Improving my tech throwing


Question about teching throws in third strike. I’ve heard about late-tech and crouch tech. For late-teching does it mean that during the throw animation I can input throw? Cuz I’m so confused as to why I get thrown repeatedly, and the worst part is I think I’m inputting the tech at the right time, but I still get thrown and it pisses me off :bluu:

Like is there a trick to teching throws more efficiently. Like for crouch tech I can still do it if I’m holding the joystick diagonal back, right? Or am I suppose to press down and tech? Or I guess it might be me misjudging the range my opponent is in, and I might be inputting it early X_x.



I get that “I swear I countered that!” feeling a lot. Drives me nuts.


Throws have a 2 frame startup and 5 frame window to tech after that startup as well. Late tech means just teching at the latest possible time during that 5 frame window, In many cases that’s a good choice because either you’ll 1. be in block stun, 2. start your own block string since they’re not attack(If you were crouch + throw teching aka the OS Throw Tech 3. do a throw tech and 4. Get hit due to an intentionally late attack. The trick i dunno how well it’d work in 3s is to Throw tech after you’d expect an attack to hit + a little delay so it’s a late throw tech incase they went for a throw, or nothing incase they went for a block.


I’ll try the last suggestion you gave.


Just wondering. Does crouch teching work in third strike?


gootecks gave some great advice once on G4, basically he said if you’re using a fightstick (which you really should be) keep your index finger of your button hand over the two Light buttons so if you have to counter a throw, you can just use the whole finger to hit both LP and LK instead of trying to press two buttons with different fingers, it’s awkard at first but it works miracles.

Hope this helped!


Yup, crouch teching works in 3rd Strike.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re holding down-back or down. If it looks like you’re crouching, you’re crouching.


Thank you…to be honest. That actually might be the problem. I usually mess up ex combos like with dudley cuz I don’t press two buttons at the same time.


Also, yah, I’m using a stick. Its the only way to go. I’m gonna go into training mode to practice one finger tech throwing lol


Actually, inputting throws is pretty lenient in 3S. In fact, certain characters’ karathrows are off of LK(Makoto, Yun, Yang), which requires drumming LK into LP. That should show you how lenient the input actually is. The same goes for kara-UOHs. Chun can add more range into her UOH by drumming MK to MP, and Q by drumming MP to MK.

Also, Gootecks is known for throwing a LOT, which makes me not surprised that he actually has a method for inputting them faster. haha (no disrespect)


Yah, I went into training mode, and I noticed an improvement. I also noticed I’m retarded and can’t judge the range when I should input the throw tech. I set the dummy to do typical things that throw people off before throwing. Like whiffing a jab slightly away…walking back and forth. Running back and forward, and etc.


Tech throws are also something I need to work on. This help a ton.


I disagree with this. The default hand position for most people should be hovering over lp + lk anyway. In fact you’re more likely to hit one button before the other using one finger, since it might come down at an angle. When you use your index, you have to flatten your hand, shifting your position,while using your thumb and index keeps your hand in the natural position.

It might be good once you’re really used to teching, but if you’re still learning timing, this can be more a crutch than a benefit.


I dunno…I guess I’ll just figure it out somehow. :wasted: It all takes time in the end.