In-depth Matchup Discussion: Yun

Someone ought to get ball rolling, so I went into the lab and tried some stuff out.

First order of business is dive-kicks. Badly spaced ones are easy: You pick a normal, and it will probably anti-air them. From one character-length away or so, stand jab or strong is pretty good for a quick fix, or low fierce. If he’s right up in your grill, generally it was easier for me to s.MK. Low fierce got beat a little too often in that scenario, though. If he’s getting too obvious, you can LP jet upper into your juggle combo of choice. EX cross counter is always a good tool.

Next: Special moves. All varieties of up-kicks are free on block. LK up-kick will whiff if you’re ducking, so start s.HK as he’s coming down. HK up-kick sends him a little farther, but it’s not too hard to take a step back and then hit him with s.HK. The stronger varieties (the ones you block) are punishable with either ultra on the way down, too (LK is too, but since it whiffs, the timing is tough).

Palm is safe, and difficult to duck through, but you can hit him out of the startup or U1 on reaction.

No good Yun will throw out random shoulders or poorly spaced non-EX lunges, but obviously they’re all unsafe (except jab shoulder, detailed in thread), so punish accordingly. Jabs can stop lunge punches, and if they DO like swinging the shoulders around, a reaction c.MK will knock them out of it (or, occasionally, trade). You can also react to both with Ultra.

For the poking game, Yun has a pretty powerful weapon in s.MP. Dudley more or less has to work around it. As always, f.MP and s.HP are your friends. c.MK beats all his low pokes clean and is generally a useful tool for the occasional knockdown. f.MP beats the low pokes too.

Yun, of course, is an all-out offensive machine, much like Dudley is. You both have the same general goals: Get in close, keep up the pressure, mix them up, knock them down. Use this to your advantage. Yun has low health and stun, so it should be pretty easy to knock him out if you get to work. I’m not a great judge of matchups, but this one doesn’t seem too bad. I like Ultra 1 because of the damage it can inflict, and it can deal with all his specials.

That’s what I’ve got. What do the rest of you think?

Edit: Great Yun info in this topic: Notes on Duo and Trowa

If there’s some easy way to merge these two threads, I’m all for it. Is this linked in the stickied matchup thread yet?

What are you punishing jab shoulder with on block? He gets pushed far enough away that you can’t hit him with any of 4-frame moves. Btw, Roundhouse version of upkicks, the one that seems to be thrown out the most, is crazy negative on block. You can walk up to him and do liver blow > st. roundhouse xx combo. Watch-out for kara command grab and kara throw. He gets good range on both of his kara moves, but he gets extremely good range on st. forward kara, which is what he will use to kara throw.

Edit: Looked at the frame data for jab shoulder and it’s only -3 on block and its pushes Yun too far out to punish.

Cannot punish jab shoulder
Cannot punish jab shoulder
Cannot punish jab shoulder

You can hit inbetween the normal and shoulder sometimes ( depending on normal strength)

Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 are both good ultras in this match up

Ultra 1 to punish whiffed command grabs and up kicks
Ultra 2 to punish those up kicks that SOMEHOW end up behind you, full screen, out of ultra 1 range. (EX MGB)

All awkward angled dive kicks that STUFF s.MK c.HP fierce reaction HP Jet upper
Dont second guess your anti air.
Just HP Jet Upper
HP Jet upper
Just HP Jet upper

gonna make a video
if its really needed

Don’t fall in love with crouch tech + fierce/strong OS. Not only can you get blown up, but it doesn’t work on insta divekick’s when Yun is in your face.

who does this?
crouch tech + MP is better
or mash shortswing blow / EX short swing blow

You didn’t watch Marn or Hsien Chang play at CEO? Crouch tech + MP gets stuffed more for me since it doesn’t have a big vertical hitbox. Speaking of Marn, if anyone goes for fake palm during a block string, at least fierce that shit.

i dont watch other dudleys

Marn doesn’t play Dudley anymore. He was playing as Yun and doing what I just said in his matches when he got in on his opponents. He straight up bodied Andre/TwistedJago with it. He also landed whiff palm > command grab from a blockstring gimmick tons of times.

… so why even ask if i watched marn when I said use c.MP instead.

I dont understand most of your posts
not even trollin

When you asked who does that I thought you were referring to divekicking in your face not doing throw tech os + crouch hp. My bad. I find that gets stuffed way more than cr. hp when you do crouch tech os against Yun. If he’s anywhere above you when you do the os with and he divekicks, you’re going to eat it. Just look at Dudley’s hitbox and hurtbox in the Gentleman’s Encyclopedia.

As mentioned by East in the Duo/Trowa thread, SSB beats his lunge punches clean. cr.HK from max distance can work on wakeup as well, as his up-kicks will wiff if done correctly (except EX… gotta check that out).

Stay patient, and remember you have a lot more health than he does!

point plank lunge punch
reaction LK sSb
SSB loses

random mid/full screen lunge punches, ANYTHING will beat them

I only told one Dudley what SHOULD be used vs Lunge punches.
It’s not a normal
Its not an Ultra
It’s not airborne at all


EX duck upper to beat his lunge punch on reaction.

Good info so far. Sorry I missed jab shoulder being -3, I was testing a lot of different stuff at once. You can still react to it if they’re being dumb though.

Thirtyfour, you’re more than welcome to make a video to help us out with the matchup :wink:

Son, I am so proud.

Adds juggle or hits him grounded.
Depends WHEN you activate the Upper

There is a 0% chance of getting hit by his lunge punches with it all range

I want more pop quizzes to test knowledge… i could definitly use it to help learn my matchup issues

Good to know… thanks!

when you get yun or yang in the corner you really don’t have to combo them. just normal them to death.

da hell up

So uh, yeah. Don’t use focus attacks.