In about 8-10 yers, i will be right. It will happen, and all of you should prepare

Yes, i have something very serious to tell all of you, and i hope you’ll all take this into consideration. I’m here making a thread of events that will happen in the near future, and i will also add some reasonable details why it will come to pass.

I strongly think that Jayden Smith (Will smith’s son), and probably Justin Beaber will be sent to prison around the age of 17+. Reasons why? Nearly all the child celebrities (or child of celebrities) became massive douche bags when they grew up. Take a look at Lindsay Lohan, Hulk Hogan’s son - Nick, Danny Bonaduce, britney spears, brad refno, robert blake, the hanson brothers… etc. The only good child celebrity that didn’t become a skank or douche was Mandy moore. So i strongly see todays child stars actually being sent to prison sometime in the future. Most likely Jaden, he was pretty arrogant in one of the Karate kid interviews. He’ll probably get arrested for stealing something or beating his future girlfriend/wife, or possibly for taking it street and stabbing somebody. So what do you guys think?

I meant YEARS!

I predict that Jayden Smith will become the next big action star that finally bridges the gap between HK and America cinema and that Justin Beber will die from an overdose in the next 2 years or be raped…to death.

Ya, i had that prediction about Justin. I think he would either die from a suicide, or probably go Lance Bass. But i seriously think Jayden will go to jail one day, like speeding at the least.

LOL @ 8-10 years. The world is ending in 2 years.


RAGE :mad::mad::mad: