In case of being defeated who do you turn to?

In tournament if your best character gets wooped what do you do?

A) stay and try to do better
B) switch to Ken or ChunLi
C) switch to your second best
D) switch to a counter character
E) switch to a different style of character

for E what I mean is I find some characters have a jab, uoh, throw, super setup like the shotos, chunli, elena, dudley where its a lot of back and forth. then other characters like Yun, Oro, Makoto, Urien etc don’t really play that dominant style. So if say my main character is Type 1 and I get wooped should I switch to a character that is Type 2?

i stay and try and do better, for extreme cases i then pick a counter character. like if i fight against chun, thats the only reason i would switch really. for chun i am learning ken, necro and urien.

i pick a high tier first, so if i don t have to think about winning, good shit(yun/ken/chun), if i lose, thats the wake up call, then i pick “the guy”. but you generally wanna win that first game, do what you have to.

it wasn’t a tournament, but same intensity. my buddy and i were playing first to 10 wins. winner gets $20. i was using Dudley and he was using Chun-Li. he also used Ken and Yun, but i beat those without much problem. his Chun and my Dud traded some wins, but eventually, i couldn’t get in. so i lost like, 5 in a row. i wanted to stick with Dudley and try to win against someone he’s not supposed to beat, but eventually, i just switched to Ken and beat him. too little too late though, 'cuz my Ken isn’t what it used to be. i beat his Chun, but he then switched to Ken and beat my Ken :). yep. i paid the $20.

so basically, i don’t really wanna switch characters ('cuz Dudley is bomb), but if there isn’t much i can do, then i guess i’ll have to.

Always done that, although sometimes I was very tempted to switch.

Depends on how hard I’m getting beaten on. Like, if I almost won and I’ve figured the opp out, I’ll just keep at it. But if it’s a complete mollywhopping, I’ll change from Twelve to Necro or something.

N - In extreme cases, I dust off the old Red Urien Death Machine. Just like riding a bike.

A) stay and try to do better

i drop my shit like altered beast.


That’s the mentality I need to re-obtain.

As of late I’ve been taking the easy route and picking Chun. What’s worse is my results with her are VERY lack-luster.

I gotta stick with Q from now on when things get ugly, he’s made of metal after all. :wink:

chun li is a crutch!

or at least switch to Necro, then at least win or loose you get to see Effie.

I just change the colour of my Yun. :smiley:

Colour > Skill

Q does have a sexy mask

A damn good one too, might I add. Well I was in a 3s identity crisis, but now I’m just gonna use Dudley Chun and Ken pending on matchups.

Necro, then Ken

makoto… on certain other matchups i go w/ yang

chun’s my main character…
i use ken,yun,ryu,urien on casual matches.
& i don’t get beaten usually,
but when i’m losing some bucks…
here comes my bitch!:smiley:

Main character Yun(he’s never boring to play), counter character Ibuki(for big assed people I can annoy with jabjabjabjabjab), Crutch character Makoto, the REAL bitch of 3s. :cool:

ryu …