In Depth Match-Up: YUN Part 1: Outlook and Early Game

In this “article” I am going to go fully in depth with the Yun match-up since after playing some of the “best” Yuns online and offline on the East Coast, I feel like I have a good understanding as to how the match-up works. Again please participate in the poll at the top so I know if what I am doing is beneficial. I will add this article periodiclly over the next day or two because its VERY LONG.

Pre-Match Outlook

  • What Ultra do I use?
    Its tough to really get an idea as to what Ultra to choice. Your ultra selection should be directly based on what you generally know about the player. If the player stays defensive and rarely jumps? Ultra 1. If the player is a rush down happy maniac (Which I dont understand why they would,) Ultra 2. If you are in ranked match and you see a Yun it is you best bet to use Ultra 2.
  • Why Ultra 2?
    Ultra 2 can be used in this match-up offensively and defensively. Ultra two catches Yuns Backdash, Lunge, Flip Kicks, Overhead, and Dive Kick, notably. Offensivly, if you get a knock down you can use it during certain tick set-ups in order to make sure they stay in your face. This is a 50/50 but its the same idea as if you were to be using Geifs Ultra 2. If you are a defensive T.Hawk player like myself you can use it to punish unsafe jump-ins and overheads and the famous “Random Lunge”. Its catchs all ranges of Dive Kick also. You need to be quick but its incredibly useful.

Match Outlook
I am going to look into the round by round process as to what you should do rather than a general overveiw. Before I do I want to list a few key things to remember
Not lets get into the over match.

Early Game.
Yun in the early game is very hard to deal with. His palm target combo is safe on block as the right ranges if the entire target is completed and has insane knock back. His shoulder slam has amazing knock back. And his command normals knock you back as well If hit. Palm knocks back. He has the tools to zone you out hard.
Yun will most likely be building meter with Palm and spacing you out with his strong set or normals. What you need to do is SLOWLY walk him to the corner while remaining in a constant state of DOWN BACK and BACK. By doing this, you are pushing into the corner giving you momentum. While pushing him to the corner some normals that will help you there are his Standing and Crouching Jab, Croching Forward, Standing Forward, and Both versions of Strong, Stand and Crouch. Be very sparing with what normals you do. If you connect a Standing Jab, link it Cr.MK for good damage and push back. Keep your footsie game as 1-4-1 as possible; you do not want to be pushing too many buttons because if you get caught by a Shoulder(Target combo) its links from max range and it pushes you all the way back putting you back into square one. If this happens DO NOT FREAK OUT. Continue what you did from the start. Slow and steady walking. All of his normals are good but as I said, be very sparing because you dont cant to get counter hit or trade, the knock back is insane.
With the walking, do safe versions of spire to build meter. If you get a knock down early, focus your 50/50 to push him to the corner. Keeping him in the 50/50 is important yet but you want to make sure that you don’t SPD yourself out. Avoid Feirce SPD at all costs. The damage is nice but it stunts you momentum.
You also have the option of jumping in on him at safe ranges to test his reaction. YOUR BEST FRIEND is Jump in Medium Punch counter-hits palm because it hits him at the top of his head and can link into Jabs. As stated before, try to link Cr.MK as your ender to links because the push back is very good. Test his reaction on your land after the MP if Yun respects your link and does nothing try an SPD. Be very careful becuase even if he jumps back he can combo you afterward. You are free to him on a whiff SPD and that ruins your momentum. If you get a knockdown early, walk his corpse to the corner and pressure with jabs. If you think he may do random flip kicks on wake up just block!! If it whiffs, NORMAL BACK GRAB HIM. Do NOT SPD it ruins your moment because it will make you have to push him back the other direction. Back grab also does more damage, 160 than light SPD. When you knock him down, Keep you 50/50s looking toward the corner.

Once the timer hits 60 seconds or when Yun has Super you have entered mid-game. Hopefully by now you have 2-3 Bars (Or even super). Same things apply in mid game as in early game but there are a few stylistic changes which the Yun may show: They will stop using Palm entirely.haha thats the only real change. Palm is not really needed for Yun in the mid game outside if they have you cornered or in a pressure string. If you have a life-lead mid game you have to play very careful and sit on that lead. Your blocking also has to stay very solid at this point. One mistake is 600-800 damage so make sure your blocking is on point at this time. Force the Yun to waste bars to deal with you-that is the biggest thing I can stress. Do your best to stay are 2 bars as much as possible. EX DP into Follow up is your out from pressure. EX DIVE can punish all palms; keep this in mind if they keep doing palm thinking you do not have an answer for it.

Late Game-
This is the last 30 seconds. Same things in each phase apply here too .If you have a life-lead keep it and BLOCK. I cannot stress how much your blocking and defense is in this game. If you have a substantial life-lead this is the time I back off and make him come to you. If he does rush down. Use Jabs and Thrusk peak primarily to keep him out. Neutral jump feirce is also a good poking tool for the angle is very awkward for Yun players to really anticipate and deal with. If he you do a neutral jump feirce and he trys to do a “overunder” gimmick, Crouch tech. You cannot get thrown at this point. “Random Ultra” is also a factor here sometimes but be aware… If they do it out of desperation a good punish is Stand fierce because it knocks them out SAFELY. In certain situations they can actually punish your Roundhouse on HIT be very careful. The clock is your tool in this match which is why three phases exist.

Overall here are a few things to really keep in mind.

This is an ultimate match of patience and your blocking. The minute you freak out- they win.

APPLIED VIDEO OF YUN SOON Check in later today

Awesome job Joe. I speak for all T Hawkers when I say that I am grateful for everything you and Ponyo are doing for this forum.

What you said there is great,but I have not played a yun where this is possible. Most yun matches I play involve him either trying to play footsies or mad rushdown not caring about a SPD and divekicking like a looney.

I find that T-hawks Standing fierce and great at stuffing yuns pokes if timed right and it deals massive amounts of damage. As for the dive kicks this ive found hit and miss either a well times jab or a condor spire usually stops the tomfoolery of constant dive kicks. I don’t much like the idea of walking at yun and trying to corner him as you can loose a lot of life getting there only for him to mash a EX kick and be out again, I prefer to let him come to me by gaining a life lead and back peddling to make him make the first move. One thing that works is if he is keeping space and building meter with palms just neutral jump a few times and then surprise him with a dive just as the palm ends. Hope some of this helps as I’am fairly new to the world of Troll Hawk and I’m finding him such a challenge to play but the reward for winning feels so much more earned.

@ Admaino972 : Thank you; trying to make this community and character respectful by trying to make it better.

@mongar44: I adress this exact thing in ranked; I also have a video which I am debating if I want to put up or not. The rest of this im adding shortly.

Great stuff Joe.

Haven’t played a lot of Yun, but can’t you safe jump him if you get a knockdown?

Yeah he is so easy to save jump. Safe jump Splash and Elbow drop work very well vs him. I usually respect his wake up though.

Very nice. What is 1-4-1 spacing? First time I’ve seen that term.

Also, what anti airs should I be using? I just thrust peak any dive kicks and see what he does when he recovers. Should I go for more damaging anti airs?

Basicilly you don’t want to be pushing a lot of buttons digging for counter hits and stuff like that. You want to be sparing with what normals you use…Don’t push too many buttons… If he throws out an unsafe normal on whiff (IE Stand Roundhouse) Punish it with Stand feirce (1-4-1, one for one) little stuff like that.

Yun is a normal character, you can anti air him normally with all of t.hawks “standard” anti airs… Close Strong…Ruond House…thrust peak…close forward… etc…

If he jumps, punish him… The damage does not really matter in my opinon when you anti air someone. You just have to condition them so they dont jump. Once you condition them to not jump you can then re condition them to jump when you want them to.