Improving spacing and defense

hey guys. Two of the biggest problems I have in my game at the moment is spacing my opponent and being able to play very solid defense.

I play Chun, and I do have a good feel of her normals and when to use them. However, I still end up getting pushed into the corner, I lose to players with better footies, or being too predictable with my poking.

I do have a few vids on my youtube page. but other than that, any tips or things I should keep an eye on?

To get a real good feel for spacing i used ryu. his to hadoken forces you to space in order to use as a block string. at least it did for me

i only watched one vid vs. a ryu on your youtube page - looks like you are a bit focus happy. it’s ok as long as you protect your life bar, but you always seemed to get hit; and a couple times you just whiffed the focus attack with no dash cancel. When you focus a fireball and dash back, it puts you back towards the corner. sometimes it’s better to block the fireball to maintain position. And you used chun’s fireball kind of too freely as well - it’s good at full screen so you can move up, but you did it a couple times midscreen and got punished, so be careful with that.