"In-Between" kicks and "Speed-Switch" kicks

Just wondering… Does anyone else know how to do these?

Speed switch… Something to do when you’re bored. Go into training (or whatever) and see how many times you can fluidly switch between each version of Chun Li’s Hyretsu Kyaku (LK, MK, & HK) without having Chun go into her standing animation. This requires some pretty fast thumb work.

Also, try doing her hundred-kicks while rapidly tapping two buttons instead of one. This results in Chun doing a sort of “in-between-kick” with some of the kicks being one strenghth, some being the other ect. Useful for beginners who can only do one kick speed pr those who can’t hk 100 kick very well. Does ok damage.

Huh I’ll be damned just tried this in mame if you mash short+rh the effect is quite pronounced. I was familiar with the multi-button trick but I always figured it gave you the weaker version. Nice one, dude!

Wow, as someone who cant do the hk lightning legs without 100%focus into mashing, i’ve found this to be extremely useful mashing lk and hk. I wonder does this only work with her lightning legs, or does HHS and electricity also have this property?

wow this is interesting.

maybe can use fake kicks to lure ppl into attacking.