In-Depth Matchup Discussion: Balrog



Discuss Balrog (the other boxer) match up here.

Pick out the good info and I’ll link that post here on the first post.

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Dudley S.HP and F.HP is godlike in this matchup, because it can beat poorly dashes, and the ones you can predict.
Ultra II is the way to go IMO, since you can use it to punish he’s dashes as well, jumps and wathever, but he is faster and have better normals, so watch your six.

His C.HP beats business elbow, so try not to jump so much, trust your S.HP and you’ll be ok. If you juggle him with Ex.MGB in the corner, don’t do duck*Straight, go with C.HK, it will have the same damage in your combo, since he is weird to combo.


Just to elaborate

Balrog’s hitbox is stupid and helps him in a few areas.

-U2 Juggle
In the corner after EX MGB, go for crHK x2 instead of Duck Straight to combo U2. duck straight U2 whiffs a few hits making it do less damage than crHK x2 > U2 after an EXMGB but don’t worry, crHK x2 is really easy on Rog compared to other characters.

-Balrog on wakeup
He pushes you off him a little when he stands up after a knockdown. It might not look like a lot but it is the difference between the sHK whiffing or hitting when you are you doing crLK crLP sHK combo on his wakeup.


I like Level 2 Focus at the tip of Balrog’s cr.HK range in this match.


Definitely gotta be in Balrog’s face for this match-up to work. Cross-Counters work well against his dashes (excluding both armor-breakers, the straight and the overhead, and the low dash) and Balrog is the easiest to juggle with the launcher in the corner compared to the other characters. Use standing fierce punches to either trade or stop his dashes. Mix up the overhead and the launcher on knockdown and watch out for wake-up headbutts and react with ultra because whiffed headbutt= free ultra. Hope this helped! :slight_smile:


Am I the only one that lol’d at this?

Anyway, I tend to focus a lot in this matchup. It eats up a lot of the bullshit that Rog can throw out.


Focus also works, but scratch that statement, I think it only works against one dash. Sorry about that. :3


Cross Counter only works on dash straight and dash upper.


Played a lot of Rogs online tonight. Put that fierce button to work, and it was scoring counter hits like crazy. Focus was working if they were sweep happy. On knockdown, work that oki, mix it up and don’t be predictable, because you’ll be eating a rush punch or headbutt<Ultra if you are.

Not in our favor, but definitely winnable.


If this is unfavorable, this is our easiest bad matchup.


Yeah, that could be.

I really don’t have enough experience against good Rogs to make the call, so my first impression is just that it is not in our favor.


When I play this match up i tend to want to stay around mid range because boxer has a nasty jab and i want to avoid getting caught in a hit confirm. Stand fierce and focus are good tools at this range, once i do get in its all about creating frame traps and trying to catch them pressing a button. Option selecting swing blow is a nice jump in on wake up trick that can mess with head butt friendly players. If a player likes to do any sort of full screen punches I always try U2 or ex uppercut on reaction.

This is most likely common knowledge stuff but i though I’d try and contribute… like a gentleman


When in range, I throw out into lp mgb and continue to pressure from there. I find really helpful in this match-up since Barogs hitbox is so wierd, you can’t really jab jab into most of the time. I sometimes into jab and go for the again and try to hit confirm from there, grab, or keep the pressure…


I like doing lp CC in this MU actually. Somehow the duration is longer but if they do a ex punch they can’t hurt you even though you hit them once and are standing there. Then when they jab you just mash throw and take away the grey life from the CC. I woulnd’t rely on it, but it’s one of my tricks that I use atleast once per match.


bad advice.@ Nieb

gotta find out what rog does when you’re in
jab crouch tech backdash, or wait for headbutt

use ultra 2 btw


You have an infinite against him.Try and land as many hits of it as you can after a crumple for insane amounts of style points.


LP MGB is gold in the match up, pushes them back, +2 on hit means your followup jab will go virtually uninterrupted. -2 at max range is is not punishable.

In AE, max range Cr.LP xx LP MGB is enough range for F.HK, Cr.LP/St.HK.


Do you mean you are closer to the opponent after max range cr.jab xx lp mgb?


No, that hasn’t changed. The range of F.HK slightly increased. It was a subtle change but it made my day.

Sometimes I got thrown out of close up overheads cause I suck but now I can suck from a distance and not get thrown.


That should be mentioned in the AE thread. This thread for Super still.