In-Depth SE Tutorial

Ive planned on purchasing a couple SE Sticks and modding them with sanwa buttons, Later on down the road im going to put JLF’s in them but im stuck with default for a bit, Can anyone give me a in-depth tutorial on how to fix the joystick from scrapping or ruining the PCB? There’s a bunch of tutorials but i can’t find one that doesn’t suck, Video tutorials show them doing it and they never really have a good enough view to see what is actually going on

It’s a knock off of the Sanwa JLF stick. So learn how to take that apart, then find the washer on the SE stick. If it’s loose, then glue it on so it won’t damage the pcb. Even though I highly recommend getting a JLF, that should do for now.

Use the Search function.

  1. d3v Thats not what i was looking for
  2. Thats definitely not in-depth

I know how to replace the buttons and the stick, Something tells me you only skimmed my post. Reread my post (Use the read function).
Already stated, Im getting JLF in the future, Can’t at the moment.

Quick Google search came up with these:



Just watched that video and you can’t see shit, Cause his big hands are in the way and he wont stop moving it.

[media=youtube]U394JpJ82nU[/media] yields

iirc it was not delved into any further than that, as most who got an SE would drop a JLF into it anyway.