Improving Strategy for CVS2


A lot of players complain about they lose to different types of strategies that opponents use. The reason for this thread is to see if the better players can offer input on strats for players to improve their game.

So i would like different players to offer some type of insite on improving the gaming community.

Ill start by saying this being to aggresive can make or break a player IMO. I watch a lot of players play and i got to say the key to there game would be patience and some aggresiveness. When players like Alex Valle play it is like poetry in motion:eek: the whole footsie game and keeping the player at bay is a work of art. I watch these videos and i must say it is easier said then done.

Watching the vids of the top players has improve my game a lot. Not learning the combos, but the overall range of different punches and kicks.

So if you guys have some good useful information then place it hear:D


ya, i voted for vega(claw of course) his pokes are so long and anoying and they come out faster than expected, same for recovery.

but all those other char. have great pokes also, like sagats
has crazy range, to site just one…


I say Cammy, because while Vega has better basic pokes, but Cammy has the crazy frame advantage on her fierce, AND, she can combo of supers and do way more damage than Vega.


gotta say blanka his cross up has good prioty and that cr.f is just long as fuck and it has good prioty annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the cr. mk is good also j.rh is good also specially when you low jump annnnnnnnd low jump cross up is real good :smiley:


I voted for Blanka, as he has the greatest sweep range (Next to Iori perhaps oh and bison, but a good bison player doesn’t sweep more then once a round) and his cr.hp has excellent range. You can use the Rolls to punish whatever, and use his… er… whatever kx3 jump thing is called.

I agree with aggressiveness vs defensive play. For me, I think that the two cancel each other out, a good offense will be stopped by a good defense. The key to most fighting games in my opinion is Counter Attack. So that’s pretty much what I base my game around. Sure, there are sometimes where I go on the offensive to push my advantage, but for the most part I have to maintain discipline to not get carried away. I think that the best way to get better at CvS is to concentrate on the basic movements that people have. I mean seriously, well timed backwalking or front dashing can really make it difficult to land cross up combos (or anything for that matter) also, when you manevuer right in battle you can throw almost at will. It’s tricky, but learning how to move is pretty important in my opinion.

/concepts that I enjoy
The taunt trick Sure Taunting is cruel and a nice way to say “Hey man! I’m a complete asshole!” Now I see the computer taunt after throws sometimes, and I think that’s just weak, because by the time the taunt is over, there’s no way to punish it. So. I’m the midrange/close range taunter. I use this to piss off my opponent and get him thinking about how much he hates that I’m a jackass rather then “maybe I should uppercut when he jumps” This is obviously not a tactic that can be abused or even anticipated, but believe me, you shut down opponents, knocking them down with a followed taunt, and another and another… it really messes with the head. So much so that the entire game might be thrown off by it. Sometimes, the goal of my opponent is merely to return the taunt, but it gets in the way of the game if they try to match up three taunts to my three understand?

I aint doing shit foo This kinda ties in to my Ryu strategy, and since he’s my main why not? This is pretty much not being pressed by time or health. Sometimes, merely standing still, parrying fireballs etc is enough to earn respect from your opponent. He will consider attacking you, but how? If you’re just standing there ready for whatever and you’ve proven your worth with parry, or counter attack or punish it’s good to remember you don’t have to attack. If time runs out and you have more health, you win right? So why rush? Don’t. Let the opponent get all antsy, let him get careless. Maintain focus and hold the center of the screen. Basically it comes down to giving the other guy just enough rope to hang himself.

deadmans last stand Comebacks are hard. If you are cornered and down on life the worst thing you can do is just block and wait for death. I’ve noticed that when you are really pushed to win, Hadou no Satsu takes over sometimes (j/k) Seriously though, if you manage to push your opponent back, keep going, you got nothing to lose right? Sure you can play defensive BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT. Too much and your opponent may just follow suit with a dash of taunting for good measure. The idea is that you get your opponent so caught up in fending you off that fighting back doesn’t come into the equation. Once you’ve done a quarter life bar I suspect that you will be able to simply walk up and throw because the other guy is gonna be blocking/parrying. Throw him, taunt, counter attack, continue.


Eagles sweep outranges his… but um… I dont know what those strategies you were talking about are… taunting so that they can punish you? What are you an idiot?


Heh no I’m not an idiot. But lets face it, if I post anything technical such as

So I racked my brain to try and post stuff about theory rather then technical data. And the ideas I posted above are just tactics that I use to win. Do I taunt at close range with my opponent in striking distance. No. Do I taunt after I knocked him down? Sometimes. Do I taunt even if he’s up and about? Sometimes. Why? Because like I said, using the taunt effeciently can make your opponent get mad, and getting mad is a good way to get distracted.

See I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems to me that sometimes, CvS2 turns into a turtle fest, two people squaring off poking here and there waiting for a mistake. If I taunt with Akuma for instance, I can do that at point blank and not really worry because the frames for the taunt are so quick… So what’s that mean? Well basically I taunt; see that my opponent is TRYING to punish, I punish back (with a dragon punch or something) it all depends on the character and frames with the taunts, some can be more “in-your-face” then other. DO NOT INSERT TAUNTS INTO POKE STRINGS. The idea is do it without any possibility of getting CA’ed.

If you are having a hard time understanding what I am talking about then perhaps you should go download a dictionary or something.

P.S. Eagle wasn’t on the list son




This random black guy at my arcade did Sagat taunt, level 2 once. I was like, “OOOHHHHH!!! :eek: :eek: :cool:

Then he lost for being an idiot.


Geese’s taunt combo vs C/P-groove is top tier.


sagat cuz of standing lk, lp, c. fierce, standing hp, standing mk,,,,, etc


Aggresive play historicly has been the best way to play. Just look…Alexander, William Wallace, Ghengis Khan, Gary Kasparov, Bulls in the 90s, 80’s 49ers etc. etc.

If you want books on strategy and tactics The Art of War by Sun Tzu and The Book of Five Rings by Myamato Musashi are great books. You can also get them free of the internet.

Overall in all SF games but A3, i’d say Guile’s the best. He’s played aggresively no matter what, offensively or defensively. I don’t use that fucker anymore because he’s a fucker, that fucking fucker is fucking annoying.



…I voted for cammy.


But this is CvS2… pure turtlefest. It’s less about rushing down and more about baiting and punishing. When playing for fun it’s OK, but in every tourney I’ve entered everyone turtle’s more or less. Probably has to do with the fact that Canadians like to turtle?


You don’t have to turtle to be not aggresive, i can’t really explain it. Ghengis Khan played like Rolento, they rush down , run away. If you read any top-tier General’s Maxims, they will allways talk about the importance of Defense. Why they were aggresive and successful is because they took calculated risks


I rarely taunt, I’d rather keep pressure on than give my opponent free super gauge and run a screen away~


I taunt allways, I also Taunt Activate or Taunt Super.


Giving the enemy meter is almost always bad. I can’t see how it will help you, regardless of the psycological value it has.


i think hes kidding.


well there ya go… you make the opponent attack you by taunting. This way there is no need to move forward.