In darkness, a hero returns. The Castlevania Netflix series


Rumors going around that there was going to be a Castlevania series on Netflix.

Then today I found out their is already a trailer for it

The show will debut on July 7
Produced by Adi Shankar
Written by Warren Ellis
and being animated by Frederator Studios


It boggles my mind that Konami is doing jack shit to promote this series.


Tell me more


The show is said to premiere on July 7, 2017 on Netflix, it roughly follow the plot of Castlevania III on the NES (Akumajou Densetsu in Japan)


Also official poster Art


This is just further proof of how terribly far Konami has fallen really, as if we had not already been given far too much evidence of that in the past decade or so.

The thing that surprises me the most if that this is already in English as well. The hell? I suppose it should not be too surprising given it is on Netflix, but it’s just super weird given how this seemingly came out of nowhere.


The show is a US production, Frederator is the studio doing the animation

Shankar suggest the show will take notes from Game of Thrones for tone and atmosphere or as Shankar calls it “R-rated as fuck”.


This didn’t come out of nowhere. This has been in development since 2007. It was originally going to be released as a series of direct to DVD movies.




Huh. Good to know. Despite being apparently stuck in development hell for a decade, the trailer actually looks rather promising instead of it just getting Duke Nuke’em Forever’d.

Well I figured it was a US production as soon as I heard English; it was just weird to me since Konami, at base, is still a Japanese company (which is a large part of the modern problem with it unfortunately) and, subsequently, Castlevania is primarily a Japanese product that just takes 99% of its influence from European aspects.

Still, this is also good to know. If main branch Konami isn’t really involved, then as much as the lack of promotion might hurt it (though Netflix is at least promoting it), that might ultimately be for the best given Konami’s many bad decisions in the past decade.


orrrr netflix is such a machine it doesnt need to. i dunno that trailer sells itself.


At this point, the less associated it is with Konami, the better.


Definitely based on CVIII, pretty sure that’s Sypha, Grant, Trevor and Alucard in the teaser.

The trailer was so hype it brought @“The Damned” back to life. :rofl:


shiiiit, someone let me know if a wider shot hi res version of that pops up because thats desktop background material


fucking hell.

never thought that this would be out at all. animation is top notch, the tone and atmosphere is on point and i hope the soundtrack will be faithful to the game series. adi shankar as a producer is kinda underrated since he 's so hyped with the stuff he’s cooking up (i remember him so pumped up when they were promoting the r-rated power/rangers back then). if the 2012 dredd film is anything to go by, this will be a hit.

fuck capcpom.

er, i meant konami.


Meh. I’m still dead, especially on the inside, @Sonicabid.

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I’m using it on my Phone currently.


I think it make for a sweet phone wallpaper


Reminder that the Netflix series drops tomorrow.


pretty hyped for this. going into the weekend i’m like