In A REAL top tier match ... of LOW tiers

( don’t count remy in … if he’s used by high skilled player…nuff said )

if this about to happen …match of the low tiers …

sean VS hugo

sean VS Q

sean VS alex ( he’s low mid tier …but remy is way on-top of alex >_>)

what are the probabilty of sean to win ?

and also NEVER underestimate Hugo , because i’ve seen how hugo players ESPECIALLY YSB who are able to fought dudley fiercely and wins !

and Q …nuff said , you heard about it in SBO3 , and i also GOT owned by a Q player in singapore and the player got 21 wins with Q ! …

eer about sean … some minor props , Hk player can play sean pretty well , just like ryu got his hadouken removed and his shoryuken slows down . it’s been a very long time that i haven’t seen any top-tier sean players … However , i downloaded slimx’s match vid , i got a video of sean VS Q … StreakSRM uses Sean and slimx uses Q …

streakSRM’s sean loss though … but a good mix up and footsies … standing fierce ! hehe

No way does Alex belong in the same category. If you want a battle of the low tiers, you should have Sean, Q, Twelve, and Hugo in there. Alex might not be a great character, but he’s better than those four.

I’m no Twelve or Hugo expert, and I’m only just ok with Sean, so I couldn’t go into the intricacies of their matchups against each other; all I really know is Q. And in my opinion, Q beats Hugo, beats Sean, and ties with Twelve.

why are you all so concerned about how easy it is to play with a character, so what if theyre lower tiers, they arent really lower what should be said is “i dont like this character because it reflex my inability to adapt” if u cant use shaun, Q, twelve then you better get practising if you wanna call yourself good :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not whether or not they’re easy to play with, it’s more about how effective the character actually is. For example, Ibuki and Urien are difficult characters to play as, but a good player can take you down quickly.

As for the existence of low-tiers… they do exist. Each character classified as low-tier has one (or several) flaws that make them less effective against the rest of the cast. For example:

Q: Slow; big target; can fall into corner-traps; only one useful cancelable normal
Hugo: Slow; big target; corner is dangerous for him
Twelve: Weak attacks; takes a lot of damage; limited combos; low priority (I think?)
Sean: Slower than other shotos; bad normals; many specials are easily punishable

That being said, each character has their advantages too, such as Q and Hugo’s defense, Twelve’s speed & air-dash, and Sean’s… pink gi. Like you said, you need to learn your character to be good… but with certain characters, you just need to work extra hard to win. These characters are the low-tier characters.

As for being a “good player”, you don’t need to master every character to be good. All you need to do is practice w/ one character, learn how to use him effectively, and then I would call you good.

I’ve yet to see Hugo get in a corner unless he’s in the spanking room, because your average player would know & be too scared to get close to him

sean has a faster and farther reaching forward dash then the other shoto’s

Worst character in the game + lp.roll + basketball = fun