In between sticks: will it hurt me at all to learn on a pad?

I have a Hori FS3 but I’ve been having problems with it so I either have to get it repaired or buy a new stick. Will it be any kind of detriment to me to play KOFXIII with my PS3 pad until I get a new stick? I’ve been playing KOF about a month (2002, XIII) but I’ve been playing SF2/3/4/alpha2/3 and MvC2/3 for years. I’m not really having too many problems and know the basics, can beat it on very hard, beat some people online etc but I’m not that good yet. I’m just wondering if I’m hurting myself at all for when I have to switch back to a stick?

I had your same experience and now i am a pad player and i don’t have any problems with it, also some good KOF XIII players are pad users, you can use whatever fits your style and comfort, Although some motions like HCB x 2 are more easy for me when i play with a stick.

I don’t think it’d be a problem. I learned how to play fighting games on keyboard at one point when I didn’t have my stick, and it never caused problems for me when I went back to stick.

Okay thanks that’s good to know. I learned on a pad first before I bought a stick and it took a little getting used to but wasn’t too much of a problem. I heard some sticks were no longer compatible with PS3, does the Hori FS3 still even work at all with it?

I’m a 17 year stick veteran, and I feel extremely comfortable on it. If I don’t have a quality stick with me, I wont play any of the games that I love to play, like Super Turbo, Marvel 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Accent Core.

I play this game on pad on preference.

That’s my story. Take from it what you will.

It’s really up to you, I use to think that i would play better on a stick so i bought one, and after months of practice and with the realease of KOF XIII, I realize it doesn’t matter if you stick, pad, hitbox, Keyboard, your execution is something you have to work on. BTW i moved back to pad, but i think the stick will be a nice keepsake though.

Thanks for the advice everyone.