In-Depth Matchup Discussion: Ibuki



Discuss the Ibuki match up here.

Quote or point out the good/useful info and I’ll post it in this first post for easy reference.


In my experience, a good Ibuki will have you blocking a lot.

Ibuki only has EX DP kick that’s invincible right?


Yes, that’s her one solid reversal option. Her EX Jet Upper, if you will.

Luckily, Dudley can avoid the mixup with the kunai afterwards with just a simple duck.


You can punish that with a level 2 FA if you block the kick.


I play this matchup alot, one good thing is to poke with cr. MP and st. Fierce/f+Fierce because if they command dash in or dash in, stuffs completely. You must be good at judging what to anti air with since she can change jump arc (ala super jump, different timed kunais) because if you get stuffed she gets target combos started and starts her vortex . When they super jump, st. MK sometimes works, cr. HP mostly gets stuffed by her jumpins, but on instinct you can judge how much to walk back to anti air with st. Fierce(pretty good option).
Don’t drop combos ending in MGB because if they have U1, youll get punished. Also, Bad spaced blocked MP MGB and HP/EX MGB are command grab punished.
If your good with your defense, it’s pretty easy because that’ll shut down her target combo shennanigans, vortex, etc…
REMEMBER: After blocking her EX DP, its level 2 FA punishable
Blocked neck breakers are FREE
Off the jump canceled target combo, punish with EX DP
Be cautious when she has U1, just be ready to EX DP or instant overhead if your expecting her to do it, her U1 sucks anyway though…

Punish with max dmg combos about 2 to 3 times, and the round should be yours, your defense is the deciding factor on if your going to win or not!


Thanks for putting this up Mr. X. This match up seems very awkward to me, and like I mentioned in the match up hub thread, I really don’t know much about it due to there only being one good Ibuki in my area. But I’ll throw in what I do know:

Like mentioned above, a good ibuki will punish any blocked MGB with U1, so I recommend ending blockstrings with FP rather than canceling a roundhouse into LP MGB, or ducking.

Her command dash is vulnerable to both normal attacks and throws.

A blocked neckbreaker is a free punish, so block low a lot. Also be aware that a good Ibuki can punish a FP/f+FP with a neckbreaker/slide on reaction pretty easily. So, be careful not be get to predictable with them.

The best way out of the vortex is pretty much just block. Ducking out of the vortex will not work in almost any situation since ducking does not have invincibility from the kunai. However, you can duck out of it if they opt to do a normal crossup without the kunai, or if they release it late. I also recommend keeping ex/cross counter in mind if you seem them trying to mix up by not throwing a kunai during a vortex.

You can punish her jump back kunais with EX MGB in the same way that you can punish Akuma’s jump back fireballs. Just keep in mind that only works when they do them while they are higher in their jump arc. If they throw them out lower you will get hit.

Her command grab thing. can grab your limbs from much farther away than you would think.

You can knocker her out of her overhead kick with standing jab on reaction.

if anyone has good tips on how to approach her on the ground (footsies/counter pokes) I’d love to hear them. It seems like she doesn’t really have anything to fear when both of use are standing since she can put pressure on Dudley very safely.


dont risk the punish on the kunai with focus, just dash/duck and punish

Other than that just be patient and learn to block because ibuki footsies > dudley ones (flashnews)


If she’s jump back kunaing just knock them away with a normal and walk her to the corner. Once you get her there she pretty much free up close except for her EX DP. Her is unsafe on hit and block so you can punish that, just look out for her ex dp. Don’t focus attack too much because she can neck breaker you on reaction. In her mixup and blockstring pressure, the best option is always going to be to just block. Her mk slash kicks are 0 and startup in 15 so you can lp mgb after it if she likes to spam them. Make sure she doesn’t have Ultra 1 (I haven’t fought a good Ibuki that used this one yet) and read her patterns to see if she likes to backdash. If she does, punish accordningly.

Good Ibuki’s don’t:

  • Command dash spam: I believe you can punish that on reaction if you’re fast enough.
  • Spam Neckbreaker


Heres my take on the matchup from an expert ibuki

shout outs to motempest for helping me figuring this out:

Preferred ultra: U2 for some extra DMG

Ibuki has no really solid mixup from a standing stand point minus, tick throwing, general Lk cross up, and command dash to block string/throw

she has a really hard time with turtles so once ibuki goes into her block string dont get ansy, just block and wait it out.
—Her normally BnB is crLp crLp sLp sMk rekka/command dash. its not a true blockstring, you can ex Dp the Smk and before the rekka kicks
----her over head is slow as dirt and you can react to it easily enough

She tends to end her bock string with her rekka kicks, generally all versions are safe against duds ( correct me if im wrong ), the mix up comes from:

  1. a slight delayed 3rd kick
  2. 2 kicks then a frame trap of a linked standing MK
  3. command dash, block string/throw
  4. SJC

the only thing you have to react to is the command dash which is throwable. so just block and react accordingly. Furthermore, even after the blocking the rekka kicks, you can back dash to reset the scenario.

-her slide and cr.MK can stuff duds standing HP if they do in anticipation. its not a sure thing but its something they can do in attempt to play some footsies

-Her slide is generally unsafe unless they do it at a safer distance, which is when ibuki makes final contact with tip of her toe. So if they are trying to slide under your st HP. you can step foward, block and make the slide punishable for yourself.

  • her U1 can be used to punish blocked MGB

Getting out of her vortex:

-Dudley is extremely susceptible to this stupid thing since he has no solid get out of option. she will go over a ex DP and ducking is no use to it
-Best bet is just block, how to block is the key here:
—to block the kunai properly is to observe where ibuki is at, during the point of impact of the kunai, so in other words your reference point is ibuki Bnot the kunai!!!B.
-----its the same as blocking a cross up with any other move
—this is of course easier said than done and when you start to play more experience ibukis, the further mix up is them doing a meaty cross up kunai really low to the ground

hope this helps and i hope its right lol


Thanks I was wondering how to get out of her vortex and after reading and a little practice im starting to get it now :slight_smile:


Ibuki players are hard wired to press buttons after a kunai vortex.

Focus backdash then hit cross counter immediately. You will catch the Ibuki player pressing cr.LP 9 times out of 10.

They will either switch over to the unsafe vortex timing, which you can hit with a late auto-correct Corkscrew Cross or they will start throwing, at which point you can just focus backdash and then dash back again and punish the whiff with a st.HP

But in general, be patient and block. Her st.LP has a load of priority and lots of block stun, so block a lot and use your st.LP to keep her off you if she gets in. st.HP to keep her from walking in.


I know I’ve been on Black Ops lately, but I’ve wanted to stop in thank you guys for creating this matchup thread. I still have problems with high level/comptent Ibukis, but thanks to this thread I can hang with them and managed to pull off some upsets.


I hate this match. It’s like fighting a Rose/Akuma hybrid.


Just going to throw some updates on this match up. This is one of the three match ups that I have the most experience with due to my normal training partners being a solid Ibuki. The others being Blanka and Seth. Currently this match up is 6-4 Ibuki IMO. She wins on the ground from almost all ranges, can whiff punish from very far away with her standing jab into hit confirm knockdowns, and Dudley has no real way out of the vortex besides blocking. Not to mention Raida hits from half screen for whatever reason.

One of the worst things about this match up is that her st. LP hits Dudley while he crouches. This move can be done 4-5 times in a row when we are in the corner and frame traps on its own into a knockdown combo. It’s hitbox goes much lower than it seems. I was testing it out with my friend and he was hitting the air above Dudley’s cr.LK when both of us were at our max ranges.

After blocking two Tsumuji’s I recommend focusing and backdashing the third if they go for the low kicks. Most of the time it is just best to block all kicks though.

EX ducking can get you out of a few Vortex setups, but not many. It will only work on the setups that don’t have the kunai hit deep enough through EX duck’s upper body invulnerability.

Most of her vortex setups are not actually ambiguous. Once you understand which is which, it should be much easier to block your way out of it almost every time.

Punish all blocked DP’s with duck under -> st. RH -> into whatever. going for the Focus against the kunai can blow up in your face if they simply decided not to throw it out.

You can counterpoke with buffered roundhouse, but she has good counterpokes as well that can beat it depending on spacing that are buffered into neckbreaker, so be careful. A very smart Ibuki will look to Raida your pokes from half screen once they notice you fishing for counter pokes.

If she ever jumps forward at you and throws a kunai, early AA with st. MK. It will knock the kunai away and recover in time to punisher her landing frames. Good Ibuki players will not do this often though.

Always be careful when you anti air if she has Super. A solid gimmick from Ibuki is jump forward -> Super to punish our AA.

Basically, at any point on screen where Dudley can reach Ibuki, you have to be very specific about the normals that you use or you will eat a counterhit/whiff punish and get knocked down and put into a vortex.

cr. LK can beat her slide pretty easily from the ranges that are normally safest for her to use it. her slide is negative on hit from some spacings, so be looking to punish once you can recognize a bad one.

Her Anti Air’s are very strong against Dudley, so do not jump in against her unless you want to eat a juggle combo. the only time I recommend jumping in is when you have conditioned your opponent to fish for counterhits on the ground. Otherwise, stay grounded.

jump forward FP and MP are good air to air’s against jump back Kunai spam.





ibuki really is an unwinnable matchup for me with her kunai and ex DP. and her damn comebacks with that stupid vortex and is pretty stupid too, just saying she can easily win shit because of one kunai. ibuki is a stupid character overall.




not 5-5. 34 u dont know man. it’s not 5-5 and until you say its not 5-5, i dont respect you and you suck. WORD UP SON. >:(


Nah realistically it is a 5-5 or probably a 4.5-5.5 to Ibuki. Her biggest strength is the lack of people who play her. I have NOT played this matchup enough.


Her biggest strength is that her footsies are much stronger and every combo leads to knockdown/vortex. So unless they mess up and let you in Dudley has no truly strong ways in against her. Winnable fight, but it is clearly in her favor.

It is one thing to be able to beat an Ibuki who is good, but doesn’t know the Dudley match up. It is another to beat an Ibuki who has had their training partner for the last year be a Dudley player. once that match up really breaks down, Dudley’s options become very limited.