In-Depth Matchup Discussion: Adon



Discuss the Adon matchup.

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i personally try to zone Adon as much as possible. HP is all you need really.

I also go with rolling thunder because you can pretty much punish every one of his specials at almost any range…

that means when adon has a itchy jaguar kick that he spams and wiffs alot…it will hit at almost full screen. Except it’s not a good reversal since he will go under it.

Also if they have an itchy Jaguar Tooth…and you can either punish with HP or react to the fakes with Ultra I again at almost full screen.

Stay out of corners because jaguar tooth pressure sucks…

Keeping them out and playing footsies should make them come to you where you begin your okizeme when you drop their ass.

Also Ultra I punishes alot of wiffed normals… IMO Ultra I is good because it punishes so many moves normals and specals, you can react to alot of moves, and distance is barely an issue as well… The mind game it brings can also be great.


Use Rolling Thunder vs Adon


Adon definitely smacks us in the footsies department pretty hard, and his focus breaking s.rh can be a pain. However, once an ultra is built up, be it one or two, I think that his options start to shrink, as one wrongly timed Jag kick or tooth can lead to an ultra for big damage on his little health.

Plus, like mentioned above, Adon whiffing s.rh just outta range is U1 fodder for sure. I was also finding that was beating HK and MK jag kick in some instances…would have to work harder to get the timing, but it can be done.


Ultra 1 is the best ultra of choice because it’s pretty much your only reliable defense against Jag kicks.
Once an U1 is stocked He cant zone you as well either.
You cant punish Jag kick on block but if you time it well enough before it hits you, you’ll go under the kick and DDDDDEMPSY ROLLLU him.
Timed too early and you’ll go under him completely and …
There’s a huge window of opportunity for it tho so dont feel discouraged when using U1 vs his JAG kicks. from mid screen it punishes every single special move he has on reaction. It’s pretty much a game of backing him into the corner after that. He cant jump in on your or anything without good reason already.
Also use s.HK to beat his s.HK. Buffered with HP or EX MGB.

I’m telling you I just dont like seeing Dudey players holding down back and pressing fierce punch all the time. My brother ran into a poor soul in a ranked match. never stood a chance against his sakura, walk up overhead put him on blast.


I see what you mean.

You know, when you mentioned that before, sitting on db and hitting fierce, I thought “pfft, I’m not that kinda player!” But then as soon as I start playing again, the first time in a good while, I realize that that is all I’m doing. I get in, then hold db instead of keeping up some pressure.

Watching your video gave me a lot of ideas to add to my game, and I have been winning alot. Adon was trouble for me, but using RT, I was beating Adon’s left and right, because all of a sudden, if he wasn’t careful, I was taking 500 life, and I used to be one of those guys who was like “Lol, RT sux”



sheds tear
Can I borrow your handkerchief good sir?

ya another reason I didnt include s.HP as an Anti air is because It doesnt really do much to good players.
Doing 120 damage and 200 stun is great but it doesnt gives someone a reason to respect your space. (shoutouts to nerfing bison’s s.HK)
As a poke it’s solid in a lot of cases but sooner or later people will wise up and FAbsorb into it and grab you out of recovery or more.(shoutouts to ninjacw again)
Ultra 1 makes people respect A HUGE amount of space. That’s what you need to walk forward.
Use Ultra 1 vs Adon. I dont want to have anyone say that Ultra 2 is a better option at all because it isnt at all.

cant wait until AE patch.
Adon’s gonna have to BLOCK NOW?! WHAT?!


Gentlemen don’t let other gentlemen take their handkerchief ;D

But I agree, s.hp isn’t a very good anti air, especially when you could buffer JU or hit and duck for some mixups. I try to use s.hp at the end of a small jab string when I need some space to escape Adon’s jab range, so then I’m not in danger of eating a hit confirm DP from him.


Not sure if this helps any, but as an Adon player, I found I really have to be on point with spacing my JKs and generally not abusing them at the wrong time (i.e. Dudley is not in the corner or has ultra stocked). A recent play had me eating a late fierce or combo for every whiff I made and it got me scared to advance on my own terms, hence I became more vulnerable to mix-up and had to hope rubbish like backdashes or RJ->FADC would help get me out of it. I also knew I pretty much had to abandon Jaguar Tooth since Dudley has damaging responses for all versions of it, especially if they guess right.

I rarely come up against Dudleys who give me much trouble, sadly, but my gameplan tends to fall back on springing on them unexpectedly to swing things my way when they do. I otherwise try to play it safe, unless I’m pressing the advantage on a knockdown, since then I only respect EX Jet Upper.