In-browser super turbo game site


How interested would you all be in an in-browser emulation SF 2 turbo with netplay? The site would have quick match making, ranking, different game modes and tutorials.

Think of only for SF2 Turbo.

I certainly don’t have the skill set to solo this kind of project yet. I only minored in computer science and now work in a totally unrelated field. But I am still a hobbyist programmer now with a few simple games and webapps under my belt using JavaScript, actionscript, and HTML 5 canvas.

Since finding out about GGPO I’ve fallen in love with the turbo scene and after a while, I couldn’t help but imagine playing turbo in the way tetris friends is implemented- Load up the browser anywhere with key bindings tied to my profile. Play a few rounds at work. It could bring casual gamers familiar with browser games into the fighting game scene. Emulators built using javascript and html5 are getting more and more advanced. Implementing MAME emulation with netplay in HTML5 doesn’t seem that crazy. Even if it wasn’t done using javascript and html 5, there is also silverlight, unity, etc.

This idea has been kicking around in my head for months now and I’m at the point now where I just want to see it happen. By anyone.

Are there any developer folks out in the community that can give advice on what languages/libraries would be best suited for the project? I really want to see this thing exist- I just don’t know where to begin. Any help or guidance appreciated.


I assume that since the game code is on the site, you will have to get a license from Capcom to do this.

#3 gets away with what it is as its all original code and graphics and they have the blessings of Alexey Pajitnov and Tetris Holding, the holding Company that liceses the rights for other publishers to make Tertis titles.

Before you can even start, you need to get in touch with Capcom and get a licensing agreement with them.


Thanks I did realize the legal gray area- but let’s not get the conversation here hung up on this. If it makes anyone here feel better, let’s proceed assuming that:

B. I’ll be emulating MAME roms I’ve created myself.
A. I have permission from Capcom.

I just want to play a particular MAME rom quickly and easily with my friends from anywhere and am willing to sink a lot of my free time developing the platform. If anything it will be a nifty opensource proof of concept that can benefit the emulation/gaming/FGC communities.


I think GGPO does this with a limited set of games already, you could look into their implementation. For legality, you could link to Dropbox and only play the roms that a user provides. Harder on the backend, but safer. I think that
’s how works.


Legality aside, this could be an interesting project, especially if it can be used as a proof of concept for an official, browser based implementation of certain classic fighting games. If you are going to go down this path, then you need to make sure that the tech itself is working solidly before you present it to Capcom (or whoever).

This includes stuff such as:
-Proper emulation of the boards clockspeed. Current emulators run CPS2 and CPS3 games at the wrong clockspeed and thus the games are slightly faster than arcade.
-Rollback netcode (GGPO style). This will likely mean running 2 simulations in the browser - one that the user sees and another based on the timestamped inputs received from both players to check to see what the match should be like if it were run offline with no lag. Any deviation from the two is what should trigger a rollback.
-In relation to the above, ping times between users as well as the ability to set the fixed input delay.
-Spectator mode

In addition to the above, you may also need to come up with a rudimentary business plan to show them how both of you can make money off this.


It’s an interesting idea, and I do wish you all the luck. All the ST heads really want is arcade-perfect ST, which is something very few console ports deliver on, with the DC version being as close to perfect as you can get with the proper dipswitch settings.


The only way you could get away with this is to NOT host the rom yourself. It’d have to be player side.


You’re not allowed to use Mame as it not for commercial use and no dll insertion.
So you’re stuck with FBA where you still have to give out the source of your branch.
Or you create your own emulator a lot more work but you can set up the license how you want.

As for Mame network you’re going have to change how savestates work. Each system is handled differently so there is more work that needs to be done on it.

As for GGPO the user provides the roms the only reason it’s limited is that he is using an old version of fba and he only worked 3 systems Cps2, Cps3, and Neo Geo.


I certainly think this would be a cool idea, but handling the project by yourself is going to be tough as well as the legal complications. Just give it a shot and see what you come up with, if it’s good people will play it, and if not you’ll have learned something about coding at any rate. Good luck.


Even then copyright law can be against you. You might not be hosting the rom, but you are facilitating the activity, similar how Pirate Bay has none of the illegal files in question but they still facilitate the activity (by having hash sums for torrents) thus becoming the target of the law.


Capcom would never allow it