In Alpha 3, what were the special win poses?

I just read in a book and saw in a pic that if Ryu beats Ken with a level 3 super, you see Ryu helping Ken up.

Any other ones.Thanks

Most are special intros.
Ryu vs Evil Ryu
Akuma vs Evil Ryu
Gen vs Akuma (can’t remember if this was a2 or a3)
Guy vs Cody
Ryu vs Sagat
AFIK, thats’ it.

Certain chars have win poses they only do when they get perfect wins I think.

ie) Rose with the Joker card, Chun Li with the taunt as win pose, Ryu turning his back.

Cody has a special win pose where the police chase after him off screen, then he kicks him back into screen.

Dan cries when he beats sagat.

special intro sagat vs adon kick eachother like 3 times I think :confused:

He said outros, not intros.


I think there’s a special win pose for Zangief…it involves fire and Blanka.

You can force that one by holding down forward when the round ends.

He does that when you finish a round with a Metsu/Shin Shoryuken.

I’ll list the special intros first, then the win poses (that I can remember, it HAS been 6-7 years):

Guy vs Cody:
Smash final fight barrels, pick up food ala FF (even the little food icons under life bar!).

Ryu vs Sagat:
Ryu stands while sagat clutches his chest scar which glows.

Gen vs akuma:
Akuma flys in with raging demon, gen blocks it (screen goes white but gen’s in block pose), then gen does his dash super (" livin’ it up ") through akuma who also blocks it.

Ryu vs. ken:
Ken noogies ryu, who throws ken into starting position.

Dan vs. Sagat:
Sagat throws away a beaten body( dan’s father?) while Dan does his crying taunt and shouts " puyajiii! "

Adon vs Sagat:
Exchange standing forwards and roundhouses until an alpha counter “flash” forces them apart.

Evil ryu vs. Akuma:
Both fly on screen doing raging demons, meet in the centre screen goes white with lots of hits, then an alpha coutner flash seperates them.

Ryu vs. Evil ryu:
Ryu runs on and does his standing fierce sliding elbow which evil ryu blocks, then evil ryu does a 3-hit red fireball which ryu also blocks.

Guile vs Charlie:
Both salute each other military style then go into fighting poses.

Cammy vs. M Bison:
Cammy stands in salute pose while m bison slowly floats downwards onto the screen.

I know there’s more but that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

That zangief win pose is zangief swigs some vodka from a gourd, then blanka sticks his head in from the top of the screen holding a huge fish, zangief breathes fire and toasts both the fish and blanka :lol:

Lots of others, someone else can fill in the blanks.

Thanks man, when I saw the Ryu helping up Ken after a 3 level super, kinda reminded of SF2 THE animated movie (JPN version)

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Gen vs Akuma

I can’t remember the order in which it happens, but Gen does his qcf x 2 super with Akuma blocks, then Gen blocks Raging Demon (wtf?)

Are you sure? I’m trying this right now, and its just their normal intros. Japanese version?

That Ken/Ryu one sounds pretty cool, Ive never seen it…

yea it works.

I dunno about the speciall win animations, but here’s my favorite special pre-fight animation.

X-ISM Sagat VS Ryu - Sagat hits Dan (Dan’s dad?) with a Tiger Uppercut that sends him flying and the match starts…

There are plenty of special intros–all of the ones mentioned already plus:
-Chun-Li vs. Final Bison
-Karin Vs. Sakura
-Sakura Vs Dan/Dee Jay

There are only 2 character-specific winposes I aware of.
One is the Ryu beats Ken (Level 3 super finish) and another is the Ken beats Ryu (a throwback to Ken’s Alpha 2 ending)

Fun Facts:
-Ryu Vs. Sagat’s special intro has 3 different versions, dependent on which Ism Sagat is using:
X–Sagat holds Dan and then tiger-uppercuts him away (reference to Capcom official sketch which partly inspired Dan)
A–Sagat’s scar glows and he clutches it and chuckles
V–Sagat holds Dan like in X but then tosses him away non-chalantly (same as Alpha 2 special intro)

-If playing Guy in Survival mode, when you get the special intro with Cody, your health will always be refilled to 100% once Guy gets the food, regardless of where your lifebar was at the end of the previous fight :tup:

Vega will put a rose on his mouth if he finishes his opponent without his mask…I think the last blow has to be a fierce punch.

Vega will also put a rose on his mouth and say “adios” when he beats his opponent without the mask ad with claw on (again my memory is rusty)

You get to pick Shen Long after you perfect the entire game with Noob Saibot on hard mode.

Yes Grandmasta Gen is that hardcore. Because he is neutral and has neither good nor evil in his heart he is unaffected by Raging Demon. :cool:

You are…BIG FOOL! :china:

The Guy vs Cody intro only works after you’ve lost while playing with Cody in arcade mode and continue with Cody again.

BTW, Dan is saying “Oyaji”.:rolleyes:

Vega will always throw a rose at a pretty opponent before the match, throws a rose at defeated female opponents, shakes his head at ugly opponents. He never puts a rose in his mouth.

Cody’s cop outro can be seen just by holding Roundhouse after beating someone.:sweat:

guy vs cody will only happen playing the cpu only. and also what was said above…