In-Depth Matchup Discussion: Akuma

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Quote or point out the good/useful info and I’ll link that post in this first post for easy reference.

Don’t try and reversal Ultra his sweeps if he has Ultra 1 stocked. You will lose.

His f.rh on block can easily be punished with a very nice c.lp x s.rh x whatever …

Obviously, his teleports and poorly jump with aerial gouhadous can be punished with Ex MGB. Just stating it.

Jump back air fireball (fireball shot near top of jump) can be punished by:
duck whatever if your close enough (should go without saying duck and wait for him to land)

Teleport can be punished on reaction with HP/EX MGB and Rolling Thunder if you didn’t whiff something that takes a while to recover and are within range. Like if you whiff fMK and he telports behind you or away. I think you could get in a dash before Rolling Thunder if you think you’re out of range.

Dont do it with RT, if he does the teleport that goes far away it will miss. If you do the dash you may catch him.

Best advice: BLOCK. Dont try reversal duck, uppercut or counter at vortex really its not worth it. Learn to block.

Use Ultra 2
I tend to punish his jump attacks with air to air Jt HP nj MK and LP.
dont play footsies with him when he has ultra 1, you’ll get demon’d if he catches on to you (using c.MP and c.LK are fine)
Block. Know when his dive kicks are + on hit to avoid grabs n such.

If you crouch block far.HK and the 2nd hit whiffs you can punish it with a straight st.HK xx whatever.

Punish with Jet Upper or c.LP at first , You’ll get demon’d out of s.HK sometimes.

You can get demon’d out of cr.LP as well.

i like to use u1. You can punish sweeps (unless he has U1). fireballs (ground and air), and OS toward MK/ U1 to stop back dashes and all teleports ,except the one that goes farthest back(unless of course the corner stops him from going that far back, then it stops all 4)

if he throws out a random ultra 2 dont try to counter it with corkscrew cross because the akumacopter will win.

Let’s just Jet upper or Straight Ultra Punish (ultra2) whiffed s.HKs

Jump Back/Forward HP is a godlike air to air in this MU in my experiences with akuma players.

Also Akuma’s one of those characters where you want to punish every single jump in as hard as possible.
Punishing a jump in with s.MK is just asking for another jump in.
Go or some Jet upper > Duck Upper FADC > Duck Straight > HP Jet Upper

Also Meaty f.MK is gdlk in this match if you can master timing it. He cant demon punish meaty f.MK
Akuma does NOT like frame traps

Oh yeh, this is a very minor point, but if you get a stun on Akuma, j.HP will ALWAYS whiff, so never try and do j.HP > cr.HP > st.HK xx as a punish if you dizzy him.

You have to do j.HK > f.MK > cr.MP > st.HK xx whatever

Oh yeah, before my PS3 died I was going to make a list of who I can’t hit with jHP when dizzied.

This continues to be a frustrating matchup. I’m still on the fence as to which ultra to use… both have their strengths and weaknesses.

use ultra 2

Use Ultra 2.

Because no Akuma worth his salt is going to fall for ze’ Dempsey Roll. Even the bad ones when they figure out Dudley was made to eat their wake-up backdashes with a side of teleport without Ultra loaded.

Corkscrew at least adds damage that you can (hopefully) tack onto the end of a punish, do thisss~

I still use ultra 1. I like being able to passively remove Akuma’s options, and land larger punishes more than I like being able to tack on a little extra damage after a combo.

Even the best make mistakes, being able to take them for half their health when they do is still worth something to me.

EX duck helps this match up a lot.