Improving your reactions

Recently, I felt as if I’ve been counting more on predictions than reactions. I figured that would lead to horrible habits, so I was wondering if someone can offer good reaction improving methods.

Just play. Go online or get up with some locals and play some matches with the sole intent of just trying to react appropriately to whatever they do. But fighters aren’t all about reactions, there are situations where you can’t react and just have to take that educated guess.

Improving your actual reaction time is difficult, as it is probably the part of fighting games where natural talent is most relevant. You can, however, learn as much as you can about your options and your opponent’s options in various situations. Reacting to something is much easier if you know in advance what you need to react to and what to do when it happens. A combination of prediction and reaction is better than relying on one or the other exclusively.

Reaction follows execution. There really is no way to train yourself to react other than to play human opponents. Anything you set up in training mode will be flawed because you will know what to expect, and you will not be training yourself to react, but instead to do a move within a specified window.

However, you can improve your reaction skills by improving your execution. What you need to do is practice srk’s and other motions until they become muscle memory, and you can do them instinctively without focusing on correctly doing the input. At that point you will begin to see your reaction times become lower, and your moves will come out when you need them, and mostly only then.

Something I used to like to do years ago when I was first learning the input commands for various special moves is set in training mode and attempt to do a single move 100 times in a row, with 5 seconds or so in between each move. When I could accomplish this, I felt I had mastered that motion. This is much harder to do than you think.

I think that one has a lot to do with the other. If you can “download” your opponent and spot attack patterns you can train yourself to be on the lookout for the telltale signs that they are about to do X move or Y combo and mentally prepare yourself to react. && at the same time that is like hit confirming in that whether they follow through the way you expected them to or not, you will be able to adjust to the situation in the way that most benefits you.

as far as reaction times, ive hit a bit of a plateau there myself because while ive definitely grown in that dept. since i started playing, im having a hard time reacting to certain moves that i SHOULD be able to stuff. but im with Alvein on the issue, Im just gonna keep playing and beating the correct reaction into muscle memory.

I read another thread about doing AA normals and they said even if you dont think your AA will come out fast enough, do it anyways and your reactions will grow quicker and quicker with muscle memory untill you are able to time your moves perfectly. good luck mate!

well the simplest way I could put it is if you know the match up for the character your using against your opponent your predictions turn into great possibilities. because there isn’t that many play styles for each character either they are going to turtle or be very offensive. now if you know there habits which you should probably catch on to it if they have a pattern like wake up headbutts/shoryukens etc you can just take a wild guess and try to punish your opponents moves. your reaction time will get better if you learn how to take a some what decent risk. because if you hesitate too much you might over think your moves and become some what sluggish thus become MIND FUCKED! Well that’s my input when i play i have this mindset you will be damned if you do and damned if you don’t so try being less hesitant and swift like the wind. predictions lead to reactions there is no possible way you can fully rely on pure reaction unless you know what the other person is thinking. just let it flow

Play ST.

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If you don’t mind your win % too much (you really shouldn’t) you can train your brain by inputting the correct counter (be it a DP, crouch fierce or other normal, airthrow, etc.) even if it’s too late and will result in you getting hit. If you strive to do it earlier and earlier, your mind can get wrapped around hitting it at the right time.

I think the main thing is to know the situation at hand. Know what moves your opponent has and which they’re most likely to use at any given point. When you can focus on 2 or 3 likely moves it’s a lot easier than when you’re trying to react to “whatever happens”. Also, you should know your character’s moves to the point where you can instinctively dish out damage when the opportunity arises.

be a goalie in hockey. it will help you with twitch muscles and muscle memory to do things on reaction without thinking. my SF peers say that i have good reaction time and im thinking it has to do with me being a goalie.

The thing that helped me most in reactions is being more familiar with match ups. After you’ve played a lot of matches against a certain character you become more aware of what they’re capable of in different situations. With that knowledge in the back of your mind you’ll begin to subconsciously be on the lookout and anticipate certain actions from your opponent. For me it was a matter of experience to build my reaction to punishing moves along with anticipating and reacting to situations. Training mode didn’t help me personally at all for “reacting” to whiffed moves.