In a online match and

i watched a couple of high level chun li matches before i was going to say this but,in a online match i used jump back roundhouse,in range of scissors kick and it straight blew it up every time. o_0 i’m a new chun player btw

oh i see chuns use neutral jump roundhouse a few times for the scissors was watching a vivi(chunli) vs a bison match…and doing that must not be all that easy depending on the bison anyways…but idk

yeah diagonal has a very nasty hitbox, use it as a insta overhead.

Spread eagle (nj hk) is an okay air-to-air. j. hp (diagonal, x 2 for target combo) is preferable wherever you can insert it though, because of the juggle state and the followups.

neutral is more than okay air to air tho

thanks for the nice info guys

just ok? I would say its very good. Granted neutral/diag j. hp x2 is better, but nj hk is no slouch its self lol.

Being conservative here, because I used it to much and TC not nearly as enough. I also tend to use diag j. hk more because of jumping back/overhead properties.

sort of related, but I feel like diag. jump mk is under utilized. Its very useful against characters with good air to air. It blows up Guile’s air throw.

i tend to use a lot it does have a good range despite the fact that its a shitty cross up tool

It puts Chun’s hurtbox well out of harm’s way so it definitely rocks as a great air to air.