This is because cr.HK is her farthest range poke, and if you stay just outside of this range, she cannot hit you, but you’ll still be close enough to whiff punish things or pressure or do whatever. Basically you’ll be close enough to be a threat, as opposed to sitting at full screen.

Your next goal should be trying to read your opponent, and possibly bait things out. Footsies handbook: Surely your opponent isn’t holding down back all day are they? Footsies element 03: once you sense your opponent’s hesitation and desire to just simply hold down back, walk/dash up and throw them.

Most likely, your opponent won’t be so defensive unless you’ve trained them first. By walking back and forth, in and out of their effective range (eg: in/out of Chun’s cr.HK range) you can bait them into doing a move first. Whiffed moves are your usually the best times to strike. Whether it be jumping in, dashing up, or simply whiff punishing.

Once you think you got a read on your opponent, go ahead and try to punish what they’re doing. If they’re walking/dashing up, use cr.MP/st.MP xx tsumuji/neckbreaker. If they’re walking back, follow them to the corner. If they jump, antiair that shit. If they push buttons, counter poke. cr.MP and st.MP are Ibuki’s primary poking tools. They have good range and decent priority. They are best used as a counterhit tool or possibly whiff punish tool than to stuff things. f+LK is Ibuki’s best low punisher (eg: beats shoto’s cr.MK). cr.MK, slide, and cr.HK are excellent tools to stuff high pokes, such as Chun’s st.HP or Yun’s st.MP. Remember that your end goal is to secure a knockdown. For the most part, you’ll want to be buffering specials (either tsumuji or neckbreaker) whenever possible, so that if anything hits and doesn’t trade, it’ll combo into a knockdown. With cr.MK/slide though, you’ll have to link a (1-2f link or so, depending on spacing), and with cr.HK you can either just cr.HK or go for TC10 xx SJC cd mixup.

See how complicated things get once you start considering your opponent? At the high level, you’ll have to account for your opponent’s goals and actions, and not just your own goals and actions. You can’t just blindly push buttons and neckbreaker here and jump there, hoping to land a combo, against anybody decent. There’s several steps to take before you can even begin to think about getting damage (eg: spacing, baiting, footsies, knockdown, safejump/okizeme). And while massing knockdowns is Ibuki’s primary goal, knockdowns should/will be a rare sighting. More often than not, you’ll be spending the majority of the match on the first two steps: staying spaced and baiting things/playing footsies.

wow, thanks for all the advice, no one ever really told that to me as well as you did so i guess that’s why it was non existant in my play, i’ll make sure to work on that thanks again