In Desperate Need For Fightstick

Im a teenager with no money, definitely not enough to buy a new ps4 TE 2 Fightstick. I thought about building one because I have an old injustice Fight Stick case laying around but I have no Idea where to start. Please help.

What do you need the fightstick for? What games are you intending on playing?
I assume this is for playstation 4 since you mentioned PS4. I’m going to guess just street fighter 5?

Good places to start.

Wait…an Injustice fight stick is old now? How do you describe my Namco or Agetec sticks then? Wow.

He’s a teenager, at least one of those is older than he is.

You’re going to spend more money building a PS4 stick than buying one. The Hori RAP 4 occasionally sells for less than $130

Yup Yup Yup has it on sales, too… for 85€. got mine yesterday and it is already the new revision with full pc support.

How does it feel man? I may have to pick that up. You can never have too many arcade sticks.

I never tested the old revision kuro buttons. These new feel close to sanwa buttons but matte and rough design. Sanwa has a bit less resistance. Also PC direct support was added. So it might be a new board. Maybe the input lag is now lower… but don’t know jet.

I like the rough feeling of the buttons and the hayabusa stick is nice, too. 91,60€ with shipping for me. Quality stick. Especially for this price!

life is hard bro

the new hrap v4 kai with matte buttons and pc switch has a improved board (according to neogaf). lag issus fixed!

Get a job, problem solved.

As for where to start, read Slag Coin,
its a bit dated but all the basics are the same

TC, why do you say you’re in “desperate need for” one? I can assure you that just switching from a pad to a stick is not going to magically improve your game. For one, there are plenty of people out there - many high-ranking, many tournament-level competitive - that do JUST FINE with a pad. I use a stick and I can’t crawl out of Silver rank… and there are plenty of others like me in that regard. The main reason I use a stick is because that’s what I learned fighting games on 25 years ago, so that’s what I’m comfortable with.

However, I admit I also like the novelty of it. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about using an arcade stick, but maybe that’s just me.

There is a need and there is a want. You don’t need one. You want one. Just save up, buy the parts, you can look at the millions of threads on here on modding and customization, then you will be gifted with the knowledge that this fgc provides.

you can mod your stick with a ps3-ps4 pcb or, buy a brook converter, cheaper and faster.

Would you be interested in taking my Qanba Q1? I may be willing to just give you the damn thing. I have a TE2+ and Hori VLX Premium Hayabusa. The Qanba is just sitting there collecting dust. Send me a private message.