In-depth Matchup Discussion: Yun

So much bad advice in this thread. The best way to beat up kicks is to bait them. It doesn’t matter where he lands, if you have meter, you will punish him hard.

Jabs, st. MK, and Fierce punch will beat every single dive kick from range.

You can’t rely on focus in this matchup at all since he his best poke (St. MP) can be hit confirmed into target combo. Best bet it to take your first opening and PRESSURE. Don’t just press shit, concentrate on baiting out random up kicks. If the Yun doesn’t take the bite, it means he’s blocking, and if he’s still blocking, you’re winning. Whoever can dictate the flow and maintiain pressure is the one will win the match 10 out of 10 times.

And if you’re not using U2, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

It BLOWS UP Ex rush and BLOWS UP dive kicks. One properly timed U2 can completely turn around a match.

Why anyone would choose U1 in this matchup is beyond me…


If the Yun is trying to space his Dive Kicks properly ,Fierce will punch him out of the air. Crouching/Standing Jab will also work.

If you can’t react to a dive kick with a simple button press then you deserve to lose. His dive kick hit box is bad.

And from reading your U1 advice, I doubt you even know the match up well enough to be critiquing anyone’s input.


You’re 9 posts into this thread and you still haven’t added anything of value.


Guys don’t fight.

Thirtyfour don’t be mean.

Unlike him, I’ll back up everything I say with actual knowledge.

  1. Yun always cancels his St. MP into Shoulder. It is not a true block string. You can ALWAYS mash through it. So you’re wrong.
  2. If Ultra 2 does everything U1 does, except you can use it in more situations… Why the hell would you use U1? Bad advice.
  3. Dive Kicks don’t “stuff” anything. If you’re getting hit by it, it means you pressed your anti air too early. You’re not supposed to react to Yun jumping, you react to him DIVING. Your hit box needs to be active when he’s hitting you. The hit box on dive kick is so tiny that it won’t even “stuff” a jab.

Due to the angle on his dive kick, Yun can’t spam them from point blank range. He’s not Rufus. All of his Dive Kicks come from Ryu’s Cr. MK range (just to give you an idea). If he does them any closer, you can jab/throw him after he lands. You shouldn’t be crouch OS’ing anything during his pressure. Don’t mash anything.
Again, bad advice.

If his dive kick hits you below the waist, it’s safe. If he does it any higher, you can punish. This is all you need to focus on when blocking Yun’s pressure. None of his Dive Kicks’ hit Dudley low enough if he does them at point blank, which means they’re all punishable from that range.

I wasn’t joking when I said he’s not adding anything good to this discussion.

never said you couldnt mash between cancels

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If your feeling confident against a yun, the next time yun decides to do a into shoulder for pressure try and focus the and crumple his shoulder before it hits you and you get a free full dmg combo from it taking almost half his health. Only if your feeling confident cause if he goes for that target combo your done.

I’m pretty sure that has to be a level 3 FA, otherwise Dudley will get hit out of it. Correct me if Im wrong. :o

i’ll correct you real quick…

It’s a counter hit if yun goes into shoulder after you focus his and you will hit him with FA lvl 1 before the shoulder hits you. The end

So, my initial impression from the arcade experiences that I had with Yun was that Dudley has decent options against a lot of his arsenal. However, I am starting to notice that Yun can almost completely control the flow of the match with just his MP, FP, b. FP target combo. It felt almost sickening how easily this move shuts down Dudley’s buttons.

Yun can simply hover around our max range during footsies, and with his MP, he can whiff punish every normal that we have. Just doing MP > FP on block pushes us to the corner quickly, keeps him safe, and keeps him at an ideal range to simply throw out MP > FP again and stuff every normal that we have on startup.

I was testing some of this the other day with a friend of mine who has been picking up Yun, and it seemed the only time I could land anything on the ground was simply when he fucked up and threw out the MP late. If anyone has some advice on this, I’d love to hear it.

If he is standing outside of max footsie range, walk forward. He has no fireball or good cr.MK so what’s he gonna do? Unsafe lunge punch? Probably will walk back.

You can pressure Yun because he has no completely safe defensive options. Do so. Do it immediately from ‘Fight’ in Round 1. Because allowing them to build meter is a recipe to lose.

Tell you what really irritates me though. Walk up st.MP ~ st.HP target combo. That shit is too safe.

yet dudley players till prefer to play like

the fuck is that

tbf, that is pretty much how you have to play against Fei. max rekka range level 2 focus and st.HP is he tries to walk forward. Would have liked to have seen more whiff punishes though.

If you are getting st.MP > st.HP to death and you notice a pattern. after the first st.MP > st.HP is blocked, throw out a st.HK and buffer ex MGB after it. if they press nothing the st.HK will whiff. If they press st.MP again, you will counter hit them and combo into EX MGB

if they are going to walk up into st.hp how about you just HEAVY Punch his lol