In darkness, a hero returns. The Castlevania Netflix series


I read the same thing, rumor is Nintendo might be serious about it.
I just hope they don’t include Miyamoto, he actually thinks the Super Mario Bros movie was good.


I heard they got the green light for season 3 already. Season 2 was good and the fact that the war room drug its feet actually transferred to me watching the episodes and that has never happened to me. I found myself saying, “Dracula, you’re pissing your revenge down your leg right now, shit is in chaos with your army”. Most series that hit what seems like a rut usually lose me but this “rut” actually worked!

I was meh on Carmilla until she revealed her backstory which seems to justify her deceitful intentions against Dracula. I also liked her plot with the water, she definitely has a strategic mindset.
She acted all buddy buddy with Hector having casual conversation until the sun goes down then beats the shit out of him. I like her now.

I gotta say I neglected this series when I saw season one advertised. I just knew it would suck because most attempts at adaptations usually do for video games. But this series is being produced by people who actually played the game and if they haven’t played the game, they know how to do some research. There’s a few vids floating around about all the easter eggs in season two and I was beyond floored at how much detail was put into this series that didn’t have to be.