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The best advice I can give is watch his fucking meter. 8/10 Rufus players will always resort to EX Messiah Kick when they get the EX bar. Smarter players will wait until they have three bars to make it safe, but most, in my experience, do not. Bait it out and punish. I usually don’t go for oki (when they have meter) unless I’ve trained the player to think the EX Messiahs won’t work or if they already aren’t in the habit of it. This is a hard matchup, but it is winnable. Just block, block, block, and be ready to tech.


cr.LK on wake up is completely safe vs EX Messiah regardless of meter. Bait away.

Rolling thunder punishes cr.HP on block and on hit, it punishes EX Messiah FADC back dash.

Crouch teching option select with cr.HP beats dive kicks and throw, loses to st.HP though so mix it up with cr.MP.

8 out of 10 times rufus will press st.LK after a dive kick, EX Jet Upper can interrupt as it isn’t a true string. Same goes for st.LK st.HP xx Galactic Tornado. That’s not a true string. You can reversal between the st.HP and Tornado on reaction to seeing the Tornado start up.

st.HP will stop him dive kicking in from far. if he jumps high then trade LP jet Upper into ducking straight > lp machine gun blow or even super will stop that ever happening again

if he does the forward throw safe jump set up, you cant cross counter the cross up version, your hit box changes from the shoulder shrug and rufus actually whiffs and lands to punish you free.

ummmm anything else I remember off the top of my head I will add in.


Rufus stun is low, keep on his ass.
If he has meter, do meaty crLK. EX Messiah has like 12 frames of start up, you should know how to avoid getting hit by it on wakeup.
Cross Counter beats EX Messiah.
FP works if he dives from a far, use crLP+cr LK+crMP to tech the throw or hit the dive kick when he starts the IDK pressure
Dudley can punish crHP on block and on hit with Ultra 1



You can safe jump option select with cross counter if they are reversal happy, EX Messiah beats EX Jet Upper and Ultra 2 option select from a jump in.


If you block a Messiah Kick don’t mash a reversal, because delayed flip kick beats EX Jet Upper and overhead makes Ultra 2 whiff.


I thought you’re supposed to neutral jump blocked ex messiah. If he does overhead you get a free jump roundhouse or jump fierce and if he does delayed flip you get a combo. Also when Rufus goes for another dive kick after you block his initial dive kick and blockstring you can hit him out of it with st. jab and get a nice reset.


You can st.HP him out of it and get a nice reset and a fat chunk of damage.

Not tried Neutral jump, I will give that a go! thanks


I tried doing the Neutral jump again and I can’t get it to work. I could have sworn that it’s an option. Maybe it’s not an option for Dudley though.

Also, reversal U2 is bad for the overhead option. Doing it reversal will actually cause Dudley to slide past Rufus and whiff embarrassingly.


Just think about it…

EX Messiah into flip kick follow-up is a true block string. If Rufus chooses to delay it, he decides how large of a gap to leave. It takes 4 frames to get off the ground for a jump; you can’t block during this time. So if Rufus decides to leave a gap large enough for it to not be a true block string, but not so large as to allow a 4 frame window, then jumping out is impossible.

So, holding up isn’t a real answer against a good Rufus player. Well, it’s an answer, but it isn’t foolproof, like you guys are trying to make it. It can beat some options, but it can also just lose.


Yeah, I looked at the jump frame data to make sure and the opponent has to leave a real chunky gap for you to jump out of it. I was hoping that you could throw out a normal as you jump to counter hit it, but the flip has 11 frames of invincibility.