In-Depth Match Up Discussion: Fei Long

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5.5 : 4.5 Fei

s.HK all rekka on react
Fei’s c.MP is the new balrog far jab

S.MP is also a good tool vs fei long. Use it i’ll talk about this MU later. SLeep time

s.HK is just as good. nearly same range plus it hits his c.MP and c.HP unlike useless s.MP

use c.MP instead of s.MP
hits farther and lower when s.HK wont hit.

How do I deal with his focus attack? Its so fast everytime i try to break it with duck straight i get hit and i try to focus too when i see it but then get hit for crumple…

The safest way to beat any focus with any character is to do focus>backdash

I try that then i usually eat more rekkas or pushed into the corner with block strings… its like i can barely get any offense going and i have to turtle alot. I am getting the hang of the zoning with s HK and MP though, it helps.

IF he focuses then just focus yourself. If he gets to lvl 2 and hasn’t backdashed then backdash yourself and punish that whiffed focus with EX MGB

Or you can do EX Duck Straight and combo off the counter hit with st.HK

So what do I do if he focuses, I focus too and he forward dashes instead of backdash, thats where my problem is. He breaks the focus or when I backdash after my focus i end up getting hit with something. Ex straight though sounds like a good idea though.

I may be wrong, but if he forward dashes can’t you just let the focus go as soon as you see it? He’ll either block or get hit, or am I missing something?

I try that every now and then but for some reason dudleys focus seems slower than the rest, especially against fei, maybe its just me. Cause when I try that i eat a burn kick or trade, i guess I’ll just have to try to avoid that situation more rather than looking to counter it too much.

I kind of know what you mean in terms of Fei Long’s focus. His focus seems ridiculously fast. So trying to focus his focus and then hit can be tough cause I have seen a lot of Fei Long’s either forward dash or back dash and I eat Rekka’s or whatever the hell that Flame kick is called.

This match up is quite a bit frustrating at times. If he focuses a lot, I’d go for EX Duck straight for the break since he’d have almost no time to let the focus rip.

I can’t get s.HK to land. Sometimes it whiffs and it’s not in my favor. I tend to land a into whatever better then I can do a into anything against fei long. Also St.mP recovers faster, has a bit more range and it’s the same speed as

Haven’t thought about using against fei long as a go to go tool against him. I just had better success with over against him while trying to get in.

4 frame start up (small hit box)
4 frame start up ( big hit box and cancelable into EX MGB)

da hell is wrong with you

everytime i whiff my I then get rekka punished just going off what has happend to me so far.

nice footsies brah

i wouldn’t really challenge fei FA vs FA. that’s rarely ever a winning situation for dud. if he starts first then you can just punish it with TC1/ the first 2 hits of TC4 if he’s close enough or ex duck straight like logan sama said.

imo, dud’s goal for this MU is to not get cornered. it’s really hard to get out but real easy to get into if you’re not careful.

fei’s favorite pokes- s.hp,, c.hp, (especially when they have super),rekka.

-c.hp and s.hp are easy to punish by FADCing through them so watch for patterns.good fei’s wont use them too much though. is really good. this is the move that gives me the most trouble next to

-when fei has super, watch out for OS super. if you have a feeling they’re trying to do it you can walk into range and just block.

one good thing about blocking vs fei is that his grab range is so short, after a few hits in you can stop worrying about crouch teching and just block freely. just look out for overheads cause if you block, it’s punishable. downside is rekkas do a shitload of chip.

also watch out for mashed it’s hitconfirmable and really really really annoying.

Just played (insert top fei here) few matches
Didnt know the Dudley match up.
Ate so many s.HKs
Couldnt Reversal because of short swing blow.

Felt 5:5 the whole way
He got in the corner and died
I got in the corner and died.

May have just been a learning experience on both sides but
s.HK is better than EX Jet upper in the corner as a get out of jail card

every time i got hit with a rekka from whiffed s.HK