Improving reactions

wat up yall
as i think that especially as a sagat player one needs very good reactions, im not quite sure how to work on them besides playing Marvel.
seriously tho does anyone have or know techniques on how to train point blank ( not anticipated) reactions?


Honestly reaction comes with time. I would imagine working on hit confirming would improve your reactions.

Remember that time you acted like an idiot and failed? Hilarious. STAY IN"FREE"ACTIONED!

1 way to make it easier it predicting and knowing what they will do next. For example, if you know yun is gona do that running dash punch, Know it before hand and keep it in your head, get it ready, 1ce you see it, react and ultra or whatever.

red bull apparently according to poongko
I think alot of times its not so much reactions as it is predictions, picking up patterns etc

Red bull is serious business, helps so much. Probably cause it gets your metabolism up or something.

Play ST.

Increase your heart rate, slow the world down. Take drugs like Caffeine. But TBH, you don’t want to improve your reactions that way. Just do Fencing or Boxing lol.

A huge part of reactions in anticipation. On a nonsense jump, you have like 40 frames to react. On other stuff you could have as little as 10 frames to react. I personally can’t react to much that comes out faster than that. But a huge part of it is anticipating the opponent’s move. If you don’t know a 10 frame move is coming, you won’t react.

i had posted the same topic in the newbie dojo and someone had an interesting reply. its def. worth checking out