Improving on Hit Confirms (HOW?)


I main Ryu and I always have trouble hit confirming a LP or LK into a combo (Cr. HP xx Tatsu, Cr. HP xx SRK, etc).

It’s easy to do in training mode obviously because I can just walk up and do it, but in a real match I can never actually continue after a LP or LK because sometimes I don’t even realize that it connected, then I miss my chance to actually combo and get some damage in.

It’s costing me a lot of my matches, esp. cuz my only damage comes from punishing anti air with SPS, SRK/SPS, Cr. HP xx SRK and Cr. MK xx Hado.

Is there an actual way to practice or improve specifically on hit confirming light attacks into combos?

Or do I just keep playing matches keeping hit confirms into mind and making it a goal to try and bring it into my game?

Thanks for helping this noob in advance


put your training dummy on random block…and try to adjust your reactions…if the cpu blocks…go into a safe string…if they dont…go into a damaging combo…just gotta train your reactions better…


Yep, random block.

Do your combo. You should be able to hitconfirm into whatever you want without trying. (Play Cody if you want to see how this feels.)

If you can just barely do it, it means you need to call your prediction assist. or, rather, you try to follow through when you think it’ll hit. (You have to be focusing and paying attention to your opponent’s tendencies.)

If you can’t do it, you have two options:

  • Practice.

  • Stop doing that combo. (Do a safe or easier combo instead.)

cr. LK, cr. LP, cr. MP xx Hadoken is not the most damaging combo, but it’s something, and it’s much better than just dropping what you were going for.

Remember that confirming off of one LP or LK is not a confirm. You need at least two.

Also, recall where you’re landing this hit. Are you using cr. LK for meaty pressure? Confirming off of a crouch tech? Attacking in close at advantage?

Damage comes from a lot of different places- it’s important to have accurate expectations. I don’t think confirming off of lights is going to turn your losses into wins, considering that the damage output is limited. Every little bit helps, but I believe your problem most likely lies elsewhere.


The most common is being able to combo a light punch or kick into Cr. HP xx Tatsu, as well as hado or srk (all of them can come from Cr. hp).

Btw how can I incorporate crouch tech and frame traps as a Ryu? I kind of know what crouch tech is but never learned properly, all I know is to crouch and press LK and LP together?


Like others have mentioned, put the dummy on random block and visually confirm it. Example:, cr.lp is your hitconfirm, if you see the hit you can assume the rest will connect also, so then do this:, cr.lp, cr.hp xx tatsu(or something else)

If the first button gets blocked you’ll do, cr.lp, xx hadoken.

These are just some examples and you can have endless variations to these, mainly on block because on hit you always want to go for the best combo depending on the situation.
You want to be able to press 2 lights at most for a hitconfirm, any more and you give up alot of combo opportunities, conterhit setups and ways to continue pressure, it’s harder to stay in close.

Few blockstrings and variations you might want to try:
*You don’t have to start with a, cr.lp chain, it works good because there is a low in this blockstring, on somebody his wakeup works nice too for example., cr.lp ->throw attempt, cr.lp ->walk very slightliy forward,, crlp etc( this is staggering your blockstring and essentially a frame trap, you can also do a, walk forward very slightly and another, cr.lp, xx hadoken, cr.lp, -> f.hp(solar plexus) The reason this is good is because a common answer to Ryu his blockstring into hadoken is focusing the fireball, the solar plexus beats the focus attack., cr.lp -> people that are not pressing buttons, you can throw them all day and also do overheads), cr.lp ->walk backwards (this is something that works extremely well, the reason for this is because you walk backward they think they can press a button, but you are out of range. This way you can whiffpunish them with a xx (ex)hadoken or You can also walk forward again and go for a throw attempt, you can even walk back and do a solar plexus)

As you see there is no set path to your offense you have to alter it based on what the opponent does under pressure and how you can turn that into your advantage

A frame trap is where you leave a small gap in your offense so if the opponent presses any normal or non invincible special they’ll get counterhit. A frametrap is a way of opening people up, frame traps are only really effective if you have established a throw game, otherwise you don’t give the opponent any reason to start pressing buttons. You can do a, to create a nice gap

A crouch tech is being able to tech a throw attempt from a crouching position. This is done by pressing the universal command of a throw, a lp+lk. In a crouching position pressing this will result in a
Being able to crouch tech properly oly comes with experience but the thing to keep in mind is pressing a crouch tech on the rythm of the opponents offense, so don’t mash it! So close range you might want to press a crouch tech a bit faster because of the light attacks involved but the further they get away the slower you’ll want to press it. Ideally you don’t want to press a crouch tech from further ranges as a throw attempt is highly unlikely


Question, is there any difference between a crouch tech and a delay tech?

Assuming both are forms of option selects.


Square and a rectangle.

A delay tech is just a crouch tech with adjusted timing. When you start crouch teching, what you’ll notice is that sometimes you’ll hear a whiff sound and then get thrown. (You’ll subsequently go, “I teched that!” and then chuck your controller. Maybe?)
That’s because if you crouch tech too early, a cr. LK will come out, and it’s possible to be thrown out of its startup. (If you are crouch teching at disadvantage, you’ll be less likely to interrupt anything from the opponent such as 3-frame throws.)

So, it’s best if you cr. LK* late*, so that you still tech the throw.

If you stand tech early, it will be easier to tech any incoming throws, as you can’t be thrown out of a throw’s startup (barring situations like Abel’s command grab). but, you lose all the benefits of crouch teching (i.e. no option select) if you stand tech.


You can always hit confirm into a shoryuken, it’s very easy to do. - c.lp - hp shoryuken, you have two hits to confirm and it’s a safe blocksting in case it is blocked. Ryu’s shoryuken has less range than Ken’s but you can still hit confirm into a dp after three light attacks in most cases.